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The Naughty Schoolmarm Redheaded Spitfire Nettie Never Thought She Would Be The New Schoolmarm In A Small Town, But Here She Was, Doing Just That, And Hoping That Her Papa And Ten Older Brothers Wouldn T Find Her Even Though Nettie Didn T Expect To Find Herself Teaching School, She Was, And She Was Going To Do The Best Job She Could Do One Little Boy Was Not Doing Well At All And She Decided A Trip To Speak To His Parents Was In Order Nettie S First View Of Tanner Greene S Ranch Was One Of Pleasant Surprise It Was Neat As Could Be A Fresh Coat Of Paint Making The Buildings Sparkle In The Sunlight She Quickly Spotted A Man That She Assumed Was Scotty S Father He Was In The Corral, Attempting To Place A Saddle On A Skittish Stallion There Was Also An Indian Brave Sneaking Up On Him, Knife Drawn To Attack Without Hesitation, Nettie Took Her Gun From Her Reticule And Shot The Indian Tanner Greene Was Shocked To See The Woman Standing Beside The Buggy He Recognized As A Rental From The Stable In Town He Picked Up His Son, And Yelled For The Woman To Come, And It Wasn T Until Scotty Called Her Teacher That He Realized Who She Was It Was Shocking To Realize The New Schoolmarm Could Handle A Gun, But She Had Quite Literally Saved His Life, And He Was Grateful But Even Shocking Was Learning Why She Was There To See Him Nettie Wasn T About To Let Tanner Greene Tell Her What To Do She D Ran Away From Home To Escape That But Unlike The Men At Home, Tanner Carries Out His Promises To Spank Her, And Nettie Thinks That Perhaps She S Found The Right Man She Can Love And Respect

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    Old fashion menI just love to read about old fashion men and the way they love their strong willed women Please keep writing Great book

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    This is the story of a foolish woman running away from an abusive family and finding herself in the arms of a slightly better man The main male character is tolerable although he is a little too obsessed with spanking everyone Seriouslyeveryone I like the spanking BDSM novels They are mostly all poorly written but they at least have steamy scenes and stuff to make up for it However, this was not that kind of novel It was just abusive The one mildly steamy scene was super glossed over The novel goes on and on about how ladies should be delicate flowers and all that This novel is set in the old west Like many other period pieces in this genre that is set in the old west it completely forgets that pioneer women and women in the old west were not delicate flowers unless they wanted to die Then, the author tries to make the main female character out to be bad ass but she s really just kind of stupid There s a dif...

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    What a delightful story with colorful characters Nettie Mientkiewicz is one feisty spitfire of a woman Life isn t easy when you are the eleventh child and have ten older brothers and an over protective father Nettie has left in the middle of the night and finds herself accepting a teaching position in Colorado Territory, but unlike the ranch, she must dress and act like a lady Scotty Greene, a ten year old student appears to having learning issues so she goes to the ranch to talk to his father and that begins a budding relationship Tanner Greene and his son Scotty fall in love with...

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    This is a great story by Laurell Joseph Nettie has run away from her home because her father wants her to marry the local preacher She refuses and has to run to get away She ends up far away as she needs to get beyond her father s influence She becomes the local teacher One of her students, Scotty has a single father Nettie and Tanner fall in love But, there is a lot of twists and turns along the way I love this story Nettie is...

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