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Investing in Four Hours Spend An Afternoon With My Easy To Read Guide And Learn The Keys To Financial Freedom And Security There Are No Get Rich Quick Schemes Here We Ll Build Wealth Slowly, Primarily Through Vanguard Mutual Funds Investing In Four Hours Is Divided Into Two Parts Part One Is A Basic Financial Education Here We Ll Cover The Building Blocks Of Investing, Including CDs, Bonds, Stocks, And Real Estate We Ll Examine How Financial Markets Work, And The Importance Of Diversification We Ll Dig Into The Details Of Tax Advantaged Accounts Like IRAs, 401 K S, And 529 College Savings Plans And We Ll Take A Look At The State Of The Financial Industry In 2014, Both Good And Bad Part Two Of This Book Is All About You Setting Financial Goals And Taking The Right Steps To Achieve Them First, We Ll Come Up With A Plan For Each Of Your Future Spending Needs, And Determine The Right Investments For Each One Then I Ll Walk You Step By Step Through Transforming Your Existing Savings Into A Low Fee, Low Tax, Risk Appropriate, Growth Maximizing Portfolio Finally, We Ll Look At The Tasks Required To Maintain Your Investments, Including Rebalancing, Tax Loss Harvesting, And Roth IRA Conversions We Ll Also Cover Related Topics Like Social Security Benefits, Paying Down Debt, Annuities, And Estate Planning.I Wrote This Book Specifically For Beginners Who Are Intimidated Or Just Plain Bored By The Topic Of Investing Anyone With A Sixth Grade Education Can Master The Material Here Ignoring This Part Of Your Life Or Allowing The Investment Industry To Handle It For You Are Two Equally Disastrous Courses Of Action.

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