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meet me on love laneFrom The USA TODAY Bestselling Author Of On The Corner Of Love And Hate Comes A Romantic Comedy About A Woman Who Grudgingly Returns Home To Small Town Pennsylvania, Only To Find Herself Falling In Love Not Only With The Town, But With Two Of Its Citizens Charlotte Bishop Is Out Of Options In New York City Fired, Broke, And Blacklisted By Her Former Boss, She S Forced To Return To Her Hometown Of Hope Lake, PA To Lick Her Wounds Although She S Expecting To Find A Miserable Place With Nothing To Do, She Is Pleasantly Surprised To Discover It Is Bustling And Thriving She S Only Supposed To Be In Hope Lake Temporarily Until She Can Earn Enough Money To Move Back To New York She S Not Supposed To Reconnect With Her Childhood Friends Or Her Beloved Grandmother She S Not Supposed To Find Her Dream Job Running The Local Florist Shop And She S Definitely Not Supposed To Fall For Not One But Two Of Hope Lake S Golden Boys One The Beloved High School English Teacher, The Other The Charming Town Doctor With A Heart Torn Between Two Men And Two Cities, What S A Girl To Do A Perfect Blend Of Humor And Heart, Meet Me On Love Lane Is The Second In A New Series From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Nina Bocci That Is Sure To Charm Fans Of Josie Silver And Sally Thorne

[Read] ➲ meet me on love lane Author Nina Bocci – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • meet me on love lane
  • Nina Bocci
  • 28 December 2018
  • 9781982102043

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    Oh lord What a fantastic, enjoyable, witty, energizing, heartwarming, joyful, humorous reading I had I was about to cut some points because of the indecisiveness of heroine She couldn t choose between a hot English teacher and hot doctor Okay, when I say it loudly, I know most of you think she is so right I think I invested our hero so much But when you read , you found out it was never a love triangle, wasn t it so for the love those vivid characters, gripping story telling, amazing word building, all the sighs and aaawwww sounds I made, let s round 4.5 stars up to 5 irresistible charm of the small town stories stars First I had to give the awards to those characters perfectly rounded, created and stole my heart, stay in my heart forever GIGI is the bat shit craziest, funniest, dreamy, best supporting grandma housemate character I think this diamond girl grandma who is in her 90 s, addicted to Apple products, sarcastic, funny, down to earth hippy is my future self If I could make it after all those delicious white wine, greasy burger consumptions EMMA is the smart, determined, loyal, honest, best supporting adorable friend.NICK is the hot, trouble maker, entertaining, cupid, Cyrano De Bergerac version of matchmaker, best supporting friend of hero.HENRY is the shy, golden hearted, intellectual, cute, devoted best hero book boyfriend.And CHARLOTTE even her indecisiveness and some actions she took made me fantasize slapping her forehead several times, I think she is quite fine, talented, genuine, sweet heroine She just lost her way, her life direction She just only needed to remember where she belongs.The book makes you smile so much At some parts I laughed aloud and got thrown away from the coffee shop so yes I got banned from another place Dammit They said I terrorized people because my laughter tunes are hysterical and I terrorized the young mothers and their sweet kids Come again Anyways, my cheeks still hurt for too much smiling but this small town story miraculously captivated my heart It is fast pacing, swoony, romantic page turner Especially final revelation about Charlotte and her mom s story finally made me cry And Henry He was one of the most amazing, loveable, gentle, honest, caring, sweet heroes that you cannot easily find lately on rom coms I m sick of know it all, cocky, pretentious douchebag kinds of Alpha heroes, treating the women like they re dirt under their shoes If you want to take a break from heavy dramas, angsty fictions, heart throbbing thrillers, this book is AMAZING ESCAPE AND FRESH BREEZE FOR YOUR SOUL, SUNSHINE FOR YOUR HEART It s about friendship, family bounding, discovering yourself, facing your past and finally an epic book about finding your soul mate again I think I m looking forward to read Parker and Nick s upcoming book And of course I already added Roman Crazy She co wrote this book with Wallbanger s author I cannot wait to get my hands on it So much special thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Pocket Books for sharing this lovely ARC COPY in exchange my honest review And of course special thanks to Nina Bocci for creating this fantastic, heartwarming, memorable story

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    3.5 stars I did enjoy this much than the first, but it was the slowest of slow burns

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    Nina writes characters that are real, which leads me to suspect that her characters live in a town just as she describes.The novel is funny, it s charming it will remind you of what is best about small towns and childhood friendships and the kind of love that is permanent And that family is important.Recommended.SR

