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The Darkline Protocol When Wolf Dasher Is Assigned To Find Out Who Is Leaking Sensitive Information To Urland S Mortal Enemy, Phrygia, He Doesn T Count On The Spy Being An Innocent Victim Or That He Is The Prize In An Elaborate Double Cross What Begins As A Simple Reconnaissance Mission Ends In A Harrowing Chase Across The Sky Of Mensch S Perpetual Night, With Wolf Pursued By A Phrygian Shadow Determined To Bring Him Back To Her Superiors For Torture Now The Hunter Becomes The Hunted The Darkline Protocol Is A Free Short Story That Introduces Wolf Dasher, Hero Of John R Phythyon, Jr S Debut Novel, STATE OF GRACE Combining Magic, Espionage, And Politics, The Darkline Protocol Is A Fantasy Thriller Mashup Offering An Electifying Brew Of Action And Adventure.

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    Delightful tale of espionage and subterfuge Wolf Dasher is a wonderful character.

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    Quick and action packed introduction to the Wolf Dasher universe An interesting blend of James Bond type action with Fantasy tropes Mimic modern day socio political events and transfer them to a fantasy setting with elves, magic etc T...

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    fena de ildi john wick filmine g re gidecek olursam, birinci filmden nceki zamanda ge iyor ocukluk y llar nda ona borcu olan bir adamdan demesini al yor

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    G o o d b o o k l o o k i n g f o r w a r d t o t h e n e x t

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