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Matrix Management Reinvented Leon, The CEO And Owner Of A Growing Consulting Organization, Is Working With Lisa, A Matrix Management 2.0 Expert, To Resolve The Challenges He Faces Running His Matrix Organization Their Conversation Continues From Our Previous Book Matrix Management Reinvented Book 1 The New Game In Town And This Time, The Focus Is On Leadership In Book 2, Leon Continues To Realize That Restructuring Is Not The Answer As Lisa Walks Him Through The Seven Shifts Leaders Need To Make In Order To Lead Without Authority And Optimize Their Matrix Organizations He Learns That Being Able To Lead Without Authority Is Crucial To Solving Matrix Challenges He Learns That Leaders Must Be Able To Lead In Both Dimensions Of The Matrix Vertical And Horizontal In Order To Effect Changes Their Organizations Need He Learns That Leaders And Professionals Alike Must Recognize Their Individual Sphere Of Control And Empower Each Other Rather Than Compete He Learns To Focus On Success And Learning Rather Than On Failure And Blame.Bottom Line He Learns There Is A Better Way Book 2 The 7 Shifts Needed To Be A Successful Matrix Leader Offers An Easy To Understand Introduction To The Matrix Management 2.0 Operating System As It Applies To Leadership It Pinpoints The Challenges Individual Leaders Must Address And Provides The Reader With The Mindset Needed To Transition From An Outdated Organizational System To A Modern One Join Leon As He Continues To Learn From Lisa How To Lead In A Matrix

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