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    21 years ago, ten year old Charlotte had to leave her beloved hometown of Hope Lake, Pennsylvania Her parents got divorced and her mom took her away from her grandma, her dad and her best friends.Now jobless and broke she s back home.Her dad is still the town s doctor Her grandma is still amazing.Her best friends are still all there But she can t really remember much Her mother talked so badly about the town and everything in it that Charlotte buried everything in the deepest corners of her memory.Henry used to be Charlotte s very bestestest friend They were only ten when they last saw each other, but poor Henry was already halfway planning their wedding.Now she s back and forgot everything about him and their adventures Charlotte wasn t planning on staying in town for long, but the people are so great and she might have found her dream job plus Henry..What will happen with Charlotte Henry Will there be a HEA READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT Well, that was adorable You might remember that I had some problems with the first book in the series This one I liked so much better from the very start It ended up being almost as slow and just as no idea concentrating too much on redundant and uninteresting things But still I loved it I loved Charlotte and Henry and Grandma and Dad and all the guys and Emma.But again Nina concentrates on the town and other stuff instead of the romance I mean I looove that small town vibe and the shops and events and all but We don t even have a conversation between Charlotte and Henry until almost half the book is done How can we fall in love with their falling in loveness when we don t get to see them together I also have no idea why Max had to be in this book He was so not needed It felt like he was squeezed in once the book was already done for excitement purposes so much of his scenes don t make any sense to me Without him the story would ve been a lot better not that he is in it all that much, but still And I hate that he s even in the blurb there s nothing I hate in romances than love triangles not that that is what happens here but the blurb had me scared it would be BUT this really was a very sweet and adorable and funny and very slow small town love story.I adored the whole gang when they were togehter Nick is hilarious Can t wait to see him get his happily ever after with Charlotte s city bff Parker in the next book MEET ME ON LOVE LANE was a very sweet and slow burn small town florist teacher kinda second chance love story Run to your nearest asap for your own Henry this one is MINE

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    4.5 Stars ARC provided by Gallery Books

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    4.25 starsThis Hallmark esque story was brimming with sweet moments, both romantic and otherwise.I ve known Nina Bocci ever since I became a blogger, as she has represented some of my favorite romance authors However, this was the first book of hers that I ve read, and I was really impressed Sometimes that transition from blogger PR to author has been a rocky one, but that is not the case here She featured a slew of likeable characters Charlotte the heroine , Henry and Max two potential love interests , Gigi Charlotte s sweet grandmother , Emma one of her BFFs , and Nick Henry s friend On top of that, she brought a small fictional town, Hope Lake, to life a town I wish was real so I could visit it, at the very least.The story itself is about the direction of Charlotte s life, having been blacklisted in her NY field of work as a florist party planner Short on funds and opportunities, she returns home for the first time in over a decade Charlotte learns quickly that the town and people within it have changed a lot since her last time there As an outsider, I was drawn in immediately and don t know why it took so long for Charlotte to see the appeal and potential for her in the town, both career wise and romantically There are certainly a lot of people in her corner that try to make the decision to stay, an easy one.What I didn t understand in the story was why she has lost all memories of her childhood friend, Henry I ve heard of blocking memories, but usually those are bad ones, not happy ones So, the reconnection between Charlotte and Henry is a very slow one yes, I d qualify this story as a slow burn But ultimately, the memories are impossible to escape, and Charlotte runs out of excuses.Although Charlotte was a little frustrating at times with her lack of direction, I really fell in love with the town of Hope Lake and its community, all focused on one thing, making the town successful I loved how the town embraced Charlotte s new venture, making it than a temporary one.If you are looking for a book that is full of character, and enjoy sweet reunions, check this one out An ARC was received via NetGalley for an honest review.For reviews, visit

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    Charlotte Bishop had a planSo what she screwed up and was fired, broke and blacklistedSo what she had to return home from NYC and deal with figuring out her lifeAnd so what her hometown, Hope Lake, will probably make her head explode from boredomCharlotte sucks it up, determined to bank some money and hustle herself back to the City that Never SleepsBut Charlotte finds herself with a whole other bunch of problemsNever did she realize reconnecting with her childhood friends would mean so muchAnd forget the fact she has found her nirvana, her calling by running the local florist shopBut the Most ConfusingThe Men On one hand, the Sexy Sweet High School English TeacherVersus The Town s Hot DoctorWhat s A Gal To DoGuess she is just going to have to put it out thereAnd have the right one Meet Me on Love Lane December 10th 2019 On the Corner of Love and Hatehttps www.goodreads.com review show From Hope Lake, With Lovehttps www.goodreads.com review show Meet Me on Love Lanehttps www.goodreads.com review showFor Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    3 stars for this Rom Com First of all can we just talk about how GORGEOUS this cover is OMG Probably my favorite book cover of 2019 Fall is my favorite season this heart shaped leaf pile with adorable red ballet slippers just reeled me right in Hope Lake Love Lane, although fictional, sounds like a beautiful place that I wish I could visit Charlotte heads back to her hometown of Hope Lake, after leaving NYC jobless, broke, and lost Upon her return, she reunites with old friends, her father Grandmother, Gigi, and meets a new love interest Dr Max Charlotte soon finds herself in a love triangle between an old flame Henry, and a new flame Dr Max As she struggles to seek a new career life path, she ends up realizing Hope Lake holds of her heart than she realized.This was a cute, quick, romcom read While some of the characters annoyed me Gigi , and the middle was a little slow, I appreciated the ending and how Charlotte s life turned out Thank you to the publisher, Gallery Books, for my review copy partner

