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Murder on Cape Cod Cape Cod Bicycle Shop Owner Mackenzie Mac Almeida And Her Book Club Must Find A Crafty Killer In This Charming New Series From The Agatha Nominated Author Of The Country Store Mystery Series A Cape Cod Shop Owner And Her Book Club Must Find A Crafty Killer In This Charming New Series From The Agatha Nominated Author Of The Country Store Mystery SeriesSummer Is Busy Season For Mackenzie Mac Almeida S Bicycle Shop, Nestled In The Quaint, Seaside Hamlet Of Westham, Massachusetts She S Expecting An Influx Of Tourists At Mac S Bikes Instead She Discovers The Body Of Jake Lacey Mac Can T Imagine Anyone Stabbing The Down On His Luck Handyman However, The Authorities Seem To Think Mac Is A Strong Suspect After She Was Spotted Arguing With Jake Just Hours Before His Death Mac Knows She Didn T Do It, But She Does Recognize The Weapon Her Brother Derrick S Fishing KnifeMac S Only Experience With Murder Investigations Is Limited To The Cozy Mysteries She Reads With Her Local Book Group, The Cozy Capers So To Clear Her Name And Maybe Her Brother S Too Mac Will Have To Summon Help From Her Cozy Capers Co Investigators And A Library S Worth Of Detectives Tips And Tricks For A Small Town, Westham Is Teeming With Possible Killers, And This Is One Mystery Where Mac Is Hoping For Anything But A Surprise Ending

[PDF / Epub] ✩ Murder on Cape Cod  ☉ Maddie Day – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 310 pages
  • Murder on Cape Cod
  • Maddie Day
  • 09 November 2017
  • 9781496722881

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    Westham, Massachusetts, is a delightful tourist town on Cape Cod, and home to bike shop owner Macenzie Mac Almeida After book club one foggy evening, Mac stumbles across a dead body very near her home Unfortunately evidence found at the scene makes her brother a prime suspect The pressure is on Mac to clear her brother s name without interfering in the official investigation I enjoyed this first book in the Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery The Cape Cod setting was lovely, and the wonderful descriptions made me want to visit Mac was a relatable, no nonsense protagonist, and I loved that she lived in a cozy tiny home The murder mystery was not an easy one to figure out Mac s book group didn t play a big role in solving the murder, but I felt like we got a solid introduction to all the members I m looking forward to the next Cozy Capers mystery

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    Macenzie Mac Almeida has returned to Westham, Massachusetts, after several years away, and she is settling back into the town where she grew up She s enjoying time with her family, her bike shop is thriving, and she enjoys her weekly meetings with the Cozy Capers, a book club that reads exclusively cozy mysteries Returning from their meeting one night, Mac stumbles over the dead body of Jake Lacey Jake didn t have the best reputation in town, and Mac had her own disagreement with the man over a repair he had been hired to do for her Worse yet, she recognizes the knife as one her brother owns With the rest of the Cozy Capers jumping in to try to help solve the crime, will they succeed Ever since this series has been announced, I ve been looking forward to it, and the debut didn t disappoint I always love vacation destination settings, and this one is fun now I want to visit Cape Cod Plus, what cozy mystery fan isn t going to want to read about a club that loves the same sub genre we do We are introduced to a large selection of series regulars here, and it took some work to keep them all straight, but I m sure that will get easier as the series goes along and the various supporting characters get enough page time The suspects don t have the same issue, and it is easy to remember their motives There are several secrets and potential motives for murder, but by the time Mac figures things out, everything is clear to us and her While this isn t a traditional culinary cozy, Mac s boyfriend owns a bakery in town, and we get several recipes at the end of the book.NOTE I received an ARC of this book.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    Release Date Available NOW at BarnesNoble Releases December 31, 2019 on Genre Cozy Mystery Actual Rating 4 starsMurder on Cape Cod was released exclusively at BarnesNoble a few months ago It is not currently available on but will be released there on December 31st I happened upon this book at the bookstore in my area and had no idea it wouldn t be released through until the end of the year Not that I care all too much because I really enjoyed this one This is the first book in a new series by Maddie Day It features a heroine who is a cozy mystery lover herself she actually takes part in a cozy mystery book club , and therefore will resonate with fans of the genre Maddie Day peppered some popular mysteries throughout the book which I found really cool while reading I may have added a few to my own list As the title states, this book takes place on Cape Cod Being a Massachusetts resident, I absolutely loved this I have spent many summers down on the cape and I felt like I was right back there with these sweet characters In this one, the heroine is doing a little sleuthing with the help of other book club members when a resident handyman is found dead on the path towards her house Seeing as the murder weapon appeared to be her BROTHERS knife, he s the prime suspect She of course knows he didn t do it and will stop at nothing to clear his name Maddie Day does a wonderful job with this new series and I have to say that I am really excited to see where she takes it next If you are a cozy mystery reader you won t want to miss this one

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    MURDER ON CAPE COD by Maddie Day is the first book in the new series a Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery Maddie Day has expertly crafted the start of a series that will have you turning pages, feeling like you re a member of the Cozy Capers book club trying to solve the whodunit and why, while enduring you to the little tourist town of Westham, Massachusetts and its residents.Enjoyed getting to know Mackenzie Mac Almeida by learning about her bicycle shop in the heart of town, its employees and her quirky family You will fall in love with Belle, Mac s African Gray parrot as well as her boyfriend, Tim Mac finds Jake Lacey s body on a foggy night while returning to her tiny home behind her bike shop from a book club meeting After seeing her brother s very distinct fish knife sticking out of his body, she knows she has to find a way to prove that Derrick didn t kill Jack Mac turns to the Cozy Capers to help find out who murdered Jake Their list of suspects is long and finding answers to their questions hard, but they are a dedicated and hard working group of mystery solvers each with his or her own strengths to add to the mixture.After being warned by Detective Lincoln Haskins to leave the investigation to the authorities, Mac makes sure to turn over clues or evidence to the police She also finds that investigating a murder can be dangerous to ones health after finding a threatening note on her door and being almost run down by a motorcycle.MURDER ON CAPE COD is a must read if you love cozy mysteries It s a very well written, engaging book that will have you looking forward to the second book in this series just as much as I am I highly recommend this book Can t wait to revisit Westham again to see what my new friends are up to next I received an ARC copy of MURDER OON CAPE COD This in no way is reflected in or the reason for my review The opinions expressed in my review are entirely my own.

