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Flight or FightReading Flight Or Fight Author Dirk Greyson Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Life In The Big City Wasn T What Mackenzie Mack Redford Expected, And Now He S Come Home To Hartwick County, South Dakota, To Serve As Sheriff.Brantley Calderone Is Looking For A New Life After Leaving New York And Buying A Ranch, He S Settling In And Getting Used To Living At A Different Pace Until He Finds A Dead Woman On His Porch And Himself The Prime Suspect In Her Murder.Mack And Brantley Quickly Realize Several Things Someone Is Trying To Frame Brantley He Is No Longer Safe Alone On His Ranch And There S A Definite Attraction Developing Between Them, One That Only Increases When Mack Offers To Let Brantley Stay In His Home But As Their Romance Escalates, So Does The Killer They Ll Have To Stay One Step Ahead And Figure Out Who Wants Brantley Dead Before It S Too Late Only Then Can They Start The Life They Re Both Seeking Together.

[Reading] ➸ Flight or Fight ➮ Dirk Greyson – Anguillais.us
  • ebook
  • 200 pages
  • Flight or Fight
  • Dirk Greyson
  • English
  • 03 April 2017
  • 9781634777315

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    3.5 stars The MM mystery Flight or Fight is my first exposure to author Dirk Greyson Like many of the novels I have read in this subgenre of romance, the mystery is not terribly convoluted, but it serves its purpose well enough by giving the romantic pairing something extra to challenge it Though the author accomplishes a good balance between the story arcs here, I still found myself scratching my head at times, and not in the way of when a good mystery baffles me Brantley Calderone is the new owner of ranch in rural South Dakota, a setting and life far afield from his high rolling, successful days as a New York City investment manager It s a change he wanted to make, but when he finds his real estate agent shot dead on his front porch a few days after moving in, he wonders whether moving away from the safety of the city was the right choice Mackenzie Mack Redford, the sheriff of Hartwick County, is relieved that it doesn t take him long to rule out Brantley as the prime suspect, as it s never a good thing to be attracted to the man he s investi...

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    3.75 I enjoyed this one It has a good mystery and the story is settled in a ranch Andrew grey s Ranch or farms stories have a soft enviroment that I really like D Low angst and although they fall pretty fast for each other, is not insta it goes deleloping with the story

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    3.5 stars rounded down to 3 stars because still no 1 2 stars here on GR and the audio kinda killed this one for me and not in a good way Who says life s quiet in a small town After things fell apart in New York, Brantley Calderone did what any sane person would do he bought a farm and left the city looking to make a new life for himselfhe just didn t plan on that life including a dead body on his front porch at the end of his first week Nor did he count on it including a sheriff who pushed every hot button he has.When Mack pulled up to the house with the dead body on it and realized that he was interested in the hot and very much alive owner as than just a prime suspect Mack learns in short order that first impression can be wrong and it doesn t take Mack long to figure out that his first impression was deceptive and as events unfold he realizes that not only is Brantley not a suspect, he s a potential victim.I liked Brantley, he was determined not to give in to his fear and run back to New York no matter how tempting the idea became and I can well imagine that having someone try to kill you would be a real motivator to get the hell out of Dodge But when push came to shove Brantley pulled on his big boy pants and held his ground and without fail Mack had his back I might have warmed up to Brantley a little quicker than Mack but that didn t mean that I didn t appreciate Mack I loved that Mack wasn t afraid to let Brantley k...

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    Wof r es sich zu k mpfen lohnt ist eine gelungene Geschichte mit spannendem Krimiplot von Dirk Greyson, alias Andrew Grey Zur Handlung Es ist nicht immer alles so, wie es der erste Anschein vermuten l sst Das muss auch Sheriff Mack Redford erkennen, als er in einem Mordfall ermittelt Denn der Hauptverd chtige beteuert seine Unschuld und hat zudem ein Alibi.Brantley Calderone hat nach einem Misserfolg der Finanzwelt den R cken gekehrt und m chte auf dem Land ein neues Leben als Rancher beginnen Seine Wahl f llt auf Hartwick County Hier hofft er fernab der Gro stadt auf einen Neubeginn Doch daraus scheint nichts zu werden, denn ausgerechnet seine Maklerin liegt nach seinem Einkauf im nahe gelegenen Ort tot auf seiner Veranda Gl cklicherweise kann er den Sheriff, der ihn umgehend verhaften will, von seiner Unschuld berzeugen Bei den nun folgenden Ermittlungen kommen die beiden sich n her und Mack wird imm...

