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תּוֹרָה‎The Torah Refers To The Five Books Of Moses, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers And Deuteronomy And Literally Means Instruction This E Book, Translated From Hebrew To English Is Intended For All Those Interested In Learning About The Torah Many Christians, Muslims, And Even Jews That Do Not Know Hebrew, But Do Know English Will Start Here If You Purchased This E Book To Compare It To The Christian Bible Or Qur An, You Will Find Some Differences From Your Bibles, But The Over All Meaning Has Been Persevered I Hope The Torah Helps Answer The Questions That Led You To Here In The First Place Simon Abram

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    I m an atheist, but religion fascinates me, primarily as a manifestation of culture I read the Torah as I would any ancient text, and found it an amazing and instructive document of nation building From the most pragmatic laws and norms, historical lessons to the most spiritual a genesis story, a spiritual justification, a historical and cultural sense of the nation, what is the meaning of being human, what the limits, what the goals, what the good and bad relationships , countless questions are answered, often in a satisfyingly absolute way though questions linger at other times The narrative is uneven, sometimes mythical, sometimes action packed, at times mind numbingly detailed and repetitive getting through the measurements of the temple, or the census was a real struggle , but all of it adds up to an unparalleled document of a newly forming nation There are m...

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    Scared the heck out of my parents during the couple weeks I was reading this baby Oh, I read the Large Print edition Much easier on the eyes.From a literary perspective, it was in dire need of a good editor I mean, every time God tells Moses something, we get the complete text of his speech Then, we get the exact same text again when Moses tells everyone what God said REDUNDANCY Could have really tightened this piece up to make the plot move much swifter.Had problems liking anyone in this book God was a jerk Moses wasn t so nice And the rest were a bunch of gossipers, back stabbers, and liars.Also, could we limit the number of animals we have to slaughter The gods must be crazy Some nice bits about how if your slave won t leave when you free him, take an awl and drive it through his ear into your door That s awkward.Actually, the best bit was toward the end when they talk about helping your friends and family Those bits were quite lovely and rational I got a sense of where the Jewis...

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    I ve seen the Torah Pentateuch classified as an epic, but to me the genre seemed much less straightforward than in Homer After Exodus, what story there is often gets lost in endless demographic info, rules for hygiene, and of course constant threats by god to kill everyone All this has something to do with the forging of a collective identity in the desert The making of a people is an extremely cruel and arduous process, and YHWH is not very helpful in this respect He offers only brute domination Moses has to do practically all the work to instill hegemony, and by the end of Deuteronomy it s by no means clear he s been successful Most the Israelites, it must be said, did not even particularly want to leave Egypt They constantly complain, and often with good reason Rumors of god s barbarism turn out to be well founded when the earth was wild and wastedarkness over the face of Oceanrushing spirit of God hovering over the face of the waters Mind confronting formlessness Here I think I have to side with Genesis over the likes of Lucretius and Karl Marx, formidable though they may be I can t see the world as a ran...

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    Great job, God

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    Pretty weird Pretty boring I would recommend everyone of any religion read it sometime before they die.

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    Genesis In which God creates the world, and then destroys it, because, you know, it wasn t quite right But at no point does he actually change or improve anything about it Exodus In which God terrorizes and slaughters the Egyptians because he seems to prefer the Israelites a bit , for whatever reason.Leviticus In which God makes his culinary and interior design tastes known to the Chosen People Numbers In which Yaweh, the Most High One, and part time war general, takes roll call Also, he slaughters some people Deuteronomy In which God cares about the poor Poor Israelites I mean Jesus, don t get confused All those other poor people can die as tribute Worship Me perfectly and I ll make you rich Fail to do so, and I ll fucking kill you all.I don t know much about religion or history, but this seems to be a political collection of books than a religious one I actually have a hard time finding anything timelessly useful in any of these books The Ten Commandments are nice, but maybe 100 times emphasis is put on obtaining the Promised Land of Canaan That is the end game Not to live a certain way, but to live in a certain place, with a certain people Their own people No other tribes The Commandments merely keep order And the Torah unites different Hebrew factions together in order to consolidate power forsomeone Probably some political religious leaders I m not schooled enough to ...

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    I must confess that I haven t read the whole thing Most of the stuff you ve heard of happens in the first book, Genesis I read a bunch of that at my Bar Mitzvah I did the section where the main character G d told Abraham, his biggest fan, to kill his own kid Messed up It reminds me of the time that Don Shula told me to burn down my neighborhood to prove how much I like the Dolphins It s not clear what G d was going for here much of the time I think the book is supposed to convey some sort of system of ethics that he hands them from a mountaintop is rock climbing one of the virtuesI can never keep track of those But the main character really sets a bad example He kills and smites a lot of innocent people Egyptian boys, for instance He also tells his fanboys to kill everyone in the land they re about to steal He does let them keep the virgins alive, for some raping and stuff, I think He Chose this group of people for some reason, and then kind of made the next 3000 or so years miserable for them It s like when your dad chooses you to be his special helper and you end up having to go clean up all the dog poop in the yard A lot of the Chosen people moved back to that promised patch of wasteland in recent years Apparently some other people were upset by this In the new country, if you study this book all day, you supposedly don t have to get a job But you do have to wear a hat, and at a wedding, dudes have to dance with other dudes Anyway, three stars for its sta...

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    this has seriously become my most worn out resource for preparing sermons on my shelf Generally, I use the computer Bibles to prepare sermons, but whenever I am getting into the first five books, I take the time to go out and sit and soak up this book for the passage I m using It often captures the Hebrew poetry and gives many new insights.I occasionally disagre...

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    I was going to add The Bible But then it came to which one If you don t know, the Torah is the Old Testament and the common ground for Judeo Christian Muslim world Simply put, it s the greatest story ever told And it is retold on a weekly basis in synogogues and churches, and mosques around the world It is the moral compass used to teach ethi...

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