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Shakespeare My Butt Confessions Of A Man With Too Much Time On His Hands A Charming Tale Of A Year In The Life Of A Serial Pointless Project Addict Written With Warmth And Depth, Interspersed With Humorous Childhood Memories, Witty Recollections Of Military Service And Unorthodox Observations On Life Ramble, Meander And Digress Away, Discovering Non Barking Dogs, The Secret Of Excess And Places That Don T Exist Humiliate Ants, Get Annoyed At Goldfish And Take Up The Noble Sport Of Matlepiecing Go Back In Time, Enjoy Biscuits Brown, Feel The Fuzz Shootings, Monkeys, Hurricanes And Much, Much Shakespeare Shakespeare My Butt

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    Shakespeare My Butt I ve been neglecting a few things Personally, I blame John Donoghue If you doubt how distracting the antics of a front line police officer with a wicked sense of humour can be, check out his reviews Literally hundreds of people can t be wrong Better still, check out Police, Crime 999 and Police, Lies and Alibis Both of these books had me crying with laughter Being a dog lover and foster mum to a straggle of odd dogs with disabilities ranging from blindness and spinal injuries to missing limbs, I couldn t resist diving straight into another of his books, Shakespeare My Butt , which turns around our hero s first foray into dog ownership and the arrival in his life of his BFF, Barney Keen to implement correct dog training techniques, John s read the manuals He s even created his own list of rules, his Ten Commandments, setting boundaries and reinforcing himself as top dog within the family the dog will see as his pack Cue arrival of rolling, barking, nipping eating machine that ejects food from one end as fast as it goes in the other Barney has arrived He will know his place in the pack hierarchy He will obey simple, one word commands Get too verbose and you will confuse him He s a dog Ye es No spoilers I hope but the surprised game in the mornings The grimace whilst JD and companion search for pla...

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    Really enjoyed this one.It focuses very much on John getting his dog, Barney, which you ve read his previous books Police, Crime and 999 Police, Lies and Alibis you ll know all about.There are parts of the book where he discusses his family, some have great nicknames, and there s quite a lot about his young daughter again, it s all good fun, excellent ...

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    I have seen this book compared to Bill Bryson s and that strikes me as being an accurate way of describing its style It s a collection of personal anecdotes ranging widely from the author s childhood, to his time in the forces, to expeditions around the North East of England and South Wales The thread that runs right through the book is the ...

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    This is a Must read for anyone that Loves a good Giggle It took me back to my childhood in parts and made me Laugh which isn t an easy thing to do, with my weird or lacking sense of humor I WILL be rereading this book and recommending it to everyone I will say though Do Not read while...

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    I think I liked this book becuase I once lived in the North East and I now live in South Wales near the forest of Dean and Wye valley So I could appreciate it It s not THAT funny but did tickle me in parts Worth a read if you are from the NE atleast

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    This had been compared to Marley and Me,which I really liked I didn t think this was as cute, funny, or good, though Part of this could be due to the British humor the local references were lost on me

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    A light humorous read Brain candyThe trials and tribulations of being a first dog owner with entertaining meanders through the author s life with LOTS of bad jokes, which I found funny Just the thing if you fancy a giggle.

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