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Like a Love StoryLike A Love Story Ebook Author Abdi Nazemian Contra Saustall.eu It S 1989 In New York City, And For Three Teens, The World Is Changing.Reza Is An Iranian Boy Who Has Just Moved To The City With His Mother To Live With His Stepfather And Stepbrother He S Terrified That Someone Will Guess The Truth He Can Barely Acknowledge About Himself Reza Knows He S Gay, But All He Knows Of Gay Life Are The Media S Images Of Men Dying Of AIDS.Judy Is An Aspiring Fashion Designer Who Worships Her Uncle Stephen, A Gay Man With AIDS Who Devotes His Time To Activism As A Member Of ACT UP Judy Has Never Imagined Finding Romanceuntil She Falls For Reza And They Start Dating.Art Is Judy S Best Friend, Their School S Only Out And Proud Teen He Ll Never Be Who His Conservative Parents Want Him To Be, So He Rebels By Documenting The AIDS Crisis Through His Photographs.As Reza And Art Grow Closer, Reza Struggles To Find A Way Out Of His Deception That Won T Break Judy S Heart And Destroy The Most Meaningful Friendship He S Ever Known.

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    Like a Love Story is the kind of book I wish I read as a teen when I was still navigating the pathways of my sexuality and needed the kindness of a friend who sits with you in comfort by the fire and can t change what s wrong but reminds you that you re not alone When I finished this book, I felt somehow at once endlessly heavy and weightless My chest still trills with something I cannot quite name Recognition, and sorrow, and hope all at once The whole world still feels shaped around this story, a warm welcoming place ready to receive me, whenever I longed to open the book and run my fingers under the words, feeling for the hope I will always find sheltered there So, what s this book about It s 1989, at the height of the AIDS crisis, and Reza is an Iranian closeted teen who s moved to New York from Toronto by way of Tehran, and is living with his mother and new stepfather and stepbrother.Reza did not want to die of AIDS the desire to not die has never been so searing Dark images of men pierced by the illness tore at him, and every nightmare that shook him carried the same subliminal four letter warning The fear sloshe...

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    Wow, this book hit very close to home for me.It s 1989 in New York City Reza has just moved with his mother to live with his wealthy new stepfather and stepbrother, and attend his final year of high school He knows he likes boys but all he sees in the media are images of people dying of AIDS, so he knows he has to keep his true self hidden.Judy has always been her own person, an aspiring fashion designer with a bold sense of style She spends all of her spare time with her best friend, Art, and her uncle, Stephen, who is dying of AIDS and is a prominent member of ACT UP The one thing Judy wants to find is love, but she doubts she ll ever find anyone to love her for who she is.Art is out and proud, a talented photographer who tries to put the constant bullying of his peers and the disdain of his parents behind him He documents the work of the ACT UP activists through his photographs Stephen is his role model, and he spends so much time learning from him Art wants to find someone to love him, but love and sex in the midst of so much uncertainty around AIDS frightens him.Reza and Judy start dating, and Art feels like a third wheel But Art and Reza are drawn to each other Reza tries desperately to fight his attraction to Art, because he doesn t want t...

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    Could YA books with queer characters of color be any iconic I loved Like a Love Story and I m so happy it exists, alongside books like Benjamin Alire Saenz s Ari and Dante and Kelly Loy Gilbert s Picture Us in the Light and What sets this novel apart from other similarly fantastic YA reads is its masterful portrayal of the 1980s AIDS epidemic and the activism of that era The novel follows Reza, a closeted Iranian teen, Art, the out and proud guy Reza falls for, and Judy, Art s best friend who excels at fashion design Toward the beginning of the book, Reza dates Judy to conceal his sexuality When this arrangement unravels the three must deal with the fallout, of Reza s sexuality, of Art and Judy s friendship, and .Abdi Nazemian tackles so much in Like a Love Story and grounds it all in history so well The fear Reza experiences about contracting AIDS and dying, Art and Judy s uncle Stephen s activism with ACT UP, the characters love for Madonna Nazemian shows how the historical oppression of queer people affects his characters in intimate and powerful ways He honors so many complex, important topics like coming out as a person of color, what happens when a friend betrays you, death and grief, and He writes in a palatable, straightforward way that still gives space for...

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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas Gaga yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.

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    wowowowow, this is one of those stories that hollows you out completely and then makes you whole again it s a love letter to the queer community, and to past queer activists who have paved the way for all of us to live better lives today I can t think of a better read heading into pride month.

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    LIKE A LOVE STORY is a little like a love story, really But in the sense of love for oneself, one s body, and one s community I think it did a really good job of that, particularly when propped up against the setting, but when it comes to the love story, the romance, within the book. it kinda failed And by kinda I mean really.Nazemian s story takes place on the cusp of the nineties, in 1989, and is set against the AIDS crisis Not as a backdrop but as a very real threat and very present player for our three protagonists Art is out and proud and angry His best friend, Judy, has an uncle dying of AIDS And the new kid, originally from Iran, is Reza someone both friends fall for but who, despite initially dating Judy, is closeted I knew this wouldn t be an easy story but I knew it would be an important one It was a frightening time and is made even terrifying when held up against the current social and political climate Addressing the bigotry and the homophobia was all very visceral and awful but well done I felt like I was living it Where the fear of touch, of being touched, infected every interaction Where not subscribing to white, heteronormative, ideals made you worthy of hate or...

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    Truly one of the best books I ve read all year, Like a Love Story has the potential for wide appeal, but perhaps its greatest strength is how unflinchingly queer it is Abdi Nazemian writes a book that could be and honestly should be read by everyone, but it is above all a love letter to queer youth and anyone who ever was a queer youth.It s a history lesson about what it was like to be queer in the late 80s and early 90s, the way AIDS put a dark fearful cloud on so many human beings as they were coming of age But while well researched, this is fiction and it has a lovely fairy tale vibe without every losing any gritty human emotion.Here s a passage I adore Us All of us What we did Our history Who we are They won t teach it in schools They don t want us to have a history They don t see us They don t know we are another country, with invisible borders, that we are a people You have to make them see You have to remember it And to share it Please Time passes, and people forget Don t let them Music particularly Madonna plays a huge role in the novel, and the scene when the characters go to a Madonna concert is one of the greatest scenes in the book, IMO It actually moved me to tears as I thought about the first Tori Amos concerts I went to and how I felt so SEEN and LOVED during those shows You can just tell that Nazemian has truly ...

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    I feel like I fought and I loved and I lived through these dynamic, flawed characters.I feel like crying.I feel like loving and loving and loving Like a Love Story gifts us every shade of the emotional rainbow.

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