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Echoes Among the Stones After Aggie Dunkirk S Career Is Unceremoniously Ended By Her Own Mistakes, She Finds Herself Traveling To Wisconsin, Where Her Grandmother, Mumsie, Lives Alone In Her Vintage, Though Very Outdated, Home Aggie Didn T Plan For How Eccentric Mumsie Has Become, Obsessing Over An Old, Unsolved Crime Scene Even Going So Far As To Re Create It In A DollhouseMystery Seems To Follow Aggie When She Finds Work As A Secretary Helping To Restore The Flooded Historical Part Of The Town S Cemetery Forced To Work With A Puzzling Yet Attractive Archaeologist, She Exhumes The Past S Secrets And Unwittingly Uncovers A Crime That Some Will Go To Any Length To Keep Hidden Even If That Means Silencing AggieIn , Imogene Grayson Works In A Beauty Salon But Has Her Sights Set On Hollywood But Coming Home To Discover Her Younger Sister S Body In The Attic Changes Everything Unfamiliar With The Burgeoning World Of Forensic Science And, As A Woman, Not Particularly Welcomed Into The Investigation, Imogene Is Nonetheless Determined To Stay Involved As Her Sister S Case Grows Cold, Imogene Vows To Find Justice No Matter The Cost

➪ Echoes Among the Stones  Read ➲ Author Jaime Jo Wright – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Echoes Among the Stones
  • Jaime Jo Wright
  • English
  • 21 May 2019
  • 9780764233883

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    I loved this dual timeline novel by Jaime Jo Wright It wasn t as creepy as her previous works and I mean creepy in the very best way but was of a puzzle, a cerebral and emotional journey that brings the reader face to face with the legacy grief can have, and with the hope that can overcome it I especially enjoyed the development of Mumsie Being able to see her character arc span decades brought a rich dimension and perspective to the tale The ending was completely satisfying without being artifically neat and tied with a bow Those struggling with grief will find this a particularly meaningful read And since none of us can escape grief at some point that means all of us.

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    Aggie and Mumsie might be my favorite female duo EVER in a story I loved their characters so much and want to petition Hallmark Movies and Mysteries to make them an ongoing series The twists and turns in this time split story will absolutely delight readers with the unique plot as well as tug on all the emotional strings as the mystery begins to unfold I believe this is author, Jaime Jo Wright s, finest work and continues to make her my top recommendation for fans of historical, mystery, and time slip stories

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    I think that this is the best book by Jamie Jo Wright ever Just wow Told by Imogene of the past and Aggie of the future Almost had me confused but towards the end I began to figure it out Just wowsers Best story plot and wonderful characters that will keep you guessing until you can t believe who it is I really think the best part well, maybe not best but still. was when Imogene s parents passed away within days of each other I say this because it was a coincidence that my grandparents did too We had moved to Kentucky then and had to turn around and come back for grandpa s funeral I guess that s what makes two people into one soul I guess that s how you say it I finished this book at 2 a.m in the morning because I wanted to see what happened next Jamie didn t disappoint me Not at all I was hung onto every word of this mixture of weird but wonderful story Here s a quote I like and this is from Collin Grief isn t wrong, but it can paralyze It can thwart a life A person can choose to let time stand still, and while they hold the pieces of the past, the hope of their future passes them by So so true And another one A person shouldn t miss the promise of whatever is in store Grief is like the moment you close a chapter in a really good book It leaves you suspended , unfinished, even remarkably unsatisfied In other words the story isn t over in a person s life You should learn to go on But even at times that isn t easy.Do you ever hear your loved one s voice Sometimes guiding you along the way with the Lord s help of course.Yes, I do talk to my mom and the weird part about it, I can still see her there standing there shaking my head at some of the things I do, say and even some of the friends that I supposedly pick She d say Lori you ve got a doozy of a friend this time don t you I m like, I don t pick them, they pick me Here s my most favorite saying of all from Mumsie, Ohhh Agnes Regardless of where faith may take us and what the good Lord has in store, we ll never stop hearing their voices The voices of the ones we ve loved before I m so glad that we don t have to stop I think that in some ways the Lord still lets us hear and talk to them because they are our guardian angles Heaven knows we need divine help from time to time I normally don t put quotes from the book but this time I felt the Lord giving me a little nudge in the back to do so I m guessing He needed for someone to read my review and know that there is Hope, forgiveness and love along the way to help them I nearly cried writing this review because it was a sweet reminder that He s still there even when at times when we think He s not Believe me, He is than you know I just can t get over this wonderful story I really enjoyed it and I m even going to ask my husband to buy the paperback when it comes out Cause this is a KEEPER for sure I strongly recommend this to readers of all ages My hope is that you will be blessed as I was My thanks to Netgalley NO compensations were received and all opinions are my own.

