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Ivy Halls Beautiful Young Priscilla James Was A Bride In Name Only When She Came To Ivy Halls The Handsome Master Of The Manor Lord Colton Penryhn, Told Her Before The Ceremony That This Would Be A Marriage Of Convenience, Not Of Personal Desire Lord Penryhn Had Been Wounded By One Woman, And Never Would Trust Another Priscilla Agreed, For She Was Desperate To Gain Entrance To Ivy Halls Her Beloved Sister Had Disappeared Within Those Forbidding Walls, And Priscilla Vowed To Solve That Fearful Mystery, Though It Meant Being Carried Trembling Over The Threshold Of This Place Of Evil By A Man Who Scorned Her And Struggling Against A Dark And Sinister Force To Escape Her Sister S Fate.

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    Uhthat wasdifferent.

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    Ivy Halls is a wonderful vintage Regency romance I love Betty Hale Hyatt and the type of regency historical romance she writes.

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