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Mabela the CleverPopular Ebook, Mabela The Clever Author Margaret Read MacDonald This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Mabela The Clever, Essay By Margaret Read MacDonald Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

[ Download ] ✤ Mabela the Clever Author Margaret Read MacDonald – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Mabela the Clever
  • Margaret Read MacDonald
  • English
  • 04 September 2017
  • 9780807549032

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    I have read many African folktales over the years and I have enjoyed almost every single one of them So, I stumbled upon this new African folktale retold by Margaret Read MacDonald called Mabela the Clever along with illustrations by Tim Coffey and man, it was a truly fantastic tale that every child should read Mabela is the smallest mouse in her village and even though it has been said that the mice are all foolish creatures, Mabela proves to be clever than the other mice, especially since her father had taught her how to be aware of her surroundings in this little quote Mabela, when you are out and about, keep your ears open and LISTEN.Mabela, when you are out and about, keep your eyes open and LOOK AROUND YOU.Mabela, when you are speaking, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.Mabela, if you have to move, MOVE FAST One day, the Cat came to the Mouse Village and she invited the mice to her secret Cat Society where she can teach them the secrets of being a cat All the mice were excited about this an...

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    Another winner from Margaret Read MacDonald The pictures aren t pretty but they re perfectly appropriate The lesson of the fable and the author s note are valuable My only quibble is that this is a little too simple for me My inner child loves a lot of picture books, but my inner toddler is fussy.

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    A basic listen to your parents or else story.Awful illustrations.Sorry this one did not work out for me.

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    Mabela is a very clever little mouse, thanks to the advice her father gave her When a clever cat comes to the mouse village to invite the foolish mice to join the secret cat society, all the mice end up marching into the woods singing a secret cat song Mabela is at the front of this line and thanks to the wisdom that her father had pasted on to her she escapes the cat and helps free the mice the cat had caught And with her cleverness she shares with the mice so that all the mice become clever too This story is a great example of how one tiny mouse can make ...

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    This is one of my absolute favorite read alouds It s a story told by the Limba people of Sierra Leone, Africa It s very funny, and also teaches an excellent lesson When you are out and about, keep your ears open and LISTEN.When you are out and ab...

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    The pictures are great and the moral of the story is great, but its execution is a bit too gloomy despite the happy ending and paranoid inducing for my taste It would work well as a read aloud book to children who...

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    A cautionary folk tale, for children, from Sierra Leon, Africa The illustrations aren t beautiful, but bright and colorful The idea is that cleverness can be taught and most mice lack in that area So, the cat, in the neighborhood, almost destroyed the mice of a village, but Mabel...

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    Clever girl.It s not bad It s got a good message It s apparently based on a story from the Limba people in the Sierra Leone area of Africa It s kind of a tale of the ancient times where there are a bunch of mice and a cat The cat is clever and the mice are stupid, except for Mabela the mouse, whose father taught her cleverness The cat comes to the mice and says, Dear mice, I come to offer a special invitation It has been decided that the mice may join the secret Cat Society All the mice fall for this, of course, and all of them go to the cat s house at the arranged time, and the cat teaches them all the secret Cat Society song, which goes When we are marching, we never look back The cat is at the end, fo feng Fo feng So they march into the forest in a line, the cat at the end of the line, singing the song loudly, and as they walk, the cat takes the mice from the rear one by one and puts them in a sack Mabela, as the smallest, is in the front She starts realizing that fewer mice are singing, and then dives into the ...

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    Liked the moral to this fable a lot Be alert and pay attention are always important skills to learn Pay attention to what you are saying is so rarely stressed as a message to kids, but really needs to be The idea of conscious presence, I suppose.Despite the really good message, there was something about this story that was just a little off for me I know that the cat mouse dynamic is used in dozens of stories worldwide, so not too bothered by that I think it s the blind obedience of the mice I m not one for the herd mentality, so the marching in a row Just Because with the Cat looming behind Very foolish mice indeed I suppose if the story was set in modern times, the Cat could just send all the mice a new app for their little smart phones, and the same happily zoned out oblivious herd would result or am I just being cynical I m probably just in a mood this morning, reading too much into it The pictures are nice and bright, though, which helped balance out the little marching hoard and the looming Cat As for storytimes, maybe for an older bunch The story s a little long and unfamiliar for my younger ones The pictures are very bright and th...

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    Mabela the Clever is a mouse who lives in Africa with a village of mice Mabela s village of mice are all tricked one day by the Cat to become his lunch The Cat s trick doesn t fool Mabela because she recalls the sound advice given to her by her father This story is great for younger children It teaches the value of respecting the wisdom of your elders My favorite line from the story is at the end when author, Margaret Read MacDonald, mentions a saying from Limba If a person is clever, it is because someone has taught them their cleverness I appreciated how MacDonald included at the beginning of the book a brief explanation of the origin of the African story, as well as a way to make the story interactive for children by singing the secret Cat Society Song from the story I can just imagine reading that first page to a group of children and can hear them getting excited knowing they are about to learn a song and then play a game to it Th...

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