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OutbackOutback Is The Towering Saga Of The Garrity Family, Whose Founding Father Was The Illegitimate Son Of A Female Convict Brought Up In A Sydney Orphanage, Patrick Garrity Left The Brawling City To Make A Life For Himself In The Vast Backcountry Of New South Wales.

➻ Outback Download ➼ Author Aaron Fletcher – Anguillais.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Outback
  • Aaron Fletcher
  • English
  • 15 March 2017
  • 9780843939637

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    I was a pretty girl once, you know And with a heart, so that I loved those around me And the land I have a brain too, and I grew me some sand.The heart, the brain, and the sand It takes all three It takes the brain to say what to do, the sand to go ahead and do it, and the heart to hurt over it, when it s done An amazing historical fiction of Australia, from the convict ships that delivered the first European settlers in the 18th century all the way to the Industrial Revolution that allowed steam engines to somewhat bring the great, isolated Outback closer to civilization.It is also a generational saga focusing on four different women, all of them absolutely kick ass, from the founding matriarch of Wayamba station, an aborigine whose fierceness is only equalled by her love, to her daughter and her Pommie daughte...

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    I really enjoyed this for the history of Australia, and the bigger than life people who populated it.

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    I really really really enjoy this book The females are incredibly strong women, and the story is just transportive yes, I just made that up It draws you in and takes you through a lifetime and legacy.

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    A bit of a vocab adventure for nonAussies but a truly fun read Whoda thought an epic tale about the Outback, sheep stations, railroads, mining, gender inequality and life and death in such harsh conditions could take such a feminist turn A great read and a lively backgrounder in Aussie culture.

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    Excellent I now really want to read about this time period in Australia s history The story focuses on three different generations of an Outback sheep raising family I will look for books by this author or on this subject.

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    I no longer enjoy those complicated family sagas like I used to..maybe it s because I m now the old generation Ha.

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    Loved it The thing about generational sagas is that they are, well, generational I kept getting quite fond of a character when in the next chapter, someone else would come into the picture and the person I wanted of would be less prominent to say the least But I did love the book There are some places where there s rather description than action for awhile, but I really still liked the book There are some incomplete sentences and or typos in the Kindle edition, including one howler, but they didn t bother me There s also n...

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    No connection emotionally between characters Only the matriarchs were important When progressing from one part of the book to another, there were new characters with many years time lapse between them The book ended abruptly with no view into a future The sentences were either run on or the subjects of the sentence were not clear Many time...

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    I read this series of 5 books while visiting Australia This is book 1 I enjoy learning history through historical fiction I am going to leave the same review for all 5 books I enjoyed the first two books because I felt I learned quite a bit about the aborigine culture, the transportation of convicts to Australia, and the beginnings of the g...

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    As a previous reviewer mentioned, there are typos in the Kindle edition, but they don t take away from the gripping characters or the spurs to look things up I found a recipe for damper on line and learn about Australia s history Glad a friend pointed this out to me via Goodreads

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