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Trivia Quiz & Pub Quiz Book Second Volume Of The Kindle Bestseller Series And One Of S Top Rated Quiz BooksWith Over 75 Five Star Ratings On , The InQUIZitive Series Features Quizzes That Will Give You Multiple Aha Moments Each Question In This Series Has Been Selected With Utmost Care And The Book Features Trivia Not Seen In Any Of The Other Books This Is An Ideal Book For Party Games, Family Get Togethers And Long Drives With Your Family Get This Book Right Away And Impress Your Friends With Trivia That Is Truly Unique Praise For The InQUIZItive Series Best Concept In A Trivia Book I Ve Ever Seen InQUIZitive Is Extremely Infectious Trivia At Its Best In This Written Format InQUIZitive Series Offers A Great Collection Of Good Trivia Questions That Will Be Fun For Almost Audiences And Formats Fascinating Questions With Answers That Will Very Enjoyably Expand Your Knowledge Sample Questions Q1 In The First Century, Roman Scribes Wrote In Cursive So When They Wrote The Latin Word Et Meaning And They Linked The E And T To Form A Single Element Which Modern Day Symbol Derives From This Practice Q2 During World War II, It Was Increasingly Difficult To Import Coca Cola Syrup Into Nazi Germany Due To A Trade Embargo As A Result, A German Named Max Keith, Used Leftovers From Cheese Production, Apple Processing, And Variety Of Other Industries To Create A Drink The Name Of This Drink Is Derived From German Word For Imagination What Drink Q3 Given Its Position Between The Continents Of Africa, Asia And Europe, The Ancient Civilizations Believed This Water Body To Be In The Middle Of The Earth Hence, Its Name In Latin When Translated To English Means Middle Of The Earth Work It Out And Tell Me What Water Body Are We Talking About Answers 1 Ampersand Or The Symbol 2 The German Word Fantasie Gave Rise To The Drink S Name Fanta 3 The Mediterranean Sea From Latin Medius Meaning Middle And Terra Meaning Land

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    I received a copy of this book from the author as he realized I love trivia This book is great for any trivia lover This item has 20 regular and 1 bonus quiz plus some quizzes specific to India I have never attended a pub quiz, but have friends that go often If these questions are anything like what they get than I can hardly imag...

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    Another good set of trivia, and thankfully this volume is free of the numerous typos that plagued the first book A few of the question sets are focused tightly on Indian culture, which may confuse or put off Western readers, as they a...

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    More fun trivia from Sumit Dhar I felt this volume was a tougher than volume 1, especially the India Only section.

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    Kind of disappointing after the first one It had many repeat questions, some repeated in the book a few times and some were repeats from the first book.

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    reference material for Trivia

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