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The Confessions of Dorian Gray: The Complete Series One and TwoTo Have Written Such A Book Was Nothing To Convince The World It Was A Work Of Fiction Was A Triumph Inspired By Oscar Wilde S Classic Story Of Hedonism And Corruption, The Confessions Of Dorian Gray Imagines A World Where Dorian Gray Was Real, And His Friendship With Oscar Wilde Once Spawned The Notorious Novel.Presented As A Series Of Original Horror Stories, Alexander Vlahos Merlin, Privates Takes Us On A Supernatural Journey Through The Twentieth Century From Oscar Wilde S Death In Paris, Right Through To The Present Day.This Complete Collection Features Every Episode From The First And Second Series, Including Three Hour Long Special Episodes Released On CD For The Very First Time Also Included Are The Bernice Summerfield Crossover Story, Shades Of Gray, A Soundtrack Of James Dunlop S Evocative Music Score And Specially Recorded Introductions From Alexander Vlahos, Who Selects His Favourite Stories From The Series.

➼ The Confessions of Dorian Gray: The Complete Series One and Two Free ➲ Author Simon Barnard – Anguillais.us
  • Audio CD
  • The Confessions of Dorian Gray: The Complete Series One and Two
  • Simon Barnard
  • English
  • 26 February 2018
  • 9781781783214

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    Fantastic stuff I bought these audio plays for the sake of the lead actor, Alexander Vlahos and for Rupert Young, who plays Moriarty in a Christmas Special episode Audio plays aren t my usual thing, so I went in with zero expectations and I was majorly impressed These plays are well written tales of the real life Dorian Gray, who inspired Oscar Wilde s novel We hear his adventures in different time periods past, present and future and we meet his loves and his friends, all of whom he of course out lives Dorian is refreshingly presented, with no coyness at all, as openly bisexual and he has proper friendships with men and women, too I think Vlahos has it right when he picks out the two best episodes as being the one with Dorian s true love Toby, and the other with his bestie Dorothy Parker they call each other Dotty and Dodo Dorian is a fascinating character As self centred and nar...

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    A collected edition of the first two seasons of Dorian Gray, the 30 minute episodes are presented in chronological, rather than publication, order, with a few 60 minute stories rounding out the set Alexander Vlahos of Merlin and Versailles, among other things plays the eponymous antihero, narrating the stories assisted by a small number of additional actors playing various guest characters.The series features the eponymous character, who, in this version, does not die as he does in Wilde s real world novel It s a series of mostly supernatural horror stories, making use of Gray s immortality to visit various decades throughout his life With different writers for each episode, the various stories tend to have markedly different tones some work, others do not, but the former are common.This World Our Hell The series stakes its pitch with an opener that is part character piece, with Gray visiting the dying Oscar Wilde in 1900 Paris, and part horror story, as something horrible stalks the hotel ...

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    For the most part I enjoyed these two series There were some elements that I didn t care for, and I was not thrilled with the ending of series 2 It was a bland ending for the character, even knowing that there is to come.

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    Wow I got so many feels from this series I can t even It was well written and the voice acting was marvelous Alexander Vlahos is a great actor and series 01 and 02 highlights this What sells me on audiobooks is the voices behind it If they lack the emotions or the nuance of the story then it s just as if you were reading it on your own, but Alex really sold me on it The emotions he and all the voice actors and actresses portray in this is simply breathtaking The pain we hear in Dorian s voice, especially in the Heart that Lives Alone, made me cry and weep I felt his pain in that moment and it broke me There was one story I didn t particularly like not that it was bad but it wasn t a personal favorite but even that I d listen to again once in a while I love how it mixes horror and humor as well Some are all gore and horror but with a premise like that I d expect some to be without humor.Overall ...

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    Wow This series hooked me in from the beginning and kept me listening I love what BF have done with the Dorian Gray story The individual stories take place in different time periods from late 19thC to the 27th C and everything in between They all have twists and several of t...

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