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Unnatural Magic A Brilliant And Terrifically Fun Debut Novel Brings An Enchanting New Voice To Fantasy Onna Can Write The Parameters Of A Spell Faster Than Any Of The Young Men In Her Village School But Despite Her Incredible Abilities, She S Denied A Place At The Nation S Premier Arcane Academy Undaunted, She Sails To The Bustling City State Of Hexos, Hoping To Find A Place At A University Where They Don T Think There S Anything Untoward About Providing A Woman With A Magical Education But As Soon As Onna Arrives, She S Drawn Into The Mysterious Murder Of Four Trolls Tsira Is A Troll Who Never Quite Fit Into Her Clan, Despite Being The Leader S Daughter She Decides To Strike Out On Her Own And Look For Work In A Human City, But On Her Way She Stumbles Upon The Body Of A Half Dead Human Soldier In The Snow As She Slowly Nurses Him Back To Health, An Unlikely Bond Forms Between Them, One That Is Tested When An Unknown Mage Makes An Attempt On Tsira S Life Soon, Unbeknownst To Each Other, Onna And Tsira Both Begin Devoting Their Considerable Talents To Finding Out Who Is Targeting Trolls, Before Their Homeland Is Torn Apart Kat Howard, Alex Award Winning Author Of An Unkindness Of Magicians

!!> Download ✤ Unnatural Magic  ➻ Author C.M. Waggoner – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Unnatural Magic
  • C.M. Waggoner
  • English
  • 08 May 2018
  • 9781984805843

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    Easily likeable, relatable, smartly developed characters, lots of magic, super powers plus amazing girl power, intriguing, hooking plot, entertaining, smart, different and attention capturing writing and a great start as a debut author As a summary I enjoyed it, I liked it, without thinking a second giving my four stars Fantasy is a risky genre because there is so many YA fantasy books have been releasing and there is a tough, merciless competition between the books There are so many PR campaigns and advertisements on the social media talking about those books and their blurbs to seek your attention to pre order them immediately Especially so many successful and reputational authors release their new series and you expect too much from them but you may see some most anticipated books turn into big disappointments and some indie, new authors debut novels may turn into amazing hits.This book is not a big hit but it is fresh, different approach with simple, entertaining way of story telling, at some parts the pacing is getting slower but at the end with easily expectable twists, pacing is getting faster and action parts get the control of the book.Best thing about the book Simple, clear not so complicating story with less but strong characters Onna is a gifted and smart girl attends to magic school and discovers her secret powers, finds herself to solve troll murders teaming up with Tsira, king s daughter who is having hard time to find her identity and adapt her family life.Surprisingly I enjoyed Tsira and Jeckran s connection troll and human close relationship, but trust me you root for them It s a good book to get lost in magical world to get away from your daily stressful life and let the characters give you quick ride at the different kind of universes Last quarter of the book is really fast paced, even haphazard and sudden ending makes your head spin because you got used to spend time and connect with the characters so I wished I could read about their stories.As I admitted before it is above the average, different, original book with witty, riveting, not unputdownable but there is no reason to put down or stop reading kind of enjoyable journey I wish I can read upcoming works of this brilliant writer.Special thanks to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group to share this fascinating ARC COPY in exchange my honest review I always enjoy to discover new writers and their brand new amazing works.

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    This book took me away It took me away to an exciting and fascinating world where trolls are the dominant species and have an entirely different view on gender roles and still need to learn to live with inferior but still mighty humans I loved Onna s physics chemistry like magic I LOVED the relationship between Tsira and Jeckran never thought I d be shipping a troll and a human, but here I am Even I appreciated the societal roles in troll society like Reig and Vahn, and how a Reig could be male or female, a Vahn troll or human There s a lot of interesting stuff in here, and I read this quickly.So, yes, maybe the ending is rushed, but honestly, these characters are wonderful and the world is wonderful The murder mystery is tangential Read it.

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    This book gave me so much than I was expecting Two stories, two amazing female leads, and two completely different adventures but it all comes together to make one amazing read As one might expect, trolls and humans wizards are very different species but live in a world together in mostly harmony until Trolls start getting murdered by wizards.Tsira is a half Troll who goes out on her own to prove her worth to her clan She saves a man named Jeckran and their relationship blooms into than just a friendship Onna is a gifted and talented wizard but as a female she is held back from reaching her full potential With the support of her family and her determination to achieve her goals she gets farther than she ever imaged Tsira is blunt and a little foul mouth Onna is polite, dutiful, and doesn t go against society rules But they have in common than they might think, and they are both determined to bring justice to the victims and put an end to the murders This book was wonderfully written and incredibly unique I really enjoyed the personalities of each of the characters I also love a book with multiple POV s I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and a few days later I was approved to read it through Netgalley so I would like to thank the publisher, Goodreads, and Netgalley for allowing me to read this book for an honest review.

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    It took me a little bit to get into the book at first, but then I fell in love I loved the characters and the world building Not so sure about how Onna just fell into her apprenticeship but overall love, love, love I hope that she writes and this becomes a series

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    This was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot Full review to come soon.

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    Very nicely written, with a flair of style similar to what one considers one of the classics written a couple of centuries back The book is a bit dense at times, however, and I trudged through now and again wanting to get to the matter of the murder mystery Along with this, a lot of information that has no context at first is thrown out, leaving you floundering at the beginning.But the way in which magic is explained, as well as characters themselves do make up for it for the most part Tsira is the star of the story, for me a fascinating character, background, clan, personality to boot It was a pleasure to read a lead though Onna is one, Tsira stood out among the two that did not fit any mold I ve come across before ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Fair warning The world building took awhile I was easily 20% done before i felt remotely invested But Once you get in you won t want to leave.

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    Woooooow I absolutely devoured this book It had me laughing, sharing little tidbits with my friends It was such an enjoyable and engaging read compared to what I ve read lately.The premise and world building and characterization were all amazing The book itself showcased many different places, people, and cultures as well as languages and customs so it was thoroughly planned and well executed.I don t know if I ve ever read a single book with a race of trolls not considered evil Troll culture Troll cuisine At first the point of view changing confused me because it felt like after the beginning with Onna, we forgot about her for a little bit, but the relationship with Tsira and her little vahn was so exciting and entertaining to read and watch grow and had me snickering and dying of laughter at parts and I m definitely going to recommend this when it comes out at my store.Probably one of the most enjoyable books I ve read in awhile Definitely am thanking Netgalley and the publishers for this opportunity to read it.

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    If you have a Sorcerer to the Crown shaped hole in your heart, Y ALL, THIS IS THE ONE Overlaps include period appropriate prose melanin ahoy a richly built out world that elegantly avoids insane amounts of exposition thoughtful examination of privilege, gender, and genre norms super queer strong, sassy heroines whom the gentlemen struggle to keep up with witty repartee, in which members of the nobility are regularly sassed magical colleges and or general graduate level spell nerdery a really fascinating premise that neatly sidesteps cliches whilst still making total sense to me as a lover of genreTwo major differences you should be aware of This is a secondary world fantasy, not an alternate history BUT it is a secondary world which bears a remarkable resemblance to 19th or early 20th century Europe CM is NOT fading to black, y all, there are some sexytimes in this here novel.

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