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Trivia Quiz & Pub Quiz Book First Volume Of The Kindle Bestseller Series And One Of S Top Rated Quiz BooksWith Over 75 Five Star Ratings On , The InQUIZitive Series Features Quizzes That Will Give You Multiple Aha Moments Each Question In This Series Has Been Selected With Utmost Care And The Book Features Trivia Not Seen In Any Of The Other Books This Is An Ideal Book For Party Games, Family Get Togethers And Long Drives With Your Family Add This Book To Your Cart Now And Impress Your Friends With Trivia That Is Truly Unique Praise For The InQUIZItive Series Best Concept In A Trivia Book I Ve Ever Seen InQUIZitive Is Extremely Infectious Trivia At Its Best In This Written Format InQUIZitive Series Offers A Great Collection Of Good Trivia Questions That Will Be Fun For Almost Audiences And Formats Fascinating Questions With Answers That Will Very Enjoyably Expand Your Knowledge Sample Questions Q1 According To The Website Of The Colchester Tourist Board During The English Civil War A Large Cannon Was Placed Strategically On The Wall Of The Castle A Shot From The Parliamentary Army Managed To Destroy The Wall Under The Cannon And Caused It To Tumble To The Ground The Cavaliers Who Were Loyal To The King Tried To Raise The Cannon But Could Not Do So As It Was Too Heavy What Was The Name Of The Cannon How Has It Been Immortalized Q2 Canonization Is A Process By Which The Christian Church Declares A Deceased Person To Be A Saint Now, During The Canonization Process Of The Roman Catholic Church, A Lawyer Was Appointed To Argue Against The Canonization Of The Person It Was This Person S Job To Take A Skeptical View Of The Candidate S Character, To Look For Holes In The Evidence, To Argue That Any Miracles Attributed To The Candidate Were Fraudulent, And So On What Was The Popular Name Given To Such A Lawyer Q3 According In Her Book Fairy Tale Ending, Ursula Sautter Offers This Hypothesis After The Defeat Of The Danes At The Battle Of Bornhoved, Their Lands Became Available For Colonization By The Germans The German Rulers Sent Out Glib Recruitment Officers Offering Rich Rewards To Those Who Were Willing To Move To The New Lands Thousands Of Young Adults From Lower Saxony Headed West Leaving Their Parents Behind What Incident Is She Trying To Explain Answers 1 Humpty Dumpty It Is Widely Believed This Story Of The Colchester Cannon Is The Origin Of The Nursery Rhyme Humpty Dumpty 2 Devil S Advocate Therefore, Today A Person Who Advocates An Opposing Or Unpopular Cause For The Sake Of Argument Or To Expose It To A Thorough Examination Is Called A Devil S Advocate 3 Pied Piper Of Hamelin, Luring Away The Children Of The Town Of Hamelin

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    If you know me then you know I love what I call useless information This book is full of exactly that Information that makes you go aha Really good read.

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    This book was given to me by the author who knew I liked quizzes That having gotten out of the way, I would say this is a wonderful book The quizzes 20 of them are quite hard and challenging This would be a great game for an international party as some of the items are world centric, not US based The questions range from music, mathematics, mythology, computers, h...

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    Fabulous triviaAmazing book Has some interesting information on usual unusual stuff Must read for anyone who wants to know and strange stuff

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    Good trivia, challenging and fun Thank you to that author for providing me the opportunity to read this.

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    Good trivia, fun read and interesting Covers a lot of topics.

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