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The Door to JanuaryIt S A Nightmare And It S Killing Her.Ever Since Sixteen Year Old Natalie Payson Moved Away From Her Hometown Of Bernier, Maine, She S Had Nightmares And Not Just The Usual Ones These Are Inside Her, Pulling Her, Calling Her Back, Drawing Her To A Door, A House, A Place, A Time Full Of Fear, Full Of Danger So This Summer, Natalie S Going Back To Bernier To Face Up To A Few Things The Reason She Left Town In The First Place, The Boy She S Trying Hard Not To Trust, And The Door In Her Dreams.But Once She Steps Through The Door, Into A Murky Past, She S Entangled In Someone Else S World And Only Natalie Can Help Right The Wrongs Of Both The Past And The Present.

➵ The Door to January Download ➾ Author Gillian French – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 255 pages
  • The Door to January
  • Gillian French
  • English
  • 13 September 2017
  • 9781944762100

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    When I first discovered The Door to January in my mailbox I immediately fell in love with the cover I am always on the lookout for Young Adult novels that are a quick read and don t require a long term investment on my end, and this one fit the bill perfectly The blurb is fairly vague and I wasn t 100% sure what the book would involve, but I was intrigued and excited to have found a story that felt so different than what is being published in the genre today Initially I assumed the book had something to do with ghosts of the past, but I wasn t aware that it was along the lines of a mainstream Sci Fi than a haunting I say this because I found it refreshing and unique as opposed to the same old tale I was expecting you know, the one we ve seen multiple times over for teens Not so here The beginning had a slow start, one that established the setting and characters before jumping into the plot full on I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing and found the characters likable and relatable, people we could root for Because of the slow building suspense and snippets of action, the story is definitely character driven but not boring in the least The aspect of time travel being crafted into such a modern concept through nightmares really hooked my attention sometimes dueling POVs can g...

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    I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to Bookmasters and Edelweiss This was a YA story about a girl suffering from nightmares.Natalie was an okay character, but I found it hard to connect with her.The storyline in this was about Natalie investigating a recurring dream that she was having by visiting the abandoned house where she believed the dream took place She visited this house with her cousin Teddy, and set up a recording device which picked up some odd noises talking, and there seemed to also be some history between Natalie and a local boy called Lowell I didn t really find the story very enga...

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    2.5 StarsSo, not as good as Grit Grit had really great characterization that I felt The Door to January was missing This is also not my typical read which wouldn t make it good or bad on its own, but coupled with a few missing pieces, forced the lean to not as good even further.The Door to January is a paranormal thriller about a girl who cannot escape the town in which she grew up, nor a house that she has a connection to, but can t figure out how or why This story flips between the now and the 1940 s I have to admit that I enjoyed that part the storyline within the 1940 s was compelling but not enough to float the entire book, for me .The premise was pretty creative, but the characters didn t stay with me like I wanted them to Also, the beginning was way tedious than I needed or wanted it to be, and for a pretty little book my copy only had like 190 pages , it seemed way too long for me to be w...

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    It s not easy to write a thriller that keeps a reader on the edge of their seat but Gillian French does it She deftly weaves a story that spans time to deliver authentic young adult characters and a believable nail biting plot in ...

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    The Door to January is a masterfully crafted thriller, with a slow build that makes you question several timelines at once Sound confusing It s not In the capable hands of French, the reader is simultaneously thrust into the conflicts okay, horrors of the present, recent past and historical past These timelines are woven into o...

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    Natalie s family fled Bernier after she and her cousin, Teddy, were attacked at gunpoint by local bullies She had stayed away for three years, but felt a need to return in order to find out about the nightmares that had been plaguing her While back in Bernier, she reunited with her attackers, which awakened memories of that terrifying encounter, while also stumbling upon another mystery involving an abandoned house, which seems to call to her.I really enjoyed this blend of mystery, time traveling, and the paranormal The elements were blended in such a way, that they worked well together At first, I thought this was just going to be about Natalie s nightmares and the house, which slowly divulged pieces of a string of murders that took place in the late 40s But, these were not the only flashes of the past revealed to Natalie She also began seeing snippets from that dreaded day in the woods, which left one of her former friends dead and his murder still unsolved By dropping pieces of both mysteries and weaving them with a little friendship, romance, and confrontation, I wa...

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    The Door To January is part coming of age, part mystery and part ghost story, oooooo Considered a paranormal thriller this book has all of the makings for the perfect ghost story Sixteen year old Natalie Payson is being drawn back to the home town her and her parents fled, after a terrible incident occurred, by a barrage of plaguing nightmares Dangerous and mysterious things are pulling her back to Bernier, Maine, to an abandoned house and disembodied voice which she can no longer ignore Natalie chooses to return, to face up to all of the terrible things she s been trying to forget and to unravel the murky past of a frightening mystery Stepping through the frosted door appears to be the only way that Natalie can right the wrongs of both the past and the present, but will she accomplish all this before it s too late Okay, so right off the bat I have to say that I really enjoyed this book It s an extremely well done YA title that actually shows the characters in a realistic light for their age There have been many YA s tha...

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    The Door to January is a little complicated Natalie is having nightmares about the past She goes back to her hometown to confront the nightmares and to try to make sense of them Through Natalie s dreams and her exploration she finds that her past, the distant past and the present are all linked This story is her path to understand how they are all linked and to clear up a couple of mysteries in the process.The ending of the book is interesting with the final sentence being one that makes you pause and reread it a couple of times It leaves the door open see what I did there to a sequel.If you like a quick read, that delivers on the mystery, but isn t extremely complex gives this a try If there were a sequel, I would rea...

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    Great mystery and ghost story Must read

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    The Door to January did not give me the thrills I was hoping for.Natalie has nightmares about a traumatic event that happened two years ago The nightmares aren t only about this event they are pulling her towards an old abandoned house in the town where she used to live She feels compelled to go back to her old town for the summer and face her fears She is staying with her aunt and her cousin, Teddy Teddy is the only one who knows the real reason Natalie has returned.Natalie and Teddy visit the old house and set up a recorder Weird things begin to happen There are really three POVs in The Door to January We get Natalie s normal POV but also her dreams which are in italics and then she goes back in time for another POV These sections from the past, where she is seeing the old inhabitants of the house, were not formatted correctly in the eARC I m sure that will be better in the final copy The story lines all mesh together the past, the dreams, and the present to an exciting conclusion.It s hard to put my finger on why The Door to January just didn t do it for me I never felt much suspense or many thrills I liked the premise and the way things from the past were slowly revealed But it just wasn t believable to me I think maybe the story needed depth It is very short, and things happened quickly In this case, maybe a little too quickly Natalie seemed to take things very much in stride She should have been freaking o...

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