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Needle NEEDLE Is A True Story Sometimes, I Wish It Wasn T Regardless, In Many Ways I Still Can T Believe It Actually Happened After All, I D Graduated From A Prestigious University, Was Reared In An Affluent Home And Knew That Drugs Were For Losers In Fact, I M Not Even Sure When The Metamorphosis Occurred When I Made The Official Leap From Struggling Musician To Struggling Junky But It Was Definitely Before I First Stuck Myself With A Needle And Began Selling Liquor Camouflaged In Fruit Juice To Underage Children Of The Rich And Famous Of Course, That Was Merely The Tip Of The Illicit Iceberg As So Much Remains Hidden In That Shadowy World Where Dope Dealers Pose As Sales Associates In Drug Fronts Disguised As Clothing Boutiques, And Chemically Dependent Cabbies Provide Shuttle Services To Junkies On A Quest For The Perfect Fix But Certainly, The Veil Of Deception Would Eventually Be Torn Away When I Was Banished To That Awful Place, That Asylum For The Wretched, Where Another Horrific Decision Would Seal My Fate With The Watery Wreckage Of An International Tragedy Profits From NEEDLE Will Be Used To Eliminate Animal Cruelty And Improve The Lives Of Homeless Pets.

Read ➳ Needle  Author Craig Jordan Goodman –
  • Paperback
  • 354 pages
  • Needle
  • Craig Jordan Goodman
  • English
  • 20 December 2017
  • 9781478222255

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    I honestly didn t expect much when I picked up Craig Goodman s memoir, Needle There are a lot of books out there that revel in describing in shocking and horrific detail the lives of addicts, but many rely on shock value alone, and are not particularly well written or engaging They don t give the reader a chance to see the characters as than one dimensional junkies with no history, no relationships with other people, and no inner lives.There are plenty of shocking , and graphic, moments in Needle, but they are not gratuitous Goodman is simply relating his first hand experiences with drugs, jail, etc., with vivid accuracy What makes Needle so wonderful and unique, in my opinion, is that Goodman describes even the darkest moments with a wicked, intelligent humor that had me laughing out loud on nearly every page One d...

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    This was not the book I was hoping to read I chose it because I thought it would be an in depth personal reveal about the hows and whys of drug addiction, the struggle to live, and the power of drugs over ones mind and body I was particularly interested in the road to recovery and escaping death This is not that book.The first 60% of the book is denial and stories that are intended to be funny, shocking, and name dropping so the author s friends can see their names in print I don t need to know about the dog that he had for one week that went to the bathroom on the mayor s lawn It really wasn t funny nor did it fit with the story I don t need to know the names of every person the author encountered because they are insignificant to the big picture story These people that he met for a blink of time never came back into his life They contribute nothing to his addiction or his overall life The name dropping of celebrities who happened to eat at the establishments where the author worked is unnecessary He didn t meet them all, and they have nothing to do with his story They were not inspirational to get clean I don t want to be impressed or shocked by...

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    It bugs me that people might read this and think it applies to every addict It doesn t It s one person s story of his experience using drugs I was irritated with the author s opinions stated as fact regarding some kinds of drug treatment especially since he never actually participated in the forms of treatment he demonized with misinformation Those same attitudes can keep addicts from seeking treatment that might be beneficial Some things in this book did ...

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    I absolutely loved this sordid, vivid autobiographical tale of dereliction, depravity, and depression I set aside the zombie apocalypse genre and apparently am now stuck on junky literature I was not planning on it but I re...

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    I could seriously relate to this, it was great.bhe told about the gritty and sad worl of heroin addiction and somehow made it so funny at tims i laughed out loud.

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    Craig gave a true understanding of the mindset of one in active addiction It s hard for someone to understand how the disease yes I said DISEASE of addiction can suddenly creep up on some one totally unexpectedly Craig does an excellent job of portraying just how matter of factly that can does happen He also shows through the characters how some people are just predispositioned to be naturally be addicts others are just not Again addiction is a disease just as alcoholism Some people may have a glass of wine with dinner no big deal, where others that one glass only leads to a disastrous train wreck of events To say that Craig got his ticket to the train of all train wrecks would be an understatement He had a lifetime pass kept getting back on There were so many times reading this book it was gut wrenching as a Mother of an addict trying to understand WHY I was seeing or picturing my son in those same desperate situations knowing...

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    Soothes my soulI had to give this book too marks,I love reading,all genres, as an addict myself, reading is also a true positive, habit, it s such a truthful,heart crushing as I find it so very difficult at times to be honest with who I am, but this book really portrayed the sliding life of any person with a habit, the lows become so much frequent as the highs just feel so much difficult to reach It made me laugh out loud , it also made me cry and at times I had to put down as my own embarrassments came to surface, thank you for writing this, your music career may not have took off but what a talent you have for writing , I m not in the aa ,even though I should maybe be but I do believe that was your true calling, to help and show all is fellow...

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    A bit too much like a nod pretty boring for a drug book.

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    Little disappointed I hate the way the first book ended I know there is a second book but it could have ended a little better than what it did

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    Synopsis Being born and raised in New York, Craig Jordan Goodman had an advantage on all those dreamers who flocked to the city during the 1990s and early 2000s to make their dreams of stardom come true He had the musical talent to make his music career dream a definitely reality until he began down the path of becoming heroin junky Alongside his good friend, Perry, Goodman follows the dope bricked road as it leads him further and further into a world of desperation, sacrifice and near deadly consequences In his honest and brashly descriptive memoir, he admits his faults, insecurities, and poor decisions As it was his friend who introduced him to the drug, Perry also helped to lead him away from an almost certain death.Review I fined memoirs to be interesting, moving and often times, truly inspiring This book fulfilled those qualities and then some as I dove into the world of a city and drug that I had absolutely no idea about To me, the most refreshing quality of the book was the brash honesty that Goodman puts forth as he writes about everything in his life from his own hypocrisy in drug use, the rise and downfall of his music career and the levels at which he went in order to obtain his fix Although there were moments of clarity and amusement, the overall journey with h...

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