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Landscaper in Paradise (The Landscaper Series, #4) Read Landscaper In Paradise The Landscaper Series, 4 By Robin Stone Oknalubliniec.eu He Bared His Soul And They Gave Him Paradise.Kyle S Addicted To The Mind Blowing Sex He Has With Tracy And Eric Dawson, Spending Nights In Their Bed And Weekends In Their Guest House He S No Longer The Hired Help, But An Equal Partner In The Relationship.Kyle Joins The Dawsons On Their Winter Vacation To Hawaii He Learns About Their Past, And The Threesome Find New Heights Of Pleasure In The Sultry Setting But When Tracy Bursts Into Tears And Eric Shares His Doubts About The Relationship, Kyle Is Thrown Into A Tailspin Can They Resolve Their Differences And Stay Together Forever This A 26,000 Word Story, And The Final Searing Chapter In The Landscaper Series.

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    4.5 In Love StarsThis book should come with batteries I have been so anxiously awaiting this final installment that I started it immediately after hit my Kindle And it did not disappoint While I thought Robin Stone couldn t write a hotter sex scene, I was wrong Because Eric and Kyle fans self The three lovers, Eric, Kyle and Tracey, are on their Hawaiian vacation And as with any relationship, there are obstacles that have to be overcome And while Kyle and Tracey and Tracey and Eric have worked out their issues together, the time as come where it s obvious they have to be able to work it out between Eric and Kyle and then between all three Relationships are hard enough but adding a third person to the mix creates unique challenges both at home and in public And this vacation tests their resolve and their love for each other By the end of their time together on the beaches of Hawaii, they ll have to determine if they re meant to be.The opening scene immediately drew me back into the threesome s fold and it never let up I easily went from fanning myself during their sexy times and then holding my breath that they could work out their differences I loved the realistic approach Robin took Reality is harsh for people who live differently and I adored that she took their story there I also have to be honest and admit that I may have read the MM scenes between Eric and Kyle than once This novella series is the perfect quick read Robin Stone...

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review.Kyle is headed to Hawaii for a week with Tracy and Eric He can t wait to see where this relationship goes After telling Tracy that he loves her and she told him she loves him, his feelings for Eric is getting stronger but can he tell him how he really feels As Eric and Kyle grow closer, there seems to be some doubt with all three about the relationship Kyle feels as if they will end things with him Eric and Tracy seem to be keeping things to themselves but is it what Kyle thinks Are the three getting closer or will this threesome destroy them all Will the week end the way Kyle hopes it will I enjoyed this series from the very first page a...

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    What a fabulous way to conclude a terrific seriesKyle Tracy and Eric are a magnificent HEA menage story Beautifully crafted storyGreat plotFantastic endingThank you RobinAnother 5 Stars

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads The final in a quartet, this is a really sexy set of stories You need to read them in order, as they follow one from the other.Kyle has admitted he is in love with Tracy, as she is in return, but although he is also in love with her husband Eric, he hasn t plucked up the nerve to tell him A holiday in Hawaii may just help him be honest about his feelings, but what can the future hold This series is told from Kyle s point of view at all times It is an interesting choice, as it keeps the reader perpetually on edge, as knowledge about the feelings of Eric and Tracy are not known, are not certain It is a much realistic experience in some ways, but rare in romances these days, As K...

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Landscaper in Paradise is the final installment in this series Kyle, Tracy and Eric take off for the winter vacation to Hawaii Throughout the series there has been explosive sexual tension between Eric and Kyle, being in Hawaii has that tension exploding Feelings, their unconventional relationship and love are discussed in this series finale There sex scenes a...

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the most satisfying conclusion to a series that I ve ever read Kyle, Tracy and Eric embark on the trip to Hawaii where the sexual tension between Eric and Kyle hit its apex and love and lust explode between them Realizing that he cannot kee...

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    Hot hot hot the whole series was delicious, but this book Wow Sexy, hot, steamy Well worth the purchase And definitely makes me want to read from this author I was hooked on book number 1, but book number 4 surpassed even the first one Loved

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    Great, sexy read Yummy

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    This was a great series Eric took it very slow to get Kyle to move past BJ s hand jobs The vacation to Hawaii was the perfect setting to get everyone on the same page The sex was smoking hot You got to see that a poly relationship does come with it jealousy moments as well as insecurities Also, a lot of menage books make it seem so effortless when three people come together and have sex It takes concentration and coordination These are real life issues There are a lot of obstacles to hurtle to make the relationship work, its not all sunshine daisies The ending was perfect even made me tear up Even after they told each...

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    NOTICE ARC provided in exchange for an honest review I love Robin Stone s Landscaper Series, and Landscaper in Paradise is the perfect ending to the hottest menage romance ever Eric and Tracy Dawson, along with hunky landscaper Kyle, are heading out to share some sun and erotic fun in Hawaii Tracy and Eric are married, and in love Tr...

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