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Bad Teddy Bear Down And Dirty Sex That S The Name Of The Game For Theodore West They Still Call Him Bear, Even Though His Days In Pro Ball Are Over Plenty Of Men Are Still Anxious To Be Topped By The Bear And He S Happy To Oblige As Long As His Partner Understands The Rules No Strings And No Repeats Bear Could Win An Academy Award For His Alpha Player Performance, But In Reality, He D Love To Give Up Control He S A Big Man Who Likes The Idea Of Being Topped By A Twink In College, He Found The Perfect Lover, But He Dumped Him Rather Than Risk Tarnishing His Image When Finn Shows Up, He Turns Bear S World Upside Down But, Can The Bad Teddy Bear Finally Accept His Submissive Side

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    3.5 Stars Anybody who knows me will understand that I couldn t possibly skip a book with this title Certainly not after reading the blurb and seeing that a great big bear just wanted someone to top him Yeah, that scenario will get me every time Hands down No questions asked.Bear is an ex pro football player who ruined his knees and now works as a bouncer for a club For him sex is a bodily necessity, like eating or sleeping, and there are definitely no emotions involved He picks up guys, let s them know the deal, screws them, and leaves He lives with his dad who is older and needs help, and that s the extent of Bear s life That and his constant game of what if he plays with himself in regards to his lost chance at greatness And the loneliness he denies.Finn is the bartender at the club and he s exactly Bear s type a red headed twink Too bad Finn doesn t remember the one time they had sex back before Finn started working there , or does he It was in college after all Oh, Finn remembers all right and he s been hoping for a repeat but Bear keeps playing dumb so Finn is just about at the end of his patience and ready to pounce Most of the guys look at Finn and see a bottom Only Bear knows the truth and vice versa.As usual I wished this was longer I could have definitely spent time reading about Bear and Finn Plus their sex was steamy A great short story that is easy, fun, sexy, w...

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    Professional athletes who happen to be gay do not have an easy life, believe or are told to hide their sexuality for the good of the team , and sometimes this need to stay in the closet continues even after their professional career ends.This is the case with Bear He has perfected the art of the one night stand because he does not want the emotional entanglements that might follow with a relationship He also still fears his father s judgment, and he is afraid to admit he wants to submit Quite the list that made it clear why he is not exactly happy When Finn, the one man he encountered in college who topped him, suddenly reappears in Bear s life, what Bear wants is suddenly up for a thorough rethink.If you re loo...

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    Very nice, a real shame that it s so short charming characters.

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    Sexy and sweet short read.

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    Gale Stanley brings the heat to M M romance In Bad Teddy Bear, we met the all American, next to perfect athlete, known as Bear He s toned, he s hot and he shies away from repeats He s in it for immediate gratification and wants no after shock In the world of professional athletes, his status is taboo Enter Fin, the bartender who captures his affections He s had Fin before, but a reunion makes Bear have second thoughts about relationships.This is a ...

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    Bear has been hiding his secret desires for years He s only let his guard down around Finn and he was able to ask Finn for what he needed The two had only one night two years ago, but neither one of them has forgotten the other They are both working at the same club for a while, but they pretty much avoid each other After an unfortunate event, Bear is asked to ta...

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    Gotta love it when the stereotypical norms are thrown out, I love when the person who has control isn t who you think it d be Hot little read

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    This could ve been a 5 star read if there had been MORE to read pI thought Finn and Bear were adorable together although I did have a huge issue view spoiler with Finn s miraculous recovery time from the date rape drug hide spoiler

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    Whoa, this is a very well written erotic gay romance that surprises Excellent beginning that not only sizzles but tells the reader loads about Bear There s something edgy and real about Gale Stanley s writing that always impresses me.The character Bear is a hunky stud determined to protect his image as a player Then from out of the blue a man from his past shows up and all bets are off The chemistry between these two is off the charts They are such...

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    Bear used to be a jock and he still thinks he has to look like a real macho man But in reality he d like someone else to take control, especially someone smaller The right man shows up but he can t give in Great chemistry between these two Loved it

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