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Shouting into the Silence Danny Smith Has Been At The Forefront Of Human Rights Campaigning For Over Twenty Five Years He Has Fought For Many People, Providing A Voice For The Voiceless And A Light In The Darkness This Is His Story Shouting Into The Silence Is Fast Moving And Inspirational Danny Takes The Reader To Some Of The Darkest Places On Earth And Uncovers Many Of The 21st Century S Most Shameful Secrets, Including Child Sex Slavery, Human Trafficking, The Killing Of Street Children And The Orphanages Of China As The Head Of Jubilee Campaign, He Posed As A Sex Tourist To Get The UK Laws On Child Abuse Changed He Went To Moscow To Fight For The Siberian Seven, And To The Streets Of India, To Break The Cycle That Had Meant That The Children Of Prostitutes Would Always End Up In The Same Trade Shouting Into The Silence Is The Story Of One Man S Battle On Behalf Of Children At Risk.

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    I gave up on this after reading to the half way point The author who professes to be a Christian but also states that he struggles with his faith throughout the book, decides to try and introduce laws in the UK to allow the prosecution of offenders who travel abroad to commit child sex offences He becomes something of a private detective tracking and following various suspected pedophiles and confronting them with cameras etc I found the constant name dropping and references to various publications and newspaper appearances irritating It reminded me of when I first saw Steve Chalke speaking in the UK The author then returns to events in his early childhood, and further back in his ancestry which I didn t really have an interest in He then details various things that he was involved in back in the 1980 s This reads like a disjointed memoir and not as it states on the cover The author appears to be a spectator for many of the events described which he has read about in newspapers He also re documents some disturbingly graphic child sex crimes that in my view shouldn t be in the public domain in the first place.I was sorry to read that one of the author s grown children later died at the young age of just 22 I don t really know what to say about this book other than that there is not really any Christian content either within the book or on the website for his charity Jubilee Campaign. It seems to be another case of help without hop...

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