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Mermaid Tales Dive Into This Fully Illustrated Enchanting Collection Of Mermaid Stories Mermaid Legends Have Existed For Centuries, And Are Popular In Hundreds Of Cultures Fairytalez Has Gathered Tales Of Mermaids From Around The World, With Classics Such As The Little Mermaid, The Girl Fish, The Golden Mermaid, And Much With Tales Of Mermaids From France, Germany, China And Many Other Locations, It S A Treasury Of Mermaid Lore The Book Has 15 Stories By Hans Christen Andersen, Andrew Lang, And Other Storytellers And Than 40 Illustrations Illustrators Include Jennie Harbour, Helen Stratton, And Henry J Ford List Of Stories, Including Author Editor And Origin The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Anders, Denmark The Golden Mermaid, Andrew Lang, Germany The Good Ferryman And The Water Nymphs, Maude Ashurt Biggs, Poland The Mermaid Wife, Maude Ashurt Biggs, Scotland The Girl Fish, Andrew Lang, Spain The Mermaid And The Boy, Andrew Lang, Sami Ne Hwas, The Mermaid, Charles G Leland, Native American The Mermaid, Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, Estonia The Girl And The Fish, George Webbe Dasent, Norse The Mermaid S Child, Abbie Farwell Brown, North America The Mermaid Of Knockdolion, George Douglas, Scotland Lutey And The Mermaid, Mabel Quiller Couch, Cornwall Melusina, Sabine Baring Gould, France The Princess Of The Tung T Ing Lake, Herbet A Giles, China The Story Of Tremsin, The Bird Zhar And Natasia, The Lovely Maid Of The Sea, Robert Nisbet Bain, Slavic Region

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