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The Rainbow StoriesHere Are 13 Daring And Innovative Tales Dealing With Skinheads, X Ray Patients, Whores, Lovers, Fetishists, And Other Lost Souls Who Populate Landscapes As Diverse As Ancient Babylon, India, And Contemporary San Francisco Part Fiction, Part Reportage, These Narratives Are Laced With A Bleak And Bitter Humor, And Portray A Dazzling Array Of Characters.

Download ✤ The Rainbow Stories Author William T. Vollmann –
  • Hardcover
  • 541 pages
  • The Rainbow Stories
  • William T. Vollmann
  • English
  • 06 June 2018
  • 9780689119613

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    Breakfast with DoloresThere were half a dozen benches on the rise overlooking the pond near where some of the Wrecking Crew were still sleeping after a party last night The police hadn t done their rounds yet.On one seat was an elegantly dressed man somewhere in his mid to late 40 s He was reading the morning paper intently I didn t sit there Two seats away was an attractive girl, early to mid 20 s, I d say She, too, was dressed well I sat a few spaces away from her on the same bench.After a couple of minutes, she reached into her handbag and pulled out a cigarette Before she put it to her lips, she asked me if I had a light I knew straight away she was a whore, a high class one, definitely, maybe an escort who had just finished a night s work in one of the nearby hotels or apartment buildings I d heard there was some big society ball last night.I lit her cigarette, and returned my lighter to my coat pocket What s your name I asked It s actually Dolores, she responded, but most people call me Lolita If they ve read the book, I volunteered.She laughed, Hardly anyone knows my real name any My name s Bill Hi, Bill, she said, still friendly Have you eaten...

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    This was the most stupefyingly brilliant kick in the head The kind of volt and jolt which leaves a concrete and metallic aftertaste Lazy psuedo book jacket writer mathematician me says Bukowski Foster Wallace Garcia Marquez x Pynchon William T Vollmann I ve discovered my new favourite place to hang out It s the world as scribed by this compulsive, obsessive and distinctive writer Headbendingly good I was seeing colours.The Rainbow Stories are so much than a collection of short stories There s pulse and heart to these pieces which connects them than just thematically They re like alternate realities of each other.There s urban folklore, interviews with LA prostitutes, skinheads and street urchins there are inner monologues and fantastical, tripped out moments there is mythical imagery and dusty dessert stories of vagabonds and thugs So many voices so much chatter and noise blended togethe...

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    The Rainbow Stories is a Rainbow Coalition of our societal remains, our tramps, homeless, drunks, prostitutes, skinheads, residents of morgues, terrorists and lab technicians, immigrants, Hebrews in fiery furnaces, and industrial artists I am tempted to read Rainbow Stories as a novel because it looks like a novel, and I want it to be a novel Perhaps it could be done It is no mere collection, but an assemblage of related thematic and experiential material We should not be misled into thinking that these Rainbows are short stories written in the tradition of the Poe short story, but are instead simply Stories and portraits.Vollmann is writing in the tone of his major influences, the surrealists, such as Comte de Lautr amont, and the saga literature of the Scandinavians From the surrealists he takes the form for his sentences, large and imaginative, extending into metaphors such as can only present themselves to a precise, playful, attentive and expansive mind The saga tradition is antecedent to the modern tradition of the novel with its attendant interest in psychological realism This tra...

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    Approaching The Rainbow Stories as a piece of fiction is complicated Mr Vollmann was living in San Francisco at the time, and in various interviews he has spoken of the considerable portion of time that he spent hanging out in the city s infamous Tenderloin District Subsequent pieces of fiction such as Whores for Gloria and The Royal Family were not only set in the same downtrodden part of town, but these works were or less directly based on interviews and conversation that Vollmann had with the Tenderloin s seedy and depraved denizens And while referring to past life experiences as a fount of information for story writing is nothing new to the world of literary fiction, there should be established, a fine demarcation between a creative recapitulation of the events that occurred, and that of mere reportage of those same events A majority of this collection is set in San Francisco, particularly in the Tenderloin, although Vollmann does stretch his material a bit included in this collection is his take on the Hebrew Book of Daniel, and a riff on the famous tales of the Thugee cult in British India, a story originally written by Phillip Meadows Taylor entitled Confessions of a Thug Beginning with the story White Knights Vollmann digs right into his Tenderloin material chronicling the aimless adventures of a group of skinheads in the eighties that went by the gang name the Skinz This comes subsequentl...

