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Good Night Yoga (Just Do Yoga Book 2) Would You Like To Sleep Better And Wake Up Feeling Rested And Ready For Anything This Nighttime Edition Of The Just Do Yoga Series By Yoga Expert And Author Julie Schoen Teaches You Exactly Why You Are Not Getting The Sleep You Need And How A Well Crafted Yoga Routine Is The Answer To Getting A Full Night S Rest Good Night Yoga Explores The Secrets To Getting A Good Night S Rest Over 45 Yoga Poses In 3 Effective Routines That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby Your Top 10 Nighttime Yoga Questions And The Surprising Answers Filled With Beautiful Yoga Pictures Taken In The Sunset Mountains Of New Mexico, Good Night Yoga Will Change The Way You Sleep And Rest Forever Don T Waste Another Night Tossing And Turning, Discover The Secrets To Waking Up Each Morning Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed Get Your Copy Of Good Night Yoga Now

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    This is an excellent targeted yoga book There s a clear picture of what the finished pose looks like The directions are well written and easy to follow There s not just one routine to follow but three options, so you can pick the one that s best for you The top ten questions the author gets asked as a yoga instructor about sleeping and nighttime yoga are answered.I really like this book It s put together in a way that makes sense There s information about sleep and the benefits yoga at night can bring, written in a way that s easy to understand and which may help you with your sleep problems.I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and falling back to sleep once I ve woken up I have nightmares most nights with a wide range of intensity I ve got sleep apnea and I m using a machine to help treat it Things that can help me sleep better are always welcome and almost always tried.Yoga at night is a good choice to help with sleep and this is a good book to work from Some poses have variations and I always like when those are shared Bolsters and blocks are sometimes mentioned to help with your poses The poses flow well and the order make sense.This book has encouraged me to start up my nighttime yoga practice again It s been a helpful stress release which helps me to fall asleep I liked that one of the pose flows stayed on the ma...

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    Short and to the point.a good little yoga book with some good ideas and has some new poses I had not seen before worth a read for it s size.

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