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Alien vs. Predator: Thrill of the Hunt (Alien Vs Predator)In The Farthest Reaches Of Space, A Creature Terrified Us Acid Blood Ard Skin Razor Sharp Teeth No Mercy In The Depths Of A Rain Forest, Another Creature Hunted Us Perfect Camouflage Fearsome Weapons Brutal Methods No Conscience In 2004, These Monsters Clashed On Earth In The Greatest Battle The Universe Has Ever Known But Far In The Future, Long After A Technological Catastrophe That Started A Second Dark Age, All Memory Of These Two Species Has Been Forgotten And When Mankind Again Reaches For The Stars, We Will Discover That, Truly, Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It Once Again, Man Is Caught In The Middle Of A Deadly Struggle.

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    This is something that came out years ago and I missed it when it was new I never thought I d get a chance to read any of this series, but someone bought it for the group comics app that I m part of I was looking for something to read, but didn t know what I wanted I just decided to search the A s for something to read and stumbled upon this.Roger Robinson is the artist for the series Another person, whose name escapes me right now, drew 2 of the 96 pages Their contribution isn t much So, I ll focus on Robinson s art The art in this book is horrible Robinson s idea of detail in clothing, faces and the environment are parallel lines Most of the time these lines are horizontal How many times have you ever seen a person that the wrinkles in their face looked like The same holds true for pants and shirts except there are many parallel horizontal lines stacked upon each other It looks like he was trying to draw a ladder on each article of clothing, but forgot to add the vertical line on each side of the steps in the ladder Occasionally, a face or two would look decent in an extremely close view, but then you might go another 5 8 pages of abysmal art before getting to another panel that was half decent Art gets 1 star.Mike Kennedy writes a story that easily could have been a Michael Bay movie Or even one of the AVP movies There isn t much substance there ...

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    This was okay, but that s about it Normally if you put Aliens and Predator together in a story half the work is done, but this time it didn t work so well It seemed like not much happened, and there wasn t a whole lot of Alien vs Predator actio...

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    Generic and joyless SF cage match with a couple of cute ideas the notion of a digital dark age putting the kibosh on space colonisation was handled better in the Traveller The New Era RPG and no likable or even clearly discernible characters Even if you ve never re...

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    A nonsensical plot, boring or flatout stupid characters with no depth, and messy action sequences that are near indecipherable or just skip too far too quick, create a mess of a comic that may as well be a fanfiction pamphlet Alien and Predator fans should run from this faster than a...

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    This read like a poor imitation of the original Alien Vs Predator comic, right down to the extended moralistic discussion between two characters as they approached the planet where the action was all set to take place Once there, the reader is confronted by artwork that made distinguishing between characters difficult, confusing action scenes, shifting character motivations seemingly for no reason at all and an...

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    This graphic novel is a sequel to the film, set long after our alien friends tangled on Earth In this tale, foolish humans repeat the mistakes of the past Written by Mike Kennedy, pencils by Roger Robinson with Dustin Weaver, and inks by James Pascoe with Randy...

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    Doesn t deliver I was expecting lots of Predator vs Alien punchup slashup , gratuitous xenoform clawing, biting and a great thrill of a hunt but instead there s just humans talking, talking, talking Give me my 10 minutes back I won t say this too often But the AvP movie was a lot better.

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    I had some trepidation in picking up this title as it s so obviously a movie tie in and they were such a steaming pile, but it is a sequel and a fascinating one at that Once again proving that Dark Horse has far better writers and executives than Fox.

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