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    Wright weaves a good tale which isn t easily solved something I personally like in a suspense novel While this book still had darker tones to it, it wasn t quite the same as Foster Hill, which deals with human trafficking This was, rather, an almost obsession over a cold case murder.I really enjoyed the two storylines from the past and present I was just as into one story as the other I feel she painted a very realistic picture of the aftermath of WWII and the soldiers.There was a spiritual thread woven through, the main emphasis on dealing with grief It was never clear where Aggie herself stood spiritually, even though she did make progress in coming to terms with loss.I felt the romance was a good balance for some, I imagine it had a slow start, as the interest didn t really begin until a good portion into the story My loyal heart kind of broke a little no spoilers, though I don t remember any uncomfortable scenes between any of the couples.There was a crude comment about going to the bedroom nothing happened, it was just a comment And there was also a little weirdness going on with Imogene visualizing and speaking to Hazel or, Hazel speaking to her And then a god awful I received this book from NetGalley and happily provided my honest review

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    Regardless of where faith may take us and what the good Lord has in store, we ll never stop hearing their voices The voices of the ones we ve loved before Their voices will always echo, here, among the stones, and in our hearts It is how it was meant to be Jaime Jo Wright has the right stuff when it comes to writing dual timeline stories Unlike her novels before this one, we know what event took place She pieces the past with the present in a way that captures the reader and forcing them to follow along a trail of solving a 72 year old cold case and tugging at hearts with a depth that surprises me every time I know I lost track of time in the real world because I NEEDED to keep reading It was like unfolding delicate rose petals only to discover there was so much under the beautiful surface It s hard to write a review without giving too much away I want the reader to discover all the good stuff for themselves This one is just as completely captivating as the first three books The ending was shocking as she reveals the culprit, I had no clue and I was asking myself if what I read was really what I read I love every twist, every turn and every chilling layer she revealed I quickly became part of the Aggie, Mumsie, Collin, Ollie, Sam, and Ida s lives Really there s nothing I don t like about this book I think the reader is in for a real treat with Echoes Among the Stones I highly recommend this to readers who like trying to solve cold cases, love suspense, and want the kind of depth in a story that keeps you turning pages well into the night I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House on behalf of the author and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review All opinions are my own.

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    With her trademark ability for weaving fascinatingly creepy tales of healing and forgiveness, award winning author Jaime Jo Wright brings out the creep factor with skeletons, cemeteries, dead bodies, and a very unique dollhouse in her latest dual timeline novel, Echoes Among the Stones The slower pace to the beginning of the story allows readers to start piecing together the various clues through many twists and turns, which leads to a surprising conclusion When she arrives in town to visit her grandmother, Aggie s unexpected new job as a cemetery secretary brings up buried secrets As Aggie searches for answers in present day, the readers find out clues as Imogene s 1946 storyline follows the mystery behind the death of young Hazel Grayson, and suddenly the past collides with the present Jaime Jo Wright emphasizes hope, healing, and forgiveness through God s incredible grace throughout the novel For readers who have been hesitant to read Jaime Jo Wright s books in the past due to their creepy nature, Echoes Among the Stones would be the perfect book of hers to start with since it does not have quite as dark of a tone as her previous books Echoes Among the Stones is highly recommended for readers who enjoy dual timeline stories filled with suspense and the perfect amount of creepiness I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House and was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are mine.

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    There was never a good time for Death to visit There was never a time when Grief would leave Jaime Jo Wright s debut novel a few years ago was a wonderful book and I determined to follow her and eagerly anticipated each novel Her trademark dual time line novels are like reading two books at once She is quite good at weaving these two stories together, while at the same time, creating very mysterious plots.This time around, the story takes place in 1946 and the present day A gruesome murder has taken place and never solved, while in the present day, the murder seems to be at the very heart of the plot and it is life changing for those involved Watching how Wright unfolds her stories is incredibly interesting and quickly draws the reader in Recommended My thanks to Bethany House Publishers for a preview copy of this book via Net Galley The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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    What I Loved Wow Just wow Wright has not disappointed me yet Echoes Among the Stones was the sort of mystery that left me guessing all the way until the end The unique mystery kept me coming back to the book while I was reading, and the characters kept me enthralled in it long after I finished The treat with dual timelines is that you get two stories for the price of one And both were highly engaging I loved the characters and interwoven plots I honestly can t say enough good things about this one The spiritual message was centered on healing after the death of a loved one I felt that it was realistically done It wasn t cheesy or shallow I could feel the pain of the character and also the hope they come to find in the end Rating and Recommendation I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it to those who enjoy mysteries with light suspense and dual timeline novels I received a copy from Bethany House through NetGalley All thoughts are my own I was not compensated for this review or required to give a favorable one.

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    There is nothing like a good creepy novel One filled with skeletons, murder, mayhem and bumps in the night Wright does it again with a well written dual time book that will keep you reading all the way to the end of the book quickly and usually in the daylight because what ever that noise was, you are sure it is the murder coming you.

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    Sigh.This is one of those books that is so good.I didn t really want it to end, but I had to have answers.What makes it even better, is there are some deep truths thrown in, things about life About learning to live through grief, how to move on, how to really live again Important, valuable truths we can all use to help in our own journeys Because, after all, each one of us has our own hard story in our own little journey of life.This is a dual time story.It s Imogene s story She finds the murdered body of her sister Hazel The grief nearly causes her to be overcomeand how does she find the strength to keep on She carries the weight of this with her for a very long timeabout 70 years.It is also the story of Aggie Called to the side of her aged Mumsie, and helping the town solve an unsolved mystery It begins with finding a skeleton in her backyard And then other mysterious things keep happening.I loved reading in both time periods, and seeing how it all fit together The forties have always fascinated me I m young enough that it is the past, history, and yet, it is recent enough that my grandparents lived and remembered those days This book does well at portraying those tempestuous days during and after the war.This story has many unexpected elements, and kept me guessing until the end.I loved the mystery, and had no idea which way the story would turn.Disclaimer I receive complimentary books from various sources, including, publishers, publicists, authors, and or NetGalley I am not required to write a positive review, and have not received any compensation The opinions shared here are my own entirely I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255

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