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Fabled (Fabled Hunters Book 1) Fabled Hunters Are The Protectors Of The Land, Keeping Innocents Safe From Wicked Beasts And Enchantment Every Year The King Hosts A Tournament, Where Warriors And Heroes Gather Together To Test Their Strength And Courage, Each One Hoping To Become A Fabled Hunter Isabelle Has One Goal Win The Tournament And Become The Next Fabled Hunter But When She Meets Jack And Silvan, Isabelle S Life Becomes A Lot Complicated Jack Is Daring, Kind, And Shares Isabelle S Passion For Becoming A Hunter Silvan Is Mysterious, Reserved, And Unbelievably Gorgeous Both Men Have Dark Pasts, And Both Hide Secrets Does Isabelle Have The Determination And Grit It Will Take To Win Who Can She Trust Nothing Is As It Seems In This Fairy Tale World, And Betrayal Has Dire Consequences.

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    New twist on Little Red Riding HoodInteresting twist on red ridding hood befriends a wolf and how Jack Frost came to be Good fantasy quick read.

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    I utterly LOVED this book Can t wait to start the next in the series.

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    This is a good clean YA read about a girl named Isabelle and her journey to become a fabled hunter Her journey causes her to examine herself and challenges her She meets people along the way in circumstances that may remind you of old children s tales She teams up with a wolf and a boy named Jack, to make the long journey I liked most of the characters Isabelle refuses to settle though at times she battles with the idea due to homesickness and friendship Her emotions are all over the place I like Jack, but there are some things about him that cause me to pause Silvan is also a mystery that I am unsure of I liked the flow of the story and felt the pacing was steady There was danger and action throughout Isabelle s travels that helped keep me engaged, along with the story s plot I would have liked to know how her family was faring and how they reacted to her decision to leave There are other things that I am hoping will be answered in the next b...

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    When a young girl s family suffers some bad luck, her dreams of going to Archery Academy are ruined She strikes out on her own and dreams of becoming one the Fabled Hunters of the Kingdom She is joined in her quest by a female wolf and two strange men This is obviously the first book in a series as there are questions that do not get answered in this book But this is not a cliffhanger, it is of a first adventure in a series of interconnected stories As the series continues, charact...

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    This is an interesting read I appreciate books that can use familiar storylines in new and interesting ways While the main storyline is unique, the world seems familiar with references to familiar fairy tales of old I was worried this would become romance than ...

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    I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review.This was a great quick read I loved how Kara Jaynes retold some fairy tales and made this book so likeable I can t wait to read the rest of the series.

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    Fighting for your dreamIsabelle is old enough to get married and settle down or at least get a job but she dreams of using her archery gift and is NOT ready to get married Life takes away the expected path to her dream Archery Academy so she sets off on a journey to achieve it by becoming a fabled hunter Along the way Isabelle meets two men, Silvan and Jack, who create a love triangle in the story but the romance is not overwhelming and the relationships are both vital components to the ongoing action within the story and there is a lot of action this is not just a romance story I enjoyed the many snippets of fairy tales woven into Isabelle s adventures Many of them were altered in creative ways to add to Isabelle s story.I have mixed thoughts about Isabelle herself and the decisions she made throughout the story Was she selfish or not Did she make the right choice at the end of the story I am not sure I don t think so.I definitely want to read book 2 to see where the story goes an...

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    A unique spinning of multiple fairy talesI enjoyed it It took me a while too get into it the number of tales being spun together was a little overwhelming at first but then I began to try to figure out what fairy tale would be next and put the pieces together I especially enjoyed the Snow White angle as well as the epilogue I didn t see that one coming and enjoyed it immensely The love interest between jack and Isabelle developed too quickly for my taste, and she has a lot of growth to do before I can say that I truly like her as a person I will be eager to see how she develops in later books One thing I did struggle with was the witch with the children at the beginning of the story I don t want to give any spoilers, but I personally have a VERY hard time with crimes against children and I felt like thi...

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    Fairy tales meet hunger games.Fabled by Kara Jaynes is a fantasy, set in a world where all the fairy tales happen, but maybe they don t happen exactly the way we ve been told.Isabelle is on a quest to become a fabled Hunter Actually she s just on a quest to avoid the disgusting marriage that her mother wants to arrange for her But a girl needs to work so why not go after the most coveted position in the land.I loved all of the references to Grimm s fairy tales The action was decent and the plot was unpredictable What I didn t like was Isabelle She came across as mostly selfish, with little change in this book She does have some redeeming qualities, kind, well mannered, fights for what she believes in But overall she is very much a child running towards the life she thinks will...

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    This book was a freebie that I downloaded recently I didn t expect much, but it was actually pretty good Isabelle was a smart and strong heroine, and I really liked her I enjoyed seeing her journey from not particularly self assured to confident and capable than she had been SPOILERS AHEADI hate Jack He didn t share the first quest, and then he wouldn t help her get her own Jerk Silvan was interesting, and I think I like him, but he s confusing Hopefully book 2 will clear things up On Isabelle s last action in the tournament Low blow, but effective It took guts, and frankly, I don t mind It was both good and bad, I think, and she ll be harboring some guilt for a little while In book 2, I would like to find out about Si...

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