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    This is the second book in the Hopeless Romantics series and I m really enjoying it so far The first book is enemies to lovers my favorite trope and the second one is a second chance romance plus it has a spectacular cover After a few tough historical fiction reads this was exactly what I needed.What I loved about this book 1 I loved Charlotte s Gigi While she may not be everyone s cup of tea, I found her to be completely hilarious I hope when I m super old I m as awesome as she is.2 I ll say it again just like I did in my review for the first book , I love the small town of Hope Lake The community vibe and the people make this a place somewhere I would love to go While you get to know the town a bit in the first book, you get to see grow a little in the second one Plus the whole town is environmentally conscious.3 Henry is probably my favorite thing about this book Geez he s so swoony worthy and definitely a guy most bibliophile s dreams are made of He s an English teacher, volunteers at a book store reading to children, and isn t a commitaphobe plus by the way he s described he sounds super hot Don t tell my husband, but I may have a tiny crush .What kept me from giving this book 5 The storyline surrounding Charlotte s character was a bit out there and wasn t my favorite While I enjoyed this one, it would have been a lot enjoyable with a different plot besides the romance I would have also liked to get a bit of Henry s POV because Henry was my favorite part of this book.Overall I found this book to be a cute, charming, quick read If your looking to find yourself immersed in small town life with a good romance, pick this one up December 10th when it publishes.Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    I won this uncorrected proof on Goodreads While I am not under any obligation to review this book by Goodreads or Gallery books, I do offer my honest review to show my gratitude for being chosen as a winner of this book There are some things I liked about the story and some things I didn t I liked the setting small town Americana It is typical, but it works, even though this dream town is just that a dream In the recesses of our minds, romance readers always cling to the sliver of hope that there is really a Hope Lake existing somewhere if only we could find it somwhere other than between the covers of a book or in our minds I also liked how the author tried to paint some of scenes in the book The colors, the names of flowers, and the scents all brought the setting out well I wrote scenes, in the prior paragraph, because a lot of the story reads like a made for cable tv chick mini flick It has to be cable tv, because there is an edginess added to some of the characters Many times, this edginess feels like movie scenes foul language, vulgarity or just something inappropriate that comes out of left field that are thrown into a perfectly good movie just to get a adult rating, without really contributing to the overall feel of who the characters are or what the story is about Is it me or is it the characters I liked Gigi and all her inappropriate ways, so it wasn t me Her character all her sassiness worked Gigi owned who she was written as In some of the other characters, that approach just felt forced, flat and chick flick cliched It was a turn off at that point Meet me on Love Lane has a lot of cultural references too many for my taste as they took me out of Hope Lake and into whatever movie, web site or other cool modern day thing or book instead A few is fine too many is too many I wanted to get lost in Hope Lake, not in Ferris Bueller land or You ve got mail while sitting in an Uber surfing the net and looking at Buzzfeed.The back of the book promises a heart torn between two men and two cities, what s a girl to do It never really felt like Charlotte was torn between two men In fact, she felt torn between two cities though not by much As a protagontist, Charlotte is kind of meh The relationships are also kind of meh I didn t feel that the scenes between Charlotte and Max created the friction needed to tear a girl s heart How could I After every encounter Charlotte clearly states that is not interesed in Max he is attractive, but she doesn t feel anything special around him And yet, she somehow keeps thinking that he is an option over Henry I am still confused As far as the scenes between Henry and Charlotte, I didn t feel that they were as developed as they should have been Toward the end and in true chick flick fashion Henry and Charlotte did manage to come together though that kind of felt flat, too I understand that they have a history together as children and a love that goes back to then, but I never really felt it I didn t feel it in the flashbacks of them as children and I didn t really feel it between them as adults There was a disconnect somehow that went beyond Charlotte s problem with her memory Please remember that I read the uncorrected proof This wasn t a totally terrible book It had its moments and gave me a few hours of enjoyment as I read it As I read the story, I kept hoping that Charlotte would have a cathartic remembrance break down moment over all that she had been through, she had good reason to do just that , and that Henry could have helped her work through it it would have given me something that would have tied the Henry as an adult to the Henry as a child that she loved As she was written, Charlotte seemed to love Henry with her eyes than with anything else better truly heartfelt scenes between them would have helped I also really needed Charlotte to be less cerebral and in her heart that she turned out to be Unfortunately, Charlotte was written too New York cold and strong and every issue was resolved rather easily emotionally Unfortunately, as it is, I started to feel like it was dragging on too much, which is never a good feeling Excitement as to the outcome is great Wanted to hurry up and finish a book just to get it over with is not great As written, I feel that Meet me on Love Lane suffered from being too predictable and from the writer wanting everything nicely tied up between all those involved in the supposed love triangle With some editing, I am sure the final book turned out much better at least I hope so Once again, thank you for offering this as a giveaway on Goodreads.

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