Download ➼ John Willy and Freddy Mcgee Author Holly Meade –

John Willy and Freddy McgeeA Life Of Nibbling Grains And Burrowing In Straw Is Perfect For Ordinary Guinea Pigs Then Again, It S Perfectly Boring For Guinea Pigs As Extraordinary As John Willy And Freddy McGee So, Of Course, When Their Cage Door Is Left Open, These Two Daring Friends Take The Chance To Escape Out Into The World They Go, Afraid Of Nothing That Is, Until They Suddenly Hear While Inside The Tunnels Of A Pool Table TAP Wumba BONK Tap Tap Wumba BONK Off They Go Again This Time Back To Their Cage, But Not For Long The Wonderful Cut Paper Pictures Of Caldecott Honor Artist Holly Meade Take Young Children On An Adventure They Will Thoroughly Enjoy.

Download ➼ John Willy and Freddy Mcgee Author Holly Meade –
  • Board Book
  • 32 pages
  • John Willy and Freddy Mcgee
  • Holly Meade
  • English
  • 27 February 2018
  • 9780761453635

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    Adorable and Precious Portrays the petite piggies personalities perfectly Just darling 3 the illustrations are spot on how guinea pigs move when they escape their cage or are allowed to roam free range in your home I admit I am a grown up that has fallen head over heels with the darling little creatures so I m sure this review is totally biased After buying a guinea pig for my daughter as a pet when she was 5, after doing much research as to what little creature would be best in an apartment setting, we have been cavy slaves ever since My daughter is 20 years old now They have us very well trained as to going directly to the fridge whenever they squeal to get them a veggie snack And they have in mind exactly which veggie they want at the moment and will turn their precious little faces if you bring a bite of green bell pepper instead of tiny shredded carrots that they had their litter mouths set for.And I must give them their fresh green leaf lettuce in the morning before I have my coffee or I won t hear the end of the squeals and they just get louder They do adore cuddling and will very happily be couch pigs with you while you watch a movie on a rainy or sunny day And I have frequent debilitating migraines and the precious little angel will cuddle in bed with me, being ever so quiet and still I do believe she knows I m hurti...

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    I didn t like it the first time we got it out of the library, but the girls do It s growing on me It feels like it should rhyme though

  3. says:

    I m stupid for reading this just because I have a guinea pig Pretty rubbish, nae dr seuss anyway

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    The great adventures of Willy and Freddy the Guinea pigs I liked the story and the colorful images but could not the font size be at least a little bit bigger, easier on one s eyes.But for the above reasons stated I am ...

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    John Willy and Freedy McGee is a cute book about 2 guinea pigs who decide that their life in the cage is to boring for them When their cage door gets left open they take the opportunity to go out and go exploring The explore around the whole house until they go into the pool table and the cat starts rolling balls at them After that they decide that they would like to be in the safety of their cage This is just a ...

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    I couldn t resist this book when McGee caught my eye on the library shelf What an adorable story it is, too The boys loved the adventures of John Willy and Freddy McGee and actually laughed out loud when the little guinea pigs were in the pool table I loved the ending as my boys cheered Run, John ...

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    Johmn Willy and Freddy McGee are two bored guinea pigs who, one day, find the door to their cage has been left open Adventures ensue I wish that the illustrations were a little clearer, but it s a fun book for preschoolers.

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    Ah, two guinea pigs are free for a few hours when someone leaves their cage open Where do they head To the pool table of course with all of the tunnels Until the cat catches on to their game and sends some balls into the tunnels with them Funny.

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    E Mea

  10. says:

    we ve borrowed this book a few times, it s a funny little book and has great pictures a good bedtime story.

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