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Red-Headed StepchildIn A World Where Being Of Mixed Blood Is A Major Liability, Sabina Doesn T Really Fit In And Being An Assassin The Only Profession Fit For An Outcast Doesn T Help Matters But She S Never Brought Her Work Home Until Now Her Latest Mission Is Uncomfortably Complex, And Threatens The Fragile Peace Between The Vampire And Mage Races.

✤ Red-Headed Stepchild Download ➸ Author Jaye Wells – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • Red-Headed Stepchild
  • Jaye Wells
  • English
  • 05 June 2019
  • 9781841497563

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    And The Cat Steals The Show Buddy Read with my MacHalo Freaks LOST REVIEWING MOJO If found, please call the Murderous Crustaceans Hotline 1 800 We Swim To Slaughter urgently, and ask for Fleet Admiral DaShrimp, my go to decapod for highly sensitive issues such as this one Reward for returning my reviewing mojo VIP access to my Harem for one night I kid you not But hey, don t get overexcited, it s for one night only And NO, entrance to the high security area where my most prized possessions are safely stashed away will NOT be granted I may have lost all inspiration for writing reviews but I haven t entirely lost my mind Yet If in a review emergency, drink copious amounts of vodka dial 1 800 All Sarahs Are Awesome, 1 800 Sometimes Shelly Doesn t Read Smut, or 1 800 Choko Is My Favorite Wife This should satisfy your curiosity about ...

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    Sabina Kane is half vampire, half mage, and basically an outcast, considering vamps and mages hate each other Her parents had a forbidden romance and she ended up an orphan, raised by her bitchy grandmother, who leads the Dominae vampire elders mostly a stuffy, boring bunch Not good enough with her half breed status to rise in the vamp ranks, she was trained to be an assassin instead She gets a mission which leads her to discover she s been lied to, betrayed, deceived, and makes her question everything you know, all the good mind blowing, life changing stuff.For some reason, all vampires have red hair in this world The older they are, the deeper shade of red Not sure why, but okay World building thing, I guess So this was a decent start to an urban fantasy series UF is a love hate thing for me and I ve stayed away from it for awhile I liked this, but there was a little something missing Mainly, I didn t really feel anything for Sabina She s that sort of typical UF heroine immature and feisty, which came off as too bitchy to me She s socially inept, doesn t have friends this seems to be another fairly common stereotype in UFs Admittedly, it does make for good potential in future books to see growth and character development I just feel it s an easy go to for authors to use Sabina disregarded important information because she didn t trust anyone There are good reasons for it, considering h...

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    3.44 A buddy read with the Urban Fantasy maniacs at the MacHalo group I was almost afraid to start this series because the reviews I read were very discouraging I am not exactly sure why I understand it is neither too original, nor extraordinary, but the book has a charm that is undeniable I had a hard time connecting with Sabina, the main character, in the beginning However, as the story developed, I got used to the flippened way this Half mage half vampire girl spoke to everyone and once I accepted this is just how she is, everything else came to its place I would be dishonest if I say i was blown away by either the writing or the plot There were some inconsistencies with Sabina s credentials as an assassin as at times she did not act very assassin like There were also actions I found unreasonable or illogical, but as I always say, the story lines are where the author wants to lead us and I have to trust the one who created the story to take us where he she wants us to go But I still think that logistical missteps is a bit of a cheating plot device This was my biggest pet peeve with the book as a whole What I realy liked were the 2 side characters, who when on page, totally stole the show The Demon was my absolute and complete favorite Every time he said something, he cracked me up and was a great comic relief The Nymph was the softness to Sabina s hard ass persona and gave balance to the story and he...

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    Red Headed Stepchild is the first book in the Sabina Kane series We re introduced to, of course, Sabina Kane, who is half mage, half vampire We re also introduced to a hilarious demon named Giguhl, a nymph named Vinca and a hot mage named Adam This is my first read by author Jaye Wells, and I enjoyed it There were some very funny moments, and I have to be honest here and say that I think Giguhl, who spent a good part of this story as a bald cat, is probably my favorite character of the book There were times I really liked Sabina, and times I didn t She s not a heroine I connected to in a big way, and found myself concerned about the outcome of the secondary characters than I did her In fact, it took me well over the book before I became interested in her at all, and to really love a story, I need than that from my heroines.One of my favorite scenes takes place with Giguhl and Sabina, when she tries to use magic to send him back home Are you sure you can handle it I mean, you ve never done magic before, right It seems pretty straight forward You game He jumped off the couch and looked back at me Sure What s the worst that could happen Twenty minutes later, we had our answer I can t freaking believe this I cringed I m so sorry I m bald Giguhl continued I look like a freak It s not that bad, I said But it was Oh my lord was it bad I d nev...

