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The Girl Who Cried MonsterPDF The Girl Who Cried Monster Author R.L Stine Contra Saustall.eu Lui Lucy Ii Plac Povestile Cu Monstri Si A Spus Prietenilor Si Familiei Atat De Multe, Incat Acestia S Au Saturat Pana Peste Cap De Balivernele Ei Numai Ca, Intr O Buna Zi, Lucy Descopera Un Monstru De Adevaratelea Bibliotecarul Care Se Ocupa De Orele De Lectura Mare Pacat Ca Acum Nimeni Nu Mai Crede Nici Macar O Vorba Spusa De Ea Mare Pacat Ca Monstrul O Cunoaste Pe Lucy Si Ca Ea Este Urmatoarea Lui Victima Cititorule, Ia Seama O Sa Mori De Spaima

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    Definitely some good nostalgia fuel I had this whole series both in books and VHS tapes as a kid but this book in particular always stood out to me as being very weird The vocabulary s a bit limited and even when I was ten years old the story never came off to me as scary but I ve gotta hand it to Stine, he sure knows his humor To his credit it s also a very creative story and a good way to introduce younger kids to horror before they hit the age of ...

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    8 She s got the monster of all problems Lucy is the girl who cried wolf or monster rather She always loved freaking out her younger brother with tales of monsters, but when she sees the library and acting rather funny one day she gets a monster scare of her own And this time it s for real The pro...

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    This was the first Goosebumps book I ever read It was well over six years ago, but I still remember how I finished reading it in one sitting, one hefty afternoon when my cousin had come over He was talking to my sister, and by the time I d finished, they were still talking Anyway, this book is nowhere as good as how it appeared to me back then But still, you have to give Stine some credit That guy has some serious creepy book writing talent Lucy is twelve always cooks up monster stories to scare her 6 yo brother She s usually obsessed over monsters, and it s easy to scare her brother Randy and even her best friend Aaron But one day, she happens to witness their town librarian Mr Mortman turning into an actual monster and eating yucky moths and flies Turns out, nobody believes her Her mother thinks it s just another monster story she made up to keep away from the library But Lucy is determined to have them believe her, she s going to show them proof And meanwhile, she needs to make sure the monster doesn t realize she knows his secret, or she d be his next meal instead of the flies It s amazing how easily Stine comes up with such believable characters and cooks up such ridiculously creepy stories But they re entertaining and easy...

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    Lucy Dark loves monster stories Her favorite pastime is scaring her little brother, Randy, with crazy monster tales she s concocted But Randy s not the only one She tells her crazy monster tall tales to her best friend Aaron, and her parents, too Randy s the only one who ever even half believes her after all, he s only 6 Lucy goes to the library for her Reading Rangers program Mr Mortman is the kindly librarian The thing all of us kids hated the most about him was that his hands always seemed to be wet He would smile at you with those beady little black eyes of his lighting up on his plump, bald head He would reach out and shake your hand And his hand was always SOPPING When he turned the pages of books, he d leave wet fingerprints on the corners His desktop always had small puddles on the top, moist handprints on the leather desk protector Anyway, he seems like a nice guy if a little strange He keeps pet turtles in the library and loves reading.But one day, Lucy forgets her rollerblades and goes back to the library to get them It s then that she sees a horrifying sight Mr Mortman is a monster As he struggled to unscrew the jar lid, Mr Mortman s face began to change His head floated up from his turtleneck and started to expand, like a balloon being inflated I uttered a silent gasp as I saw his tiny eyes poke out of his head The eyes bulged bigger and bigger, until they were as big as doorknobs Mr Mortman continue...

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    The first thing I said when I finished this book is what the % % % % %

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    She s telling the truth but no one believes her This is the best one so far The suspense wasn t too shabby and the creepy, grossly aspects were quite well, creepy and gross, haha I wasn t expecting that ending at all, which was a ...

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    I will try to review this book as best as I can ADD started to kick in big time while reading this book, so I don t remember much.Some inconsistencies in the story The book says the girl has black hair, but on the cover her hair is blonde The book also says the librarian wears a ring on his finger, but the librarian on the cover doesn t have a ring.Just thought I d point that out makes no difference to the story but still.I found myself skipping parts of the book For some reason it just didn t interest me Maybe it s because I ve heard so many similar stories about someone crying wolf that it made this book seem predictable.I guess this book is great for the early 1990 s but to read it now after seeing so many similar movies, it wasn t that exciting.The end...

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    Every single time I re read a goosebumps book I adored as a kid I am killed with an odd mixture of nostalgia and disappointment.

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    This was a terrible book The only part I liked was the twist on the old story The Boy Who Cried Wolf view spoiler meaning how the MC is actually a wolf, doesn t know it, and is always making up stories about seeing monsters to everyone so no one believes her when she actually sees a monst...

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