!!> KINDLE ➛ Absolute All-Star Superman ❥ Author Grant Morrison – Anguillais.us

Absolute All-Star SupermanThe Eisner Award Winning 12 Issue Series From Grant Morrison And Frank Quitely Is Available In Absolute Format The Man Of Steel Battles Bizarro, Zibarro And Before Facing The Final Revenge Of Lex Luthor Plus A Bonus Sketchbook Section And

!!> KINDLE ➛ Absolute All-Star Superman ❥ Author Grant Morrison – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 326 pages
  • Absolute All-Star Superman
  • Grant Morrison
  • Dutch
  • 05 January 2017
  • 9788866915638

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    This is a stunning achievement that fans and non fans of Superman will enjoy It s restrained, subtle, nostalgic, and gorgeously illustrated I don t know what is and isn t considered a spoiler for this book, so I ll err on the side of caution Superman is delivered some fateful news involving a situation orchestrated by his arch nemesis how s that , and he proceeds to reflect on his life, his choices, and the people that are close to him As he does this, events unfold beyond his control which lead to increasingly exciting adventures While each chapter almost feels self contained, one begets the other and you realize that in fact they re all leading to a purposefully unified whole and ending As this is a standalone mini series, All Star Superman is kind of its own world Frank Quitely, at the top of his illustrating game, creates this vintage, Golden Age inspired Superman At one point, even the very first Superman logo makes an appearance Which is why going back and reading these characters through comic history will help you spot Easter eggs placed by character history obsessed writers like Grant Morrison Much like his epic run on Batman, Morrison draws from Superman s long history, incorporating various villains, characters, objects, designs and plot points for a truly unique reading experience Morrison writes th...

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    2 Stars Was this the book with all the hype With all the praises Did I really read the same book that everyone else loves Well Disappointing is one word I d use Boring is another one Disconnected is pretty much the one that defines me reading this book Apparently All Star Superman is the book that will make you love Superman Doesn t matter if you aren t familiarized with the character, doesn t matter if you re new to comics This is the one title that is always recommended as one of the best Superman stories Well, my friends, what can I say It was only a pretentious, flat story to me Did I see some of Morrison s attempts to reinvent little pockets of Superman s history Yes, even though this was only my third Superman story, I did see what Morrison was trying and I didn t find it brilliant like almost everyone else does I didn t find this story to be remarkable, even though the premise is one that will grab your attention I just didn t connect with this, I was pretty much annoyed with all of the characters, I found the changes of tones from every chapter to be choppy and jarring and it was just, overall, a boring mess.But let s start with the beginning The plot of All Star Superman revolves around the fact that Superman is dying Lex found a way to poison him, so now, he s left with only one year of life In this last year Superman must accomplish several tasks and through them we will see the Superman mythos b...

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    After being overloaded by solar radiation on a trip into the sun, Superman is dying and has some loose ends to tie upThis book had some strikes against it from the start It s one of those hyped books that everyone talks about and it stars Superman Apart from the Dini Timm animated series, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes, and DC Comics Presents when I was a kid, I ve never been a tremendous Superman fan To top it off, Grant Morrison wrote it Will it suffer from Morrisonian complications and weirdness Nope It wound up being Superman, boiled down to his essentials, racing against time to safeguard the world before he dies The All Star label on the book is fitting Grant Morrison cherry picked various aspects of Superman lore from the golden age through the present day and put his own spin on them, capturing the essence of Superman We get Bizarro, Krypto, Superman robots, the Fortress of Solitude, Metropolis, Smallville, and the Daily Planet.Superman dying from an incurable condition removed the one obstacle I norma...

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    I m not really big fan of Grant Morrsion s writing and I up till now I haven t yet encountered particularly good story involving Superman in any medium so I m kind of surprised with myself that I picked up this comic and even surprised that I loved it.

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    Grant Morrison returns Superman to his Silver Age sci fi roots as he pens this timeless superhero story After saving humanity s first attempt to land a mission on the sun which was sabotaged by his long time nemesis Lex Luthor, Superman has become powerful than ever due to his overexposure to yellow light at the heart of the sun His powers have been amplified and has also gained new ones but at the cost of imminent death He sets out on his own Herculean labors to cement his legacy before he dies.Superman is beyond human and he deserves challenges that can task his immense power set and creativity Morrison writes to make the reader realize that though other beings may the same abilities and even the same DNA, there is only one Superman Even without powers, he will always do the right thing even at the cost of his own life A Christ like figure, even he is a creation of two Jewish boys from Cleveland, Ohio.Frank Quitely aids Morrison in crafting greatest Superman story with his art and storytelling Quitely has a great eye for design and quirky detail and gives the art a feel that is both retro and futuristic that would help it give a contemporary edge even if it is read decades from now.The absolute format is perfect for this story The oversized pages gives the reader ample opportunity to enjoy Quitely s art and marvel at the detail and his impeccable design sense It comes with a slipcase and you this is a classy and pricey book to have...

