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I.W.W. SongsThe History Of The World Is One Of Riots, Revolutions Rebellions It S A Story Of Perpetual Class War Waged By The State, Church, Landlords Factory Owners Against The Poor Unlike The History Force Fed In School, The History Of Opposition To Being Exploited Is Something To Remember It S Interesting Than The Textbooks Ever Were Those Books Were Filled With Half Truths Strung Together By Boring Academics Most Of What We Were Made To Learn About Kings, Queens, Laws, Wars Dates Of Their Battles Against Each Other, Was Forgotten The Moment The Tests Were Over It Was Ineffably Boring Because It Was Not Our History Meanwhile, The Stories Of The Lives Of Millions Of Working People, Their Struggles Their Victories, Were Buried Under The Glorified History Of The Ruling Class Throughout Time, While Peasants, Workers Or Indigenous Folk Were Fighting, Marching Or Otherwise Kicking Over The Traces, They Were Making Up Songs Usually, Using Common Folk Melodies Of The Day, Altering The Words To Suit Their Causes, These Were The Short, Pithy Versions Of An Uprising That May Have Succeeded, But Most Often Didn T They Were Rarely Recorded For Posterity, As The Symphonies Or Popular Songs Of The Upper Classes Are Because They Were Mostly In The Oral Tradition, Or Worse, The Singers Were Rebels Who Were Killed, Those Which Have Miraculously Survived Are All The Precious They Ve Been Passed Down From Generation To Generation, Or Dug Out Of Obscure Texts By Enthusiasts Who Recreated The Tunes And Put The Songs Back Into Circulation However These Songs Got Here, We Should Cherish Them The Reason They Weren T On The Hit Parades Aren T Taught In Literature Or Folklore Classes Is That They Re Still Dangerous They Plant A Seed That If Nurtured, May Just Someday Accomplish What Their Progenitors Hoped For Jerzy Smokey Dymny Edited

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    This was the first edition of the Wobbly songbook which I ever purchased, and that from the IWW International Headquarters in Lincoln Park in Chicago It was during high school and such older friends as I had made in the Social Science Socie...

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