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Miracles in Disguise (The Trampled Rose #1) What Do You Do When The Pain Of Your Past Leaves You Feeling So Unworthy, That Any Hope Of A Future Crumbles Right Before Your Eyes Since Kristina Talbot Can Remember, She S Tried To Earn The Love Of Men In Her Life, Only To Be Hurt In The Process On The Heels Of Her Abusive Husband S Death, Kristina Talbot Leaves New York And Heads To New Mexico To Try And Get Her Life Headed Down A New Road One That Doesn T Include A Man.Even Before She Reaches Her Destination, Nathan McKinley Sets Up A Roadblock To Her Plan His Charming And Gentle Personality Is No Match For Her Love Starved Heart And When Nathan Shows Her God In A New Light, And How To Place Her Trust In Him And Not Her Circumstances, She Begins To Hope When Kristina S Past Collides With Her Present, And Tragedy Strikes Close To Kristina S Heart, Her Fears And Distrust Come Flooding Back, Threatening To Sweep Away Her Newfound Hope Can Nathan Help Her Hold On To Her New Relationship With God, Or Will She Allow Her Dark And Troubled Past To Pluck Out The Tiny Bud Of Hope That Is Beginning To Blossom Within Her Heart

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    One of the most inspirational books I ve read in a while This book had so much beauty and triumph, I was overwhelmed with how amazing this was Would definitely recommend.

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    This book is an amazing book, ever since I started reading this book I was hooked to it I could relate to the characters in this story Kristina who is the main character in this book fights with her past to accept the new love God has put in front of her, which is Nathan In the beginning of the story Kristina is seen as a lost and fearful character She has to be accustomed to live in a new place, which is Hamilton due to various factors that have occurred in her past Nathan and Barbara, who is one of Kristina s students helps both Kristina and Nathan in their troubles, because of her status Throughout the book, you will that each character faces their own problems through...

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    I ve just finished reading Miracles in Disguise and had to review it right away What a beautifully written and inspiring book There is nothing I love than to see God healing and restoring people, particularly women, and this is just what this story is about To follow the distrustful and damaged Kristina as she went on her journey to wholeness was just the most wonderful and moving experience.Even though I have never had to go through the experiences that Kristina had, I felt ...

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    THis is a awesome book I couldn t put it down because I didn t know what would happen next.This book has awesome deets when her husband dies Kristina Talbot leaves New York and went to a new Mexico to start a new begging.Kristiana is still scared because she thinks her husband is alive because he use the bible to lectures,of how she is doing this wrong and stuff like that,...

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    the storyline covered date rape n battered wife syndrome which are heavy circumstances to overcome n deal with God is good and does help heal with the right people to support n having a relationship with God The series is called Trampled Rose and I see that now after having read this book the first ...

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    A great story While getting engrossed in the lives of the characters, I got a deeper understanding of God, that I hadn t had before Michelle has a great talent, and I really loved this book, and look forward to reading the whole series.

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    Beautiful Simple love storyI loved this book It was an easy read and a page turner There was never a time I was confused about how the story was going It also gave me an opportunity to see God s love and hope in this book I would definitely recommend it.

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    I couldn t finish the book The first few pages were interesting and hooked me The rest of the book I was bored the characters weren t realistic for me The small town and all the people were too perfect I couldn t care about ...

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    A truly good book about God s love and second chances, especially for Kristina after suffering at the hands of key males in her life including her husband who even after death was still torturing her Nathan a patient Christian gentleman was able to be used by God to...

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    Nice, sweet story with good thoughtI appreciated the fact that the abuse was not overly dramatized not taking away the tragedy though The reminder about looking to God and not our circumstances is always good.

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