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    Cap n Bill and Trot are the characters from the other author series Their appearance here makes this installment a crossover Crossover or not, the overall plot is very similar to that of the previous book These two people were sucked in a giant whirlpool and ended up in an unknown place They had a lot of adventures and met some exotic creatures trying to get to civilization the Land of Oz in this case If you think it sounds familiar Dorothy was in this same situation at least 4 times before and so was Betsy Bobbin in the last book you are absolutely right Continuing with the similarity of the previous book, this one was named after another old favorite character who appeared well in the second half of the tale and did not have time to do anything exciting whatsoever Last time it was Tik Tok and this time it was Scarecrow s turn Ozma and Dorothy make a guest appearance at the very end in both cases This installment was supposed to be Ba...

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    3 3.5 Cold Heart StarsI enjoyed this one than the last few in the series, but book 2 of the series is still my favorite

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    I ll just say for starters that this isn t so much an Oz book as the third part of the Cap n Bill and Trot trilogy for the first two parts see The Sea Fairies and Sky Island I didn t have a problem with this, however, as I really enjoyed the first two books featuring these characters.Secondly, the title is than a little misleading, as the titular Scarecrow doesn t even show up until two thirds of the way ...

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    I like to think of this as Baum s big crossover episode Not having read a lot of Baum outside of the Oz books, I was a little thrown off by these two characters I was clearly supposed to know already from Baum s Sea Fairies and Sky Island it turns out but it s easy enough to recover Both Trot and Cap n Bill are hard not to like, and the change of pace is than a little refreshing after all the sameness in the previous book There is another shipwreck of sorts but it at least happens in a cool and creative way and even though it s kind of another road trip sort of book, the characters feel fresh and so do the adventures So fresh in fact, that even when Button Bright sadly, a character we are all too familiar with from before reappears, he is really a completely different character than we knew before Apparently he must have cameoed in those other books and had some sense knocked into him From this point forward, he might be seriously directionally challenged, but he s at least not the same whiny empty headed boy we knew before.Hilariously, Baum outdoes himself here with a...

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    I ll start with the one flaw Too much boring stuff at the end when the main plot thread is already resolved Baum does this a lot I forgive him in this book because it is just so good It never used to be a favorite of mine, but now it might be my absolutely favorite of the 9 I ve read in a row.The opening chapters are among my favorite chapters Baum has ever written when Trot and Cap n Bill are hanging out waiting to sail They are languid and warm and everything I want in a book sometimes Trot is my favorite of the little girls I figured out a few minutes ago that there is a key to why this is so Here is where everyone is from in the Oz books Dorothy KansasThe Wizard Omaha, NebraskaBetsy OklahomaThe Shaggy Man ColoradoTrot California.One of these things is better than the others Anyway.I think the Ork is super cool, and I like the way he talks about Orkland Button Bright has gotten likable The whole scene with the Bumpy Man being the Mountain Ear is so weird but great.Oh BTW, Button Bright is from Philadelphia, they think That s ok, I guess, but it s no California.P.S I thought Oz was supposed to be completely i...

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    lol I love these book because to the modern reader, they are so messed up making fun of people with only 1 eye, turning people s heart to ice I didn t love this story as much as ozma of oz but it wasn t awful.

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    I really enjoyed the back half of the book, once they got to Oz The romantic subplot was delightful and I can always use Orks

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    This book had a bit of a different feel to it, even though it followed the basic Oz book outline person from earth gets lost in some mysterious natural disaster related way, then has sundry adventures as they road trip their way to the Emerald City The two main characters Trot and Cap n Bill appeared in a non Oz book of Baum s, which I have not read There are references to that story, but this story is stand alone enough so that you re not lost if you haven t read the characters other story A nice cross over idea, and Baum handled it well.Trot and Cap n Bill were engaging and entertaining characters, as was the supporting cast And even though the bad guys King Krewl and Blinkie the witch didn t show up till the final third of the book, they made for good antagonists, and kept the story from being too much of a randomly wandering through Oz tale.My only complaints were the abrupt ending a common thing in a lot of the Oz books , and the lack of the titular ch...

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    The last time I read any of the Oz books I was in middle school, but I decided to read this one again because I remember it the most out of all of them The detailed fantasy world within the pages and the friendship of the characters makes it really a book worth reading.

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