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    Loved the street smart reportage cum fiction parts a blast of surprising grit, candour and pulsing realism all too rare in this navelgazing era The White Knights and Ladies and Red Lights is rich in powerful, electrifying vignettes as Vollmann restricts his prose to a splendidly unshowy, detached and oddly empathetic voice Unfortunately, what follows failed to provoke any reaction from me other than befuddlement and boredom one cod Talmudic story, written in a zanily biblical style, and one mind numbing historical tale about a Chinese Thug gang were endured in the hope of finer things The awkward romance stories about frolicking yuppies, especially Yellow Rose, are precisely the sort of late eighties all smart and rich young people are fascinating efforts that Goodreads users rightly treat with contempt, although as stories they...

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    Vollmann is so endlessly fascinating This is probably my favorite of his books I ve read because it s so raw and real and harsh and gritty, unlike the one where there s a race of bug people in the sewers, and it s punchy and succinct, unlike the ones that traipse and meander on for hundreds and thousands of pages This is definitely not for the faint of heart, with stories about hookers and junkies dying in hospitals and ski...

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    Excellent stories about the underbelly of society Vollmann is still developing, after the utterly bizarre You Bright and Risen Angels , and this is his first realist work Very impressive, though Update I was rereading a section of these today The blu...

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    Las peque as vanidades de aquellos a quienes la raza humana ha excretado resultan tan siniestras debido a que por ellas sabemos que por fuerza ha de haber consciencia en el interior de esos cr neos.3.5.

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    THE ADVENTURES OF BILL in which our hero is ___________________________________ blown by a prostitute eats shrooms muses about WWII hangs out with skinheads shows a serial killer s duality witnesses Beelzebub buy a stiletto and covet his CD collection speaks phonetic Korean reimagines The Book of Daniel lives amongst the homeless escapes the Thugs of the Tenderloin and Ancient Arabia alike becomes the Holy Ghost and much, much ___________________________________ Reader, do you consider yourself a Sneaky Soldier I know that I am one, plodding, sneaking, sneaking across my concrete days, while something big and bad comes after me I know that I must admire myself and every other Sneaky Soldier for trying, however unsuccessfully, to sneak away.When I see an infant clutching for his shiny plastic toys, or sucking at the breast, I am sad, because I know that he will die, and the manipulations which he is learning can do no than help him get through life A few friends and I often discuss who will replace the living writers we most venerate Now that most are septuagenarians and octogenarians it is a sad fact that, despite th...

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    There s a tissue and pulse, a taught tendon and a sturdy construction of bone and muscle that connects the thirteen works in Vollmann s The Rainbow Stories One immediately thinks that a collection of short stories and novellas is merely that, a collection, but what Vollmann has created here can also be considered a novel of ideas, in as much as a novel can be a collection of similar ideas and notions Characters reemerge two hundred pages later Locations, streets and neighborhoods and motives, become each story s lifeblood Remarkably, Vollmann packs each story with about as many memorable lines as one three hundred page novel, and he somehow does so in a such a way it is fluid and natural and unburdening even if the run on sentences and footnotes tend to get in the way for a short while Via firsthand accounts Vollmann s interaction with said subjects aren t journalistic so much as they are experiences he s jotted down and misinterpreted or elaborated, sometimes on purpose to get a point across or to move a plot line forward , we go from The White Knights and its grimy and honest portrayal of the San Francisco Nazi movement, which isn t so much a movement as it is a last stand They used to go into bars and pick fights, punch people in the face when they didn t like the ...

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