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Recognize A Collection Of Short Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Personal Narratives, Critical Essays And Visual Art Produced By 61 Cisgender And Transgender Bisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual And Fluid Men From The United States, Canada, Chile, India, Spain, Sweden And The United Kingdom.This Compelling Anthology Which Also Includes A Resource Section Is A Significant Contribution To Literature Available About And By Bisexual Men And Expands Our Understanding Of How Bisexuality Is Lived By Men Across Race, Class, Gender, Age And Nationality.

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    Disclaimer this anthology of work by bisexual men contains artwork by my husband Hew Wolff It gets an extra star from me for bisexual content Like many anthologies based on identity politics, the quality of the work is uneven ...

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    Audaciously broad, this Lambda nominated anthology contains a broad diversity of voices and approaches to the subject of male bisexuality If you have a bi man in your life, buy two copies one for him, and one for yourself.

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    This is a collection of testimonials from bisexual men expressing how they feel about their situation in the USA territory in which they live.The stories vary because there all a lot of different layers of this since no one is really alike with these sexual things, I mean, if they are honestly looked into, explored Most are happy to be bi, some feel oppressed by the outer world s reaction to them and somewhat bitter about the whole thing Many are annoyed by the bipolar assumptions of our time and see them as inaccurate, in the least, to intentionally dismissive of the variation they are They express feelings of not being comfortable with either of these poles I agree The born this way gay culture is clearly not for me any than the exclusively heterosexual assumptions So here is what I might write if I were involved with a book like this.I consider myself lucky to be somewhere on the bisexual spectrum I like to think that I am closer to basic pre conditioned and trained, civilized, humanness by being this way This is not a new concept for me I have been like this for as long as I can remember I mean from childhood back in Ohio where there were sexual encounters with other boys playing around doing this and that But even though that went on and was not unusual and really quite natural there was a sort of prohibition given USA sex attitudes and this was Ohio in the 1950s and early 60s All this activity was done...

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    Hard to rate this as a work on its own merits, since it was just really important personally to have access to a collection like this But I guess that s largely why it was compiled in the first place, so it certainly achieved what it set out to do showcase ...

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    we need research like this on Male Bisexuality

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