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    4 4,5

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    Now THIS is how you do a murder mystery folks It s rare that an author gets the drop on me I m always figuring it out right away or at least half way But for this one it took me right to the end I literally cheered over the fact I was left stunned I want to bake the author a cake This is such an awesome mystery with great drama and equally fantastic characters Brantley comes to live in South Dakota from New York City to live a dream he s had since he was a kid Mack, the Sheriff, has his first encounter with Brantley when a woman is found dead and Brantley hovering over her It was almost comical actually.Of course Brantley isn t guilty that would be too easy But the whodunit is what was truly brilliant We take this journey with these two and the rest of the town Some near misses for Brantley who finds himself almost killed quite a...

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    4.5 starsBecause of people not pressing charges in domestic cases, in this state it s automatic The police press charges They would automatically put someone in cuffs found hovering over a dead body covered in their blood, not take the cuffs back off because the guy said it was his right If they needed to officially arrest him they would But I ve seen enough true crime cop shows to know they put people in cuffs all the time who aren t necessarily being are ester but who might be a danger to themselves or others or a flight risk when the officers don t have all the info they need at the scene Ooo, used whom correctly We were supposed to meet this evening so I could thank her Then I m surprised she was here as well I wasn t expecting her She may have stopped by to give me something , but I would have expected her to call That makes no sense They were going to meet If they were going to meet later, why would she stop by ...

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    Brantley und Mack sind ein tolles Paar und der Krimi Plot, der sie zusammenf hrt, ist verdammt gut gemacht.Ich habe bis zum Schluss mit beiden ger tselt, wer hinter den verschiedenen Anschl gen auf Brantleys Leben und vor allem hinter dem Mord an seiner Immobilienmaklerin steckt, und obwohl dieser Teil der Story einen gro en Platz einnimmt, kommen die Gef hle und die langsam aufkeimende Liebe zwischen beiden M nnern nicht zu kurz.Dabei steht selbige nicht gerade unter einem guten Stern, denn mit Beziehungen haben sie nicht gerade viel Erfahrung und sie sind beide zudem verdammt misstrauisch in puncto Vertrauen, was ihrer Vergangenheit geschuldet ist Jeder wartet f rmlich darauf, vom anderen verlassen zu werden und das macht es nicht immer leicht f r die zwei, dabei ist praktisch vom ersten Moment an offensichtlich, dass sie aneinander interessiert sind Nur ist Mack leider der Sheriff im Ort und Brantley anfangs soga...

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    Brantley Calderone, ein New Yorker Stadtei, kauft sich eine Ranch in einer kleinen Ortschaft in South Dakota und m chte dort zur Ruhe kommen Nun ja, mit der Ruhe wird wohl nix, immerhin findet er auf seiner Veranda eine tote Frau Mackenzie Mack Redford ist der Sheriff von Hartwick County und untersucht den Mordfall Brantley kann er als Verd chtigen bald ausschlie en, aber anscheinend ist jemand hinter ihm her Aber wer Und warum Ich war von diesem Buch wirklich positiv berrascht Obwohl die Einleitung eher kurz war und man gleich mal in das Geschehen reingeschmissen wurde, konnte man sich doch sehr gut auf Brantley und Mack einlassen Der Krimiplot nimmt einen gro en Anteil der Geschichte ein, aber die Romanze zwischen den beiden kommt dadurch nicht zu kurz Im Gegenteil, sie hilft, dass sich die Beziehung entwickelt Ich habe manchmal Probleme damit, wenn...

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    Originally Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the author publisher for an honest review I ve read this author s other books, and was curious where he was going with a western under this pen name I like his books, no matter which name he publishes under but at first I wondered why this one wasn t under his other name Then I got into the book and realized it is primarily a murder mystery whodunit It is definitely a Dirk story That said, I liked the book, quite a bit in fact I liked the underlying mystery whodunit, but I think time was spent on the whodunit, than on the characters Usually with this author, I have a pretty good image in my head of what his characters look like Not in this one I felt the characters background and descriptions were a little lacking While that didn t necessarily hurt the story, it hurt my connection to the story just a little bit.Let s talk about the story Brantley Calderon was a big time hedge fund manager in Manhattan When his business partner pulled some shady deals and tried to pin it all on Brantley, it didn t stick, but the backlash was enough to topple Brantley from his...

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