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Never Look Back Reminiscent Of The Bestsellers Of Laura Lippman And Harlan Coben With A Serial Esque Podcast Twist An Absorbing, Addictive Tale Of Psychological Suspense From The Author Of The Highly Acclaimed And Edgar Award Nominated What Remains Of Me And The USA Today Bestselling And Shamus Award Winning Brenna Spector Series.When Website Columnist Robin Diamond Is Contacted By True Crime Podcast Producer Quentin Garrison, She Assumes It S A Business Matter It S Not Quentin S Podcast, Closure, Focuses On A Series Of Murders In The 1970s, Committed By Teen Couple April Cooper And Gabriel LeRoy It Seems That Quentin Has Reason To Believe Robin S Own Mother May Be Intimately Connected With The Killings.Robin Thinks Quentin S Claim Is Absolutely Absurd But Is It The She Researches The Cooper LeRoy Murders Herself, The Disturbed She Becomes By What She Finds Living Just A Few Blocks From Her, Robin S Beloved Parents Are The One Absolute She S Always Been Able To Rely Upon, Especially Now Amid Rising Doubts About Her Husband And Frequent Threats From Internet Trolls She Knows Her Mother Better Than Anyone Or So She Believes But All That Changes When, In An Apparent Home Invasion, Robin S Father Is Killed And Her Mother S Life Hangs In The Balance.Told Through The Eyes Of Robin, Podcaster Quentin, And A Series Of Letters Written By Fifteen Year Old April Cooper At The Time Of The Killings, Never Look Back Asks The Question How Well Do We Really Know Our Parents, Our Partners And Ourselves

!!> BOOKS ✸ Never Look Back  ✮ Author Alison Gaylin – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Never Look Back
  • Alison Gaylin
  • 27 May 2018
  • 9780062844545

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    I loved If I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin and was really excited when I got my hands on this one There might have been some dancing going on After reading Never Look Back there was definitely some dancing going on with my Traveling Sister Kim who read this one with me We both really enjoyed this one Never Look Back is a fast paced, fun twisty and action packed story that had me on the edge of my seat trying to piece together how everyone was connected to our teenage couple serial killers here in this story Alison Gaylin delivers quite the fun entertaining read here with each twist to the story as she delves into each character s psyche The story does have a predictable feel to it right from the start however Alison Gaylin has a way with those well plotted twists that kept it feeling exciting Each twist kept me guessing and doubting ever...

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    Five Stars all the Way In June 1976, teenage couple, April Cooper and Gabriel LeRoy went on a 13 day killing spree in California, ending in them both perishing in a fire Quentin Garrison is working on a podcast called Closure, based on the idea that even though the murders occurred than forty years ago they still impact the lives of the survivors and their descendants And, Quentin is one of them his aunt was one of the victims Film columnist, Robin Diamond receives a strange phone call from Quentin He s been contacted by a man claiming to have recognised her mother, Renee, from a Mother s Day video Robin posted for her column The witness is convinced that Renee is April Cooper, that he knew her personally after she was presumed dead in a fire Robin dismisses the notion as preposterous, but soon after her parents are victims of a home invasion Could Renee Diamond really be notorious serial killer April Cooper Quentin and Robin each conduct their own investigations, determined to get to the truth But doing so, will place their own lives in danger.Tense, horrifying, fast paced, and emotionally affecting, I quickly devoured this psychological suspenseful read There were twists aplenty, and they keep on coming until the last page Protagonists, Quinten and Robin, narrated the present, with the 1976 events unfolding via chilling, journal style, Letters to my Future Child , written by April Cooper The opening pages, April s first entry...

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    Wow Just flipping wow This book captivated me from the very first page and never let up Sometimes a book starts out with a bang and you think that surely the author will not be able to keep up that type of intensity all the way through the book, well this one does This book was not on my radar and yet it is one of the best I have read so far this year How well do you know those closest to you Perhaps you think you know everything about your loved ones, but you may be surprised Everyone has their secrets, but just how dark are they The 1970 s string of grisly murders by a Bonnie and Clyde type couple April Cooper and Gabriel LeRoy were the furthest thing from Robin s mind She wasn t even born yet and why would she have any concern with the so called Inland Empire Killers 40 years later they are all she can think about Every single waking moment she thinks about them.Quentin Garrish has a popular true crime podcast and he has reason to believe that Robin s mother Renee may in fact have a connection with the killing spree Even though April and Gabriel have been long gone for 40 years after they met their demise in a fire, Quentin is determined to convince Robin that her living mother Renee is deeply involved.Talk about not being able to put a book down This book had so many dar...

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    Alison Gaylin, you are an amazing writer Kudos to writing such a beautifully told mystery thriller Never Look Back is a fun, dark, ride In the same vein as the podcast Serial or the Six Stories series by Matt Wesolowski, we are taken on a podcaster s journey to find the truth Quentin Garrison has begun producing his podcast, Closure, where it will center around murderous couple April Cooper and Gabriel LeRoy a duo that invoked multiple murders during the 1970s, including April s own father Without giving much away, Quentin and his partner Summer investigate the murder closely and he stumbles over mysterious footage linking the murders to another woman a woman still alive to this day to these crimes Quentin reaches out to Robin Diamond, daughter of this mysterious woman, to find out information linking the puzzle pieces of this mystery together Robin is hesitant to believe Quentin at first, but as the story begins to unravel, Robin can t help but see similarities What Quentin and Robin are about to uncover will shock everyone Never Look Back is definitely one of the best told mysteries that I ve read this year I was completely gripped from the first chapter, and I couldn t put this book down I really enjoyed reading Quentin and R...

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    I became a huge fan of Alison Gaylin s when I read her novel What Remains of Me, my adoration only grew when I read If I Die Tonight and now, Never Look Back has turned me into a raving super fan Gaylin does an excellent job of driving the plot, creating true suspense and tension and not meandering from the story at hand Told in dual timelines, we learn about teenage murderers April Cooper and Gabriel LeRoy, via April s journal In present day, we learn that podcast host Quentin Garrison thinks Cooper may be alive and seeks out the truth, bringing us to chapters with Robin Diamond, a celebrity pop culture columnist Each perspe...

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    Talk about complex family dynamics After finishing, my head is still reeling and I need an index of all the characters While I did have most of the story figured out I still managed to stay engaged the entire way through I think that says a lot about the strength of writing and I m officially a fan of Gaylin s Those that enjoy podcasts like Serial will have a good time with this story Inspired by a 1950s vigilante couple its a look at...

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    To be reviewed over at Fresh Fiction

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    2.5 stars Another true crime podcast book that doesn t really have much to do with the true crime podcast phenomenon While it doesn t have transcriptions of a podcast phew it does have a much worse and completely unnecessary device that continues throughout the book The jumping between characters seemed to be methodical at first but gets too sporadic by the end Generally, a lot of the pieces here felt to me like they d been wedged together and forced to fit rather than...

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    I won a copy of this in a Goodreads giveaway.Quentin is a podcaster working on a his latest podcast called Closure and it is intensely personal He is the son of someone affected by the Inland Empire Killers April Cooper and Gabriel LeRoy When he stumbles on some proof that April might still be alive he goes to investigate it.When Robin is contacted by Quentin she thinks he is crazy, but he does get her thinking right up until her parents are shot in the their house Everything changes after that moment.I could not stop reading this, the only reason I didn t give it five stars was because I didn t like certain aspects and I found a copy thin...

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