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Undead Freaks It S Fast, It S Gory, And It S A Struggle To Survive When Zombies Overrun The Town Of Calvert Falls In Southern Maine, A Small Band Of Survivors Has To Fight Their Way Out But It S Than Just Teeth And Cannibalistic Appetites They Have To Worry About A Zombie Thriller Novella That Won T Let You Go Until It S Done With You.

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    Whatever the other reviewers saw in this book obviously passed me by Our MC Kelly is an airhead numbnut who puts up with her husband s habit of beating her crapless on a regular basis because he never questions the massive credit card bills she runs up on home shopping and the sex is good Oh and he never bruises her face, which is nice of him She also thinks that he should change his name as Terry...

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    Note I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Some of the things that the characters did really surprised me and they showed to what lengths people will go in this type of situation I think that the action, while interesting, seems like it s over before you know it and our survivors are automatically on to the next thing.Undead F...

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    Not so hot beginningThe beginning was slow and a little strangely put together I guess I would say I like to give new riders a chance though so I kept on reading The female lead finally begin to get into her stride and then th...

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    Bastide Delivers No slow walking dead here Your heart will race through this uncompromising short story as the author presents atypical zombies and a few humans for your reading pleasure.

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    Fast and fun Bastide takes you on a Zombie outbreak, a band of survivors forming, and a fight to escape and find sanctuary All in a day Love the tense and almost frenetic pace of this novella Good pacing, gore, and decently drawn characters.

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    Nice quick read Love the concept of smart, fast zombies Hope there is a continuation to this.

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