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Zen and Gone Born And Raised In Boulder, Colorado, Essence McKree Feels Older Than Any Seventeen Year Old She Knows Ever Since Weed Was Legalized, Mom Has Been Working In A Pot Shop, High Often Than Not Lately It S Been Up To Essa To Care For Her Nine Year Old Sister, Puck.When Essa Meets Oliver A Brainy Indoor Type, In Town For The Summer She Is Cautious At First, Distrustful Of The Tourist Crowd And Suspicious Of Oliver S Mysterious Past In Chicago But Puck Is Charmed And Pushes Essa Toward Him Soon Essa Finds Herself Showing Oliver The Boulder She Has Forgotten The Mountain Parties, The Long Hikes And At Oliver S Urging, The Exploration Of Buddhism At The Local Zendo.When Oliver Agrees To Accompany Essa On A Three Day Survival Game In The Rocky Mountains, She Feels A Lightness She Hasn T Known In A Long Time Then She Discovers That Puck Has Stowed Away And Followed Them Into The Wilderness After Spending A Night Stuck In A Mountain Storm, Essa Wakes To Find Puck Missing Now Essa Must Rely On Her Newfound Spiritual Strength If She Is To Save Her Sister S Life, And Ultimately Her Own.

➷ Zen and Gone  Free ➭ Author Emily France – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 345 pages
  • Zen and Gone
  • Emily France
  • English
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9781616958572

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    DNF 40%Nope I don t want to see a book about weed I don t want to see another romance contemporary I don t care if you go out and you lose your sister because you are basically an irresponsible brat teen whose only focus is her boyfriend N O P E.

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    Emily France s sopho novel, ZEN AND GONE, is a multi perspective story that looks to explore the relations we share with each other and the world around us At 17 years old, Essence McKree has learned to become a mother figure to her younger sister, Puck With weed legalized in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, Essence s mother spends much of her time high, obtaining marijuana from the pot shop where she works This reality forces Essa to live a very strict lifestyle no drinking, no drugs and certainly no dating until Oliver from Chicago shows up in Boulder for the summer In order to introduce Oliver to life in her small town, Essa takes him along on a three day survival game in the Rocky Mountains To Essa s horror, Puck has stowed away and joined them on their adventure After spending the night in the mountains stuck in a storm, Essa awakes to realize that Puck is missing It is now up to her to find her sister and save her life.I absolutely adore Emily France s novels because they look to discuss topics unexplored within the young adult genre in a fascinating and unique manner ZEN and GONE dives deeply into the culture and spirituality of Buddhism, which plays prominently into the development of Essence s character I love the way that France uses key tenets of Buddhism to tie ...

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    I loved every moment of Zen and Gone A lovely, chiming tale with it s root in Buddhist philosophy, Zen and Gone is a tale of two young people finding themselves inside of discovering each other Set in a very realistic Boulder, Zen and Gone reaches out to explore material not normally covered in YA parents who smoke weed, a hippie town, kites stores, camping groups, and deep philosophical conversations, but it also goes places that you want a YA book to go kissing, crushes, coming of age journeys and discovering who you are in context of your family France excels at character creation both Essa and Oliver are fully dr...

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    3.5 StarsAuthor Emily France s Zen and Gone evolves around Essa Essence McKree, a parentified teen who is struggling to manage her mother s health problems and care for her much loved younger sister, Puck Puck is an endearing and clever child, frustrated by her mother s lack of engagement Their mother has managed to date half of Boulder, Colorado from their perspective and is now dating a new guy, Ronnie, who has thoughts of uprooting them and moving to Oregon in a mobile home Thus, Essa and Puck are struggling to deal with their deteriorating family situation in the face of their mother s addiction Buddhism offers them solace and is the thread woven through this book Some aspects of this story, especially the poignancy of Puck s reliance on Essa and need to feel included are so well done But as we know from the opening chapter, Puck has disappeared when Essa and some of her friends go camping in the wilderness and Puck tagged along as a stowaway Essa s worry for her missing sister and guilt about what may have happened to her form a good portion of the book.While I liked the idea of the Zazen practice and the Four Noble Truths Eight Fold Path used as a coping mechanism, I just didn t feel it was smoothly integrated into the lives of the teens and Puck The tenets of Buddhism were overlaid on the plot...

