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The Osiris AllianceNuclear Weapons Materials Are Being Smuggled From The United States To Somewhere In The Former Soviet Union Federal Prosecutor Adam Stark, His Investigation Frustrated By Dead Ends And Vanishing Witnesses, Reluctantly Joins Forces With Megan Delaney, A Reporter Chasing Down Rumors Of The Arms Deals, Who Suspects The Shadowy Osiris Corporation May Be Involved Delving Deeper Into The Mystery, Adam And Megan Learn Of A Stolen Diary That Contains The Answers To The Nuclear Arms Puzzle Together With An Astonishing Link To The Infamous Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping But The Powerful And Mysterious Owner Of The Diary Wants It Back Before The Secrets Are Revealed, And Will Stop At Nothing To Recover It.

[Read] ➪ The Osiris Alliance By Jack Ford – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Osiris Alliance
  • Jack Ford
  • English
  • 10 December 2019
  • 9780981453453

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    Reading this new crime novel gave me the feeling I was reading a Law and Order episode It quickly got me involved in the mystery of a certain diary belonging to a certain old, birdlike man. the bird comparison was drilled into my head The prosecutor Adam Stark meets the reporter Megan Delaney and together they follow clues to the case which involves government cover ups, conspiracies and Russian thugs The most intriguing part of the novel was the occasional flashback to the 1932 Charles Lindbergh s baby kidnapping case.The Osiris Alliance refers to the Osiris company who is providing weapons to other countries, and the crime team needs to uncover who is behind all of the wheeling and dealing, without getting their friends killed in the meantime It is fast paced and is a quick read, perfect for a weekend to unravel the political abyss This is a debut novel, and there were a few quirