☄ The Fourth Horseman PDF / Epub ✓ Author Kate Thompson – Anguillais.us

The Fourth HorsemanEine Apokalyptische Vision, Die Morgen Realit T Sein K Nnte Es Klingt Wie Ein Normaler Forschungsauftrag Lauries Vater Soll Ein Virus Entwickeln Rasch Schreitet Das Projekt Voran, Doch Albtraumhaft Sind Die Mysteri Sen Erscheinungen, Die Lauries Vater Hartn Ckig Leugnet Wer Sind Die Grausigen Reiter, Die Wie Spukbilder Aus Dem Nichts Auftauchen Als Laurie In Der Bibel Auf Die Vier Apokalyptischen Reiter St T, Ahnt Sie, Dass Das Virus Als Waffe Die Finale Katastrophe Einl Utet

☄ The Fourth Horseman PDF / Epub ✓ Author Kate Thompson – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Fourth Horseman
  • Kate Thompson
  • German
  • 09 October 2018
  • 9783570304020

    10 thoughts on “☄ The Fourth Horseman PDF / Epub ✓ Author Kate Thompson – Anguillais.us

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    You expect something quite epic with the title, The Fourth Horseman, don t you You expect explosions, excitement, thrills, action, death, fire, plagues, wars, battles, chaos and of course the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Do you get all this from The Fourth Horseman No You don t First off it was boring I felt like I was reading a plain white wall Nothing happened It also lacked in plot When I say lacked in plot I mean it didn t have a plot FULL STOP This wasn t a book about the Four Horsemen, ooooh noooo this was a book about cricket Cricket this, cricket that, cricket cricket cricket If I wanted to learn the ins and outs of cricket I would have gotten a book titled Cricket for Dummies or something like that Now, don t get me wrong, the Horsemen do appear The first one appears in the distance, and what does are main character do She goes, A creepy guy on a horse Well look at that Oh well now, were was I Oh yes, the time I broke my arm playing cricket throws book agents the wall HOW CAN ONE HUMAN BEING BE SO STUPID I mean, come on A creepy horseman is staring right at ...

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    I ve liked some of Kate Thompson s books a lot, but this one really didn t do it for me I thought the voice was not terribly good and SO much about fate, which tends to annoy me I don t remember a lot about the book, but this got to me big time I don t know why it was that Mum was never there when the most momentous things happened For some reason she had no part to play in the drama that had started to unfold and that was soon to reach its climax At least, that was what her fate seemed to have planned for her to be the one who heard about it all after it had happened, and who had to help pick up the scattered pieces of her family s lives Perhaps it was her punishment for having been away from us so ...

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    Quite a thrilling ride about a secret government project, cricket, and stopping an apocalyptic event I really enjoyed this book, it read quick and had some interesting characters and moments that pulled in current events at the time I m not sure I understand cricket, so those parts were fun but I couldn t quite picture how the game goes Our main character is a bit of a loner and tags alo...

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    Laurie s dad is working on research for some mysterious company involving introducing viruses into native red squirrels so they will infect invasive grey squirrels Her mother is rarely at home having taken a job as a trainer for the English cricket team As Laurie helps her father she sees a vision of a king on a white horse in the woods and ...

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    It was ok Not great though It was a bit of a weird story to tell the truth The story starts at the end and then goes on to tell you how they got there Laurie and her brother worry when their dad is asked to open a lab and conduct an experiment to kill off the population of grey squirrels In reality he has basically been asked for a chemical to help commit genocide but no one realises it till the end when as through the book, the four horsemen of the apocalypse slowly appear one by one A bit Me...

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    El cuarto jinete es una lectura agradable, gil, con una historia bien narrada que te atrae desde el principio, aun cuando ya prevemos cual es la trama, y que toca cuestiones del mundo actual inquietantes y que nos animan a pensar Una buena lectura para chicos de 14 a os en adelante que tambi...

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    A bland, perfect family plays cricket in the countryside for 250 pages, while something vaguely resembling the beginnings of a plot tries and fails to rear its head all complete with a delightful SCIENCE IS EVIL message Great book if you want to read detailed descriptions of cr...

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    liked it but not a book i d ever read again.

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    It was really well planned out and was great once you understood it and had got a little ways through overall really liked it.

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    an easy read but not really much to the story.

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