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How Could She PDF Epub How Could She Author Lauren Mechling Petrasrobert.eu Brilliant The Perfect Summer Read Nylon A Compulsively Readable Page Turner CosmopolitanNamed A Most Anticipated Novel Of The Summer By Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Elle, Bustle, Vulture, And.An Assured And Savagely Funny Novel About Three Old Friends As They Navigate Careers, Husbands, An Ex Fianc , New Suitors, And, Most Importantly, Their Relationships With One AnotherAfter A Devastating Break Up With Her Fianc , Geraldine Is Struggling To Get Her Life Back On Track In Toronto Her Two Old Friends, Sunny And Rachel, Left Ages Ago For New York, Where They Ve Landed Good Jobs, Handsome Husbands, And Unfairly Glamorous Lives Or At Least So It Appears To Geraldine Sick Of Watching From The Sidelines, Geraldine Decides To Force The Universe To Give Her The Big Break She Knows She Deserves, And Moves To New York City As She Zigzags Her Way Through The Downtown Art Scene And Rooftop Party Circuit, She Discovers How Hard It Is To Find Her Footing In A World Of Influencers And Media Darlings Meanwhile, Sunny S Life As An It Girl Watercolorist Is Not Nearly As Charmed As It Seemed To Geraldine From Toronto And Rachel Is Trying To Keep It Together As A New Mom, Writer, And Wife How Is It That She Was Confident And Successful At Twenty Five Than In Her Mid Thirties Perhaps Worst Of All, Why Are Sunny And Rachel Who Ve Always Been Suspicious Of Each Other Suddenly Hanging Out Without Geraldine Hilarious And Fiercely Observed, How Could She Is An Essential Novel Of Female Friendship, An Insider S Look Into The Cutthroat World Of New York Media From Print To Podcasting And A Witty Exploration Of The Ways We Can And Cannot Escape Our Pasts.

[ EPUB ] ✻ How Could She  Author Lauren  Mechling – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • How Could She
  • Lauren Mechling
  • 06 November 2017
  • 9780525559382

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    2.75 A contemporary novel about three women navigating their lives through their friendships, careers and the complexities of each of their relationships.From the start, I had difficulty connecting with this book The principal characters Geraldine, Sunny and Rachel were all somewhat interchangeable, leaving me ...

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    I ate this novel up and didn t want it to end It s a comedy of manners social satire about friendship and also about the absurdity perils of making art in the age of influence How Could She has that rare combination of a generous hear...

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    im not gonna write a long review just because it honestly wasn t a great book for me it wasnt bad though maybe in a few years it will be enjoyable.

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    This book was like sex and the city, but better And you can t beat sex and the city How could she is a coming age book about three friends that are all going through challenges in their life with each one hanging on just barely at times I found Geraldine and Rachel to be the most likeable characters because their storyline were so relatable Geraldine with her breakup, and again trying to find her footing and Rachel a struggling writer trying adjust to motherhood Those themes alone are immensely relatable to all coming of age women and new moms alike.Reading this book you see yourself and your friends in these women The friendship theme makes it a great book to reach a really big audience because as women, our...

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    Thanks you to Penguin Random House Canada for a free copy of this book to review To be honest I struggled with this book in the beginning There seemed to be a lot of characters to keep straight with so many acquaintances of the three main characters mentioned Once I got past this and deeper into the story I was hooked Geraldine, Sunny, and Rachel have known each other for years Rachel and Sunny have made the move from Toronto to NYC and Geraldine is determined to move there too They have all worked in the news media industry in some form and they are now facing the rapidly changing times in media Geraldine reinvents herself to adapt for the type of work she can get in media and this causes the two other women some envy More importantly we learn about the different types and forms of friendship the women have with one another This is extremely powerful as we learn the depths and feelings of each of the women s characters and thoughts toward each other I found their feelings t...

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    Here s the thingI can enjoy a book with unlikeable characters as long as it has an engaging plot And I can enjoy a book where not much happens when it is a fascinating character study What I apparently can t abide is a book where the characters are shallow, unlikeable and interchangeableand nothing happens Well, I shouldn t say NOTHING happensone of the characters moves at one point Other ...

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    This was one of those books where you kind of just get plopped down in the middle of a story that s already begun and you spend half the book just figuring out what s going on It reminded me of Allison Pearson s books in that way which is not a criticism, just an observa...

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    A very compelling and very realistic tale of three friends frenemies whose fortunes rise and fall throughout the course of the book Loved the insidery publishing details I gasped when one character stole anothe...

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    Great summer read Friends who are navigating their changing relationships in the publishing art world.Recommended for readers who like novels that explore friendships between women, who like New York stories, fans...

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    The most important thing about ensuring the success of a New York novel, is that it needs to be than about New York Characters need to jump off the page, prose and the dialogue need to work in tandem to reveal psychological truths while maintaining that sense of realism in the sense that they re conversations you wouldn t be shocked to overhear from the table next to you at brunch The characters and situations need to be realer than real the novel needs to take the mundane relationships and conversations that we have and make you angry from the realization that you re reading about yourself and your friends yes, we re all awful in real life, but especially in New York City even me and you Lauren Mechling accomplishes all of this with ease HOW COULD SHE reads and feels like a breeze even as you follow characters that you re not sure that you like and, like most good characters in literature today, you don t like them because you ARE them god help me, for I am Geraldine The novel is about than New York, even though these characters lives would be so much different if the story were taking place anywhere else You will laugh, get angry, and maybe even cry it s a novel that will take you across the full emotional spectrum in the best way possible And most importantly It s simply a fun read Perfect for summer, perfect for your book clubs, but also perfect to read solo in bed or on the tra...

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