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    Essa had to assume the role of grown up way before her time She had been able to maintain her sanity via orienteering and Zen Buddhism, but will she be able to keep from cracking under all the pressure, when her sister goes missing Pro Justifiably angsty and super deep, Essa had a lot on her plate At 17, she had to be the parent to both her pot head mother and her little sister, Puck I admired her devotion to her little sister, as well as resistance to drugs and alcohol as a means of escape Pro Essa escapes were so much cooler She utilized Zen Buddhism and wilderness treks to liberate herself, temporarily, from her everyday obligations I know very little about Buddhism, therefore, all that was really interesting, and it s always great to visit the great outdoors, especially the majestic Rocky Mountains Con I had some small issues with Puck I thought she was kind of manipulative, and sort of unfair to Essa, but I gave her a little leeway because of her age Pro I am a fan of the writing France did a fantastic job conveying the complex emotions of both Essa and Oliver She also lured me fu...

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    Goodreads Synopsis Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Essence McKree feels older than any seventeen year old she knows Ever since weed was legalized, Mom has been working in a pot shop, high often than not Lately it s been up to Essa to care for her nine year old sister, Puck.When Essa meets Oliver a brainy indoor type, in town for the summer she is cautious at first, distrustful of the tourist crowd and suspicious of Oliver s mysterious past in Chicago But Puck is charmed and pushes Essa toward him Soon Essa finds herself showing Oliver the Boulder she has forgotten the mountain parties, the long hikes and at Oliver s urging, the exploration of Buddhism at the local zendo.When Oliver agrees to accompany Essa on a three day survival game in the Rocky Mountains, she feels a lightness she hasn t known in a long time Then she discovers that Puck has stowed away and followed them into the wilderness After spending a night stuck in a mountain storm, Essa wakes to find Puck missing Now Essa must rely on her newfound spiritual strengt...

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    Essa may still be in high school, but she s the breadwinner and most reliable person in the family Her mom can barely keep a job, is in and out of relationships, smokes pot and drinks alcohol, and lives in her own fantasy land 24 7 That leaves Essa to watch over her little sister Puck who is a wild child in a carefree sense When new guy Oliver moves into town and gets a job at the kite shop where Essa works, Essa slowly begins to form a bond with him over a similar fear for their sisters It isn t until Essa and her friends go on a hike that they realize Puck has tagged alone, and during the middle of the night, Essa s fear for her sister comes true.I liked this story at first The Zen incorporation captured my attention as well as the whimsical town of Boulder surrounded by miles of mountains and forests Even the descriptions of stores had a magical feel to it The landscape was golden, but the characters on the other hand were a disappointment.At first, I felt an attachment to Essa and understood her fears and frustrations with taking care of her mom and sister But then Oliver entered the picture and Essa acted completely different from his point of view This story was in third person and alternated between Essa and Oliver, and every time Oliver took over, we were introduced to a new Essa than the one before P...

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    I enjoyed the Buddhism aspects of the book It definitely made things interesting I liked that the novel was told from different points of view This allowed me to feel like I knew the characters a bit better The beginning of the book really grabbed my attention and I kept reading to find out h...

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    I liked this book I really enjoyed the detail that was put into all of the different scenes in this book, and the KITES I d probably recommend for the older teen who enjoys mild adventure novels with a little teen romance thrown in I will note the use of marijuana in the b...

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    A good YA novel about a caretaker teen who takes care of her younger sister because their mother is doing drugs Enter another teen who could not cure his sister s chronic illness and we ve got a story Some readers might feel there is...

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