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    It seems the gushing reviews of All Star Superman are from people who are able to compare it against the older material This Superman does away with this, it improves on this, it reinvents this, etc The excellence of this work seems to stem from how it experiments with or tweaks that which precedes it In other words, its success relies on past knowledge of the canon whether it stands in DC continuity or not But without knowledge of the purportedly inferior work that All Star Superman is working with, what is the book Since its advantages are primarily referential, what s the experience like to someone with a minimal frame of reference Well, since I grew up with X Men and Batman and basically zero Superman no idea why , reading All Star Superman is like reading a love letter to someone you don t find terribly interesting There s passion and vibrancy, but then you think to yourself, For this For her Really It s like Michael hearing George Michael gush about Anne I loved everything I read of Morrison and Quitely until now What a disappointment.For a Superman n00b, a lot of the back story for the many, many, many components of ...

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    It took me a long time to pick this up because 1 I am not all that interested in Superman as a superhero the usual too perfect, not complex enough, as usually depicted 2 I am not that into Grant Morrison as a writer and 3 that stupid title and I don t care that it is a geek homage to something in 1965 or whatever, it is a dumb title that would only attract superhero geeks Not inviting or evocative of anything But I was encouraged by several of you to read it via rave reviews I skimmed One of the five best Superman comics ever, I was told, which for me wouldn t mean that it was still all that great Still, I had read Superman Secret Identity and liked it a lot, and had read a couple others high on that list already, though never this, so I took a chance First glance, I am not encouraged Superman looks like Hulk or Thor or any guy in Sin City, the super pecs square jawed male standard among superhero comics for the recent decade or Yawn But then I read into it and liked the look and feel of it, and it wasn t too Morrison crazy, didn t call too much attention to him as a writer for once For Morrison it was almost subtle And respectful of the Silver Age traditions, and it appeared he and Frank Quitely took time and reflection to be true to the comic s roots, and also have some fun with it, inject it with some enthusiasm I love the beautifully done art of Quitely the most here, I think The feel of it is spac...

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    Soooooweird I always thought that I had read this I mean its Frank Quietly, an artist I absolutely adore Not to mention that it s written by Morrison.And then I figured out that I hadn t ever actually read it For whatever reason, I always confused it with Superman Secret IdentityYeah, I dunno how that happened.So anyways, upon this realization, you can bet your milk cookies that I ran out and got me a copy of this right fucking quick And you know what Meh Kinda disappointed.Don t get me wrong, All Star Superman was good The idea is really freaking cool Quietly is an amazing artist so if anything the artwork is insane awesome Still, overall, I just found the whole thing kinda weird and over the top but not in a good weird and over the top way Things felt stretched and at times a little too forced, I found it all a little disjointed and unrelatable.I don t know I guess the real problem is that I just liked Superman Secret Identity a whole l...

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    Growing up, my love of superheroes came from watching cartoons from the 90s Whilst I love Batman and the Marvel heroes like Spider Man and the X Men, I never had a keen interest towards Superman Part of it may have to do with his look notably the outside red undies , and perhaps his abilities in which he is almost indestructible and isn t really the bad ass that Batman is In the mid noughties, Superman was coming to my radar after watching the first two Christopher Reeve films and eventually seeing Superman Returns in the cinemas However, as I got into comics and based on other people s recommendations, I bought the Absolute edition of All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.Launched in 2005 under DC s All Star imprint the first being Frank Miller and Jim Lee s All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder this 12 issue series is seen as a tribute to the Man of Steel that would celebrate this timeless character, but also make the reading as universal as possible for newcomers While saving the crew of the first manned mission to the sun led by Dr Leo Quintum and his team from P.R.O.J.E.C.T., Superman is poi...

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    What can I say about the perfect comic book This is my fourth time reading All Star Superman, and I still manage to find something new every time I m reading it My eyes still start to well up whenever I get to the second half when Superman goes to the Bizarro planet, when he cures those kids, when he tells Reagan that it s never as bad as it seems, when he literally becomes all star This is one of the very few books so special that it s impossible to do it justice with words I ve heard so many stories about how it saved people s actual lives, and if that s not the highest achievement for a comic, I don t know what is All Star Superman is a masterpiece, and the reason why I believe Superman is the greatest superhero You can have hundred...

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