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Fancy Nancy (Nancy Clancy Chapter Books series) Nancy Clancy Is Ready For Her Close Up In The Fifth Chapter Book In The Nancy Clancy Chapter Book Series By The New York Times Bestselling Team Of Jane O Connor And Robin Preiss Glasser.It S Nancy S Time To Shine As She Takes Center Stage In The School Play There S No Way Nancy Will Get Stuck In The Chorus Again This Year She S Been Practicing Guitar For Months And Her Audition Was Superb So When Nancy Gets A Callback, She S Overwhelmed With Joy But After Nancy S Performance During The Play Is Captured On A Video That Gets Posted On YouTube, It Seems Her Stardom Has Gone Viral Will Nancy S Humiliation Get The Best Of Her, Or Will She Find A Way To Embrace Her Newfound Fame Fans Of Nancy Clancy Will Enjoy Watching Nancy Sparkle In The Spotlight In Her Latest Chapter Book The Central Theme Of All The Nancy Clancy Books Shines Through, Showing The Power Of Positive Thinking.

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    I am a big fan of the Fancy Nancy series and have read all of the books with my niece who is now nine years old She now loves the chapter books.I have enjoyed all of the chapter books a lot I thought that this one was entertaining There was one thing that I liked a lot and another thing that I liked less view spoiler I thought that it was very sweet that Jojo helped her out But if anyone was going to have stage fright would it really be Nancy Yes there were a lot of people i...

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    Perfect,contemporary summer reading assignment for early elementary girls Loved this cute, current, builds vocabulary and incorporates age appropriate life lessons So fun and relatable for children of this age.

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    I have not read this one yet but I ve read the first four.

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    Summary This book is about a girl named Nancy who really wants a call back for her school play She really wanted a major role in the play called Fifty Nifty This one girl who gets a lot of big roles named Grace is kind of mean to her and even tries putting her down She has a best friend named Bree who hate making mistakes so when she got a role she would practice and practice and practice until she felt that she can do something without making a mistake She finds out that she got a role in the play so she had to meet with her guitar instructor How will she do in the play Read this book and find out for yourself.5 higher level thinking discussion questions 1 If you were Nancy, how would you feel when Grace was putting you down 2 Do you think Grace means to always come off as putting people d...

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    An excellent series to read aloud with children Cute stories with a smart and spunky protagonist, Nancy Clancy Each book centers around a childhood situation common to 3rd graders pretending to be spies, buying a used desk and finding a hidden key, or this book with a school patriotic performance related to all 50 states Each book holds the attention of our daughter, nearly 7 as well as our son, nearly 9 Every book works ...

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    3.5 5I generally enjoy reading the Nancy Clancy books with my five year old I find them honest and empowering However I did not appreciate the message in this particular book Nancy becomes a YouTube viral sen...

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    We love Fancy Nancy so I was excited to discover that her adventures continue in chapter books Miss 4 enjoyed the story and spent a few days dressing up as a cowboy like Jojo Miss 4 and I like to explore different books at the library...

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    Easy chap book 120 pages Great easy book in the Fancy Nancy series She is now in 3rd grade and participating in the school play 50 Nifty States program There is lots of drama between the kids It is a realistic story and has nice resolutions Recommended for ES.

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    Its a really good book, everyone in the world should read it.

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    Fun books to read with my daughter

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