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    This a great start to a new series by Maddie Day Edith Maxwell She has quickly become one of my go to authors I love the setting on Cape Cod reading the book made me want to visit The main character, Mac, is a small business owner with a fun group of friends and family I highly recommend this book, and I m looking forward to Book 2

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    What an exciting and delightful first in series by Maddie Day I enjoyed every minute of meeting MacKenzie Mac Almeida, owner of a bike shop that does rentals, repairs, and sales of accessories and clothing for the modern bicyclist Mac has returned to Cape Cod after several years away working in Boston, then in the Peace Corp, and another year touring, mostly south of the equator Her brother, Derrick, and his four year old daughter Coquille Cokey returned shortly thereafter Derrick works for Mac on the sales and rental side, and a woman named Orlean does repairs Mac can fill in either position as needed.The Cozy Capers Book Group meets weekly in the lighthouse where Derrick is a caretaker, an d this week is no different, despite the heavy fog rolling in Just outside of her yard, Mac tripped over something she didn t see in the fog A body Jake Lacey was dead, and Mac had a small disagreement with him at the soup kitchen, where she volunteered, just hours earlier Jake had claimed that he was coming into some easy money that evening, but nobody seemed to know what was up with the down on his luck handiman They parted without animosity, but you know how small town people talk.The book club wants to see if they can solve the mystery, but Mac isn t interested She wants to run her business and spend time with her family and Tim, her boyfriend Even though her brother seems to have gone missing, not even going to work Even though Orlean was late without warning.Derrick has secrets that he isn t willing to share, and the dragon has come back to torment him again Their father isn t willing to divulge Derrick s secrets, so she will await Derrick s return.In the meantime, Mac and one of her close friends was almost run over by a cyclist on the path they normally walk every morning She is trying to stay the least involved, but seems to be the target of whoever killed Jake There are strangers in town who seem to have known him a young woman who has looked weepy since he died, a businessman from Providence Mac just happens to be at the right place at the right time to learn about Jake.I really enjoyed this very well written mystery It is a beautiful start to the series From the suspense and 3 D characters to the fear from threats andthreats to the amazing descriptions of birds, birdsongs, flora and fauna, it is a perfect read for the discerning cozy mystery reader I like Mac and probably her father or brother the best Or all three The wisdom and grace with which the author writes about Derrick and his challenges are so much appreciated by this reader, especially the dragon I did not know who the bad guy gal might be, had briefly but not seriously considered the person as I couldn t think of a good motive who says motives have to be good I highly recommend this fabulous first in series this is a series worth following

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    Murder on Cape Cod is a great start to a new series for author Maddie Day and I am looking forward to books Ms Day has wonderfully descriptive writing style that allows her to create a world and craft characters that are so clear to the reader The characters in this series are well defined for a first book in a new series The protagonist, Mac, is a mature, no nonsense business woman who has returned home to open her own bicycle shop I love that she lives in a tiny house and has a parrot who is quite vocal She is surrounded by family and her cozy mystery book club all of whom a interesting, quirky and each bring something to the story In this first book, I think the reader gets to know Mac s family better than the book club just because of the nature of the mystery As the series progresses, I feel that the book club characters will become just as well known to the reader The mystery starts within the first five pages of the book and is carried throughout the story I thought the pace of the book was spot on with no lulls, just clues, secrets and possible motives laid out for the reader s considerations The only criticism I had was that the reveal felt a bit rushed, like the killer s motive was not fully explored All in all, this was a great start to a new series It has everything we come to expect from Ms Day descriptive writing that allows the reader to become surrounded in an engaging story with a charming setting and well written characters I will definitely be back for .

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    This is the first book in the Cozy Capers Book Group mystery series and I loved it I can just picture Mac s bicycle shop in Westham and she s such a character I was shocked by who the killer was but, I was pretty sure who was gonna be killed Looking forward to the next book

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    Cute book An added plus is no profanity and graphic bedroom scenes starting on page 3 This author obviously has a vocabulary and imagination that extends beyond those boundaries Very refreshing Will look forward to the next book in the series.

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    Murder on Cape Cod by Maddie Day is an interesting cozy murder mystery I love book book clubs and this one had a liking for murder mysteries What the leading protagonist does not expect is for a murder to happen in her safe small town area Yet it does In fact, she accidentally runs over the dead handyman in the fog It appears he was stabbed with her brother s knife All Mac can think about is how Jake died and why And importantly who would murder himMaddie Day created a mysterious murder mystery with a lot of humor I couldn t help from laughing especially, when Mac s parrot wants a kiss from her boyfriend It was a perfect blend of action, humor, and danger The characters made this story come to life The chief of police and Mac seem to have a history that makes communicating not so much fun But it was interesting to follow them Overall, I highly recommend this novel to all I cannot wait to read the next mystery in this series I received this copy from the publisher This is my voluntary review.

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