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Белая гвардияLa Guardia Bianca Qui Pubblicato Per La Prima Volta In Italia In Versione Integrale, Ovvero Sia Con Il Finale Ufficiale Sia Con Quello Originario, A Lungo Perduto Il Romanzo Che Diede A Bulgakov Celebrit In Vita, Prima Della Fama Universale Postuma Raggiunta Con Il Maestro E Margherita Tutto Ruota Attorno Alle Vicende Dei Tre Fratelli Turbin Aleksej, Nikolka Ed Elena Nella Tempestosa Kiev Dell Inverno 1919 1920 La Citt Nelle Mani Dell Avventuriero Simon Petljura Ma Si Trova Anche Nella Morsa Di Un Duplice Accerchiamento, Quello Dell Atamano Cosacco Shoropadskij E Dei Bolscevichi Le Avventure Dei Fratelli Turbin Si Susseguono Fra Malattie, Guarigioni Miracolose, Preghiere, Eroismi, Fughe, Divorzi, Amori E Amicizie Sullo Sfondo, Tratteggiata Con Rapidit Futurista Ma Allo Stesso Tempo Con Potente Afflato Epico, La Storia Di Una Nazione E Di Un Popolo Fotografati In Un Momento Decisivo

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    After graduating from Kiev University, Mikhail Bulgakov would go on to decide his future lie in literature rather than practicing as a doctor, during which he witnessed the horrors of the Russian civil war Bothered though by the censors and political unrest, Bulgakov would write to Stalin asking to be allowed to emigrate, if he couldn t make a living as a writer in the USSR And the word goes Stalin actually phoned him up offering a job in the Moscow Arts Theatre instead Similar to that of revolutionary writer Victor Serge, Bulgakov s work only saw the light of day posthumously Safe to say, thank god it did.Not as well known as his most recognizable The Master and Margarita , The White guard is certainly closer to non fiction, and built on Bulgakov s own experiences during the turmoil and unpredictability of conflict The story takes place in a snow covered Kiev, 1918, turning the spotlight on the once wealthy Turbin family After their mother passes away, the three children of, doctor Alexei, ...

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    1925 , , 1918, 1919 ,

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    The White Guard, Mikhail BulgakovThe White Guard is a novel by 20th century Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, famed for his critically acclaimed later work The Master and Margarita Set in Ukraine, beginning in late 1918, the novel concerns the fate of the Turbin family as the various armies of the Ukrainian War of Independence the Whites, the Reds, the Imperial German Army, and Ukrainian nationalists fight over the city of Kiev Historical figure...

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    Before Bulgakov wrote several of the most exquisite Russian satires known to woman, he toyed in the Tolstoyan mode with this wartime chronicle set during the Ukrainian War of Independence, featuring a cast of terror pocked soldiers and wives A mixture of poetic reflection on the changing face of Ukraine, action sequences, domestic turmoil, and dreamlike digressions, the novel is an overlooked historical tude, trumped by the arrival of masterpieces li...

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    Bulgakov s elegant first novel about the unfolding of the October revolution in Kiev referred to as The City in the novel has been rereleased by the wonderful independent publisher Melville House this year, in the Michael Glenny translation Outstanding.Told through multiple points of view, the book centers upon two days in the Russian Civil war, December 13 and 14, 1918, when the city of Kiev, up to then controlled by the Ukrainian Hetman Skoropadsky, a German puppet and ally of the Monarchist Russians, falls to the armies of Petlyura, a Ukranian peasant nationalist, a figure of mystery and rumor The enemy of the Whites, Petlyura s troops especially target the Russian officers who have supported the corrupt Skoropadsky and the Russian imperialist presence As Faulkner said, the past is not over It is not even past.The heart of the novel is the family of the Turbins, Alexei, a doctor returning from WWI, his little brother Nikolai, 17 and a cadet at the Russian military academy, and their sister Elena, the muse of a circle of Alexei s officer friends, each quickly but masterfully drawn, as well as the Turbin s comic foil, Vasily Lisovich, known as Vasilisa after the folk heroine Vasilisa the Beautiful an almost Doestoyevskian idiot who i...

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    Tutto passer Le sofferenze, i tormenti, il sangue, la fame e la pestilenza La spada sparir , ma le stelle resteranno anche quando le ombre dei nostri corpi e delle nostre opere non saranno pi sulla terra Non c uomo che non lo sappia Perch dunque non vogliamo rivolgere lo sguardo alle stelle Perch Fino alle due e mezza di stanotte, angosciatissima per Aleksej Vasil evi Turbin, sconvolto dal tifo Rimanere indifferenti a questo romanzo impossibile La famiglia Turbin, la Citt Kiev , il pigolare dei telefoni, il sonnambulismo dei soldati e il tiranno invisibile Petljura Tutti questi elementi concorrono a creare un racconto melanconico sulla dissipazione di un epoca tanto da riportarmi alle atmosfere create da Roth ne La cripta dei cappuccini eppure intessuto di diavolerie stilistiche Visionario e all avanguardia il genio di Bulgakov, sferzante e impietoso Per quanto il romanzo sia vivacizzato dall estro dello scrittore, il lettore non viene risparmiato da quella vertigine terribile che si prova leggendo i severi romanzi di tradizione russa La Guardia bianca un romanzo fatto di occhi...

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    From BBC Radio 4 Extra 1 2 Kiev is protected by an uneasy alliance Two brothers discover it s a bad time to be Tsarist Stars Paul Hilton and James Loye.2 2 The Turbin brothers find their survival skills tested, and Elena is driven to intense prayer http www.bbc.co.uk programmes b00761h8

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    This heavy volume included two works The White Guard and Theatrical Novel Notes of a Deceased.Bulgakov s fate seemed to be governed by the same mixture of satire, fantasy and tragedy that is the hallmark of his entire work A trained doctor aka Chekhov , after he abandoned his medicine career in 1920 to devote entirely to writing, he joined the theater world and his first play put on stage The Days of the Turbins, adaptation of the novel The White Guard, has received a great success, paradoxically, becoming Stalin s favourite play The obvious sympathy for the White officers made that the play to be eventually banned, so from 1929 is no longer published any book, nor is played any of his new plays, or previous ones Leading an existence to the limit of survival, Bulgakov felt forced to send to the dictator Stalin a petition, then, also in a letter to the Soviet government, to talk about the mental imbalance to which an artist is subjected to when his living existence is threatened The letter remained famous both as a mo...

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    I wasn t sure if Bulgakov s first novel, described as a historical novel about the fortunes of the city of Kiev in the year 1918, as the repercussions of the Russian revolution and the tail end of the first world war play out, would be as good as his satirical masterpieces, The Master And Margarita and Black Snow It certainly is Bulgakov was a literary genius, that s the only conclusion I can draw Not only does he maintain complete control over a narrative that segues constantly from the panoramic to the personal, he keeps finding memorable motifs and metaphors to bring his tale to life There is an entire section where he describes people s expressions and states of minds in terms of clock hand positions It seems like a subjective, potentially opaque conceit, but Bulgakov makes it work brilliantly A good deal of his tale is told through dreams again something potentially confusing and tedious that he does incredibly well His talent for invoking the truly fantastic was evident in The Master, as was his facility with conjuring the bad numinous Here, in an early vision of heaven, he brings us face to face with an equally convincing vision of divinity, both comforting and chilling There are numerous bravura scenes of crowds and action, and of the thoughts and experiences of a his focus characters This novel is also amazingly well structured, casting out a bewildering array of narrative threads that are all w...

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