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ヒカルの碁 13、プロ第一戦A Normal Sixth Grader Who Finds Himself Dealing With A Centuries Old Ghost And A Board Game That S Even Older.Hikaru And Sai Are Both Scheduled For Matches With Their Greatest Rivals Akira Toya And His Father, Toya Meijin How Will Sai Play Without Revealing His Secret Identity And Will Akira S Father Stand In The Way Of Hikaru S Long Anticipated Rematch With His Son The Suspense Is Getting Unbearable After Stumbling Across A Haunted Go Board, Irresponsible Hikaru Shindo Discovers That The Spirit Of A Master Player Has Taken Up Residence In His Consciousness In His Pursuit Of The Divine Move, Fujiwara No Sai Awakens In Hikaru An Untapped Genius For The Game, And Soon The Schoolboy Is Chasing His Own Dream Defeating The Famed Go Prodigy Akira Toya

[Download] ➽ ヒカルの碁 13、プロ第一戦 Author Yumi Hotta – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 195 pages
  • ヒカルの碁 13、プロ第一戦
  • Yumi Hotta
  • English
  • 12 August 2018
  • 9781421515090

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    Now that Hikaru is a professional go player, his first pro game is against drum roll his long time rival, Akira Toyo.And I am knocking a whole star off for the heavy handed plot device of having Akira s father, Toyo Meijin, have a heart attack just before the game I mean, are you really going to do this until the last volume, Hotta Just how many times can you postpone the big grudge matches that the series has been building towards So, now that the Meijin is in the hospital, he is playing a little Internet go to occupy his time Hikaru finds out, and arranges a game with Sai, who has been begging for a chance to play the Meijin again since they first met.After some negotiating, Meijin agrees So we actually commence one of those epic battles the series has been building towards Fujiwara no Sai vs Toyo Koya Meijin And with the mysterious Sai back o...

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    So I am reviewing this for a number of volumes up to like 19 I just chose this one randomly and I will not say and spoiler s First off I started reading this series because I was bored at the time When I first read it I had no idea Go was an actual game later to find out my school had a club for it And began my love of this series and the game I found so far what I hav...

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    Great suspense in this one Really grabbed me.

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    The tankobon opens with Hikaru Shindo s Pro Ceremony, where despite reaching equal status within the Go World, Akira Toya refuses to acknowledge Shindo s presence, which enrages Shindo to no end Toya s aloofness was not without reason What Shindo didn t know, what he would find out, was that his very first professional game was with drum rolls Akira Toya Finally After twelve tankobon and a little over one hundred chapters they re going to play a game Toya Akira, 2 Dan vs Hikaru Shindo, 1 Dan in the grunge match of the millennium The match that would go down in history as the best game ever Well it might have had Toya shown up Apparently, just as Toya was about to leave, his father Toya Meijin, collapsed and was rushed to hospital.After much pestering from Sai, Shindo decided to visit Toya Meijin in the hospital to quell Sai s anxiety While there he noticed that the Meijin was playing Go online Remembering the promise he made to Sai, he orchestrated a game for him.At first the Meijin was reluctant to play Sai, because he ...

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    Hikaru learns that he s going to be taking part in the Oteai, the rank promotion tournament, and his first opponent is Akira Unfortunately, view spoiler Akira has to forfeit his dad, the Meijin, had a heart attack Toya Meijin recovers enough to win his last match against Ogata Then he keeps a promise to Hikaru to play against Sai online, even though he believes that Sai s decision to only play online is cowardly he ...

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    Pretty great board game manga, Really liked the story and the art was really nice

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    4.75 stars

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    Not a bad manga, just not my favorite.

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    Yumi Hotta, Hikaru no Go, vol 13 First Professional Match ViZ, 1998 If you re at all surprised by the identity of the character Hikaru is slated to play in his first professional match, power to you What DOES come as a surprise is what happens after Hikaru gets to the match which leads to an outcome no one could have seen coming It can t really be considered a spoiler ...

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