!!> Ebook ➧ The Cow on the Roof ➨ Author Eric Maddern – Anguillais.us

The Cow on the RoofEvery Day Shon Goes Out To Plough The Fields, While His Wife Sian Works At Home In The Farmyard Shon Feels He Does All The Work, So His Wife Suggests They Swap Work For The Day Shon Looks Forward To An Easy Time Of It, With Very Little To Do, But He Is In For A Surprise This Well Known European Folk Tale Carries A Message For Us All Count Your Blessings, And Stick To What You Do Best

!!> Ebook ➧ The Cow on the Roof ➨ Author Eric Maddern – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Cow on the Roof
  • Eric Maddern
  • English
  • 19 March 2019
  • 9781845073749

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    Another charmer Husband Shon thinks wife Sian s got it easy, so they trade places, and things don t go so well for Shon Things go horribly wrong, but yet they never lose their cool, they just calmly say well, done is done.

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    Shon and Sian are husband and wife living in the countryside on a farm.Shon is a farmer and feels that his wife, Sian, does not work as hard as him on a daily basis.Roles are reversed on this one day and Shon realises just how hard his wife really does work.With hilarious events including pigs, cows and hens to stir up his eventful day.The Cow on the Roof by Eric Madddern is an exciting and enjoyable read for young children.Paul Hess illustrations are both desciptive and humourous.With repetitive text Oh well Gone is gone and use of illiteration and imaginative writing to inspire children to thinking, what happens next I would recommend this book to Year 1 and upwards.

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    Think your job is the hardest Walk a day in someone else s shoes and you ll see that everyone s road has its own difficulties.At least, I think that s the moral of this tale, because, it seems, Sian pronounced Sharn has no trouble doing Shon Sion pronounced Shorn s job, though he struggles mightily It would have been interesting though I m guessing less funny to see Sian s day, too.There s man underlying current of no sense crying over spilt milk in this picture book, which is always good for children to learn, though mismatched here Still, I d put it in the reading list.

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    Cute book about men s and women s roles and how the grass is not always greener on the other side It made me think though of how he could have gotten it all together IF he only had a schedule It reminded me to teach my kids about setting up a schedule and not just always having one prepared for them.although at the end I noticed the pig is on the roof for the wife mabey the authro is writing a sequel

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    Read this book The illustrations are cute, and the story rings true..acceptable for kids, a must read for couples The husband in this story thinks that he works much harder than his wife and it is decided that they will switch jobs for the day.the results are disasterous and the husband gains a new found respect for the work that his wife does around the house.

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    Very, very cute picture book about a husband and wife who switch their daily chores when the husband thinks he s doing all hard work in the family.My boys thought it was hilarious.

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    Everyone enjoys this book Got it from the library here in Ireland but plan on buying it It s really funny.

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    Sian goes to the field to work and Shon stays home to do her work and they both learn that they should stick to doing what they do best.

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    although this is written in a kid friendly way, many adults could benefit from reading this book, me included GREAT book

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    Important lesson that everyone s work and contributions are important, but poor story format.

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