[ PDF ] ✪ A Night at the Old Hotel Author Jennifer Thorn – Anguillais.us

A Night at the Old Hotel Standing Face To Face With Him She Wasn T Really Sure What Else To Say Or Do, But She Felt She Should Do Something, Especially Since He Was Now Sporting A Black Eye And Bloody Lip On Her Behalf Is There Something I Can Do For You To Say Thank You Would You Like To Come Back To My Place And Get Cleaned Up It S The Least I Can Do Thanks, But That S Probably Not A Good Idea Though I Gotta Go Home, And After What Just Happened, I Think You Should Probably Get Home Too But Hey, Here S My Number Text Me Sometime And Maybe We Can Hang Out Michael Took A Pen Out Of The Front Pocket Of His Black Denim Jeans And Wrote His Number On The Palm Of Her Hand I Ll Be Waiting To Hear From You Abby.

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