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Time Holes (Time Holes, #1) The Notion That He Had Travelled In Time Was Both Alarming And Thrilling, But There Had Been No Time Machine, No Pimped Out DeLorean DMC 12 In Which To Ride He D Only Walked Through That Abandoned House Going Back In Time 13 Minutes Was A Neat Trick For Austin Baker It Allowed Him To Get To School At The Same Time He Left His House But When Jordan Baxter Followed Him Into Number 13, He Disappeared Completely.Where And When Jordan Went Is A Mystery That Austin Is Compelled To Solve It Will Take Him On The Strangest And Most Dangerous Journey Of His Life One Hole In Time Two Points Of View A Whole World Of Trouble Dare You Enter Number Thirteen

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    1 2Nice little story, nothing earth shattering, but worth the time IMO I really enjoyed this author s other ebook, Nostradormouse, and would recommend it highly An author to watch IMO.

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    Good emotional display along with Science The science part is difficult to understand

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    I quite liked this book I ve never read any books about time travel and wasn t sure it would keep my interest but it did Great characters and plot Will recommend.

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