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    Red Headed Stepchild is about a half mage, half vampire assassin called Sabina Kane She s been sent into the enemy s base to infiltrate their secrets and perform an assasination that gets complicated, as she finds out about the people and her own birth.At the very start of the book, there was a part that revealed that every vampire is a red head The ones with darker mahogany hair are older and powerful, while the ones with lighter auburn hair are newborns I found this reference to be interesting and a little comical, but it was unfortunate that it wasn t really followed through well for the rest of the book.There s this hilarious demon called Gighul in the book Later on, he gets stuck in the form of a hairless cat He steals every scene that he s in, and he does provide a bit of comical relief for the entire book.Unfortunately, Red Headed Stepchild failed to grab me with it s run of the mill story As I ve mentioned in the Serious Overload of Series Buddy Read thread, the story failed to convey a depth of e...

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    3.5 I really enjoyed this book I absolutely love a badass female assassin who isn t actually a bleeding heart I mean, I ve read so many books where the assassin sucubus badass mage whatever is actually a good guy but he she has no choice and boo hoo Finally someone who not only accepts her job but actually likes it I mean, c mon, you kill people for a living Don t tell me you cry at night after you killed 15 people that day So I was damn glad to see that Sabina is one of the good ones I loved the lore, the story behind the vamps and how they came to be Although it kinda made me curious about how the other species came to be and unfortunately, I didn t get my answers.For some reason, the female friend characte...

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    By now, I should have learned that luck, if she was a lady, was a mean spirited bitch with a grudge against me Red Headed Stepchild s blurb drew me in with its intriguing sounding storyline, and of course the fact that I completely heart Urban Fantasy series and always hunt for to add to my growing obsession collection The story line promises a mix and blend of mages and vampires, so think of uber magic and an intricate world with a set up system Unfortunately the beginning book was a letdown for several reasons, which aren t the usual ones Generally I have a loose form of order I cover in reviews, with characters rarely being discussed first, but Red Headed Stepchild forces me to change my rule because my dislike for the main character overshadowed everything else Seriously If you truly despise the character it s hard to follow them around as they encounter situations, care about their issues, get into the plot without gritting your teeth, or even care much about the sideline characters.The heroine starts off the book...

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    Red Headed Stepchild is a debut fantasy novel from Jaye Wells with a good dose of sexual tension As a debut novel there was quite a bit of world building and scene setting, but the story still moved along at a rapid pace with not too much lag time The heroine is a kick butt assassin who becomes torn between her two worlds as the novel progresses Sabrina is the product of a forbidden union between a vamp and a mage Her mother died not long after her birth and she was brought up by her Grandmother note the captial G who is the Head of the Dominae vampires and as cold as they come Her Grandmother raised Sabrina in an almost vacuum, while teaching her exactly what she wanted Sabrina to know all other races are inferior, the Dominae is everything and as a halfbreed Sabrina owes her life and loyalty to those who raised her And finally, she also raised Sabrina to be a stone cold assassin who kills the targets selected by the Dominae without question Although Sabrina is frustrated by her inability to receive any k...

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    First off just let me say that I truly wanted to like this book I really did I was in love with the cover, the description of the summary, and even though I had seen many mixed reviews about the book, it sounded like a story that I could really enjoy.Before I start ranting about all the aspects of the book that I didn t like, let me begin with what I did like.I really enjoyed the author s take on vampires Having already done some research of my own, I was already aware of the legend of Lilith and Cain and how they spawned the vampire race I was pleasantly surprised when I read that and was happy to see a new take on vampire lore Yay for no sparkling vamps DOkay, so the story started out great and I thought that it would stay amazing throughout Well to my sad, sad disappointment, I found that fairly quickly, my interest in the book was dwindling I kept reading, hoping that the book could somehow win back its appeal, and it did later on, but only briefly I think that the author s voice was too overly sarcastic for my taste and was one of the main reasons I think the book was so quickly ruined for me.Now here s the bit where I m indecisive on how I stand Sabina Oh where to begin Well, I guess I should say that I loved how much of a bad ass she was But there was just something that I disliked about her that I couldn t quite put my finger on Perhaps she was too perfect Too whiny Or maybe she was to v...

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    Pretty sure I read this wrong, but I got to 40% and IDGAF about anything that is happening I m returning it to the library Sorry for giving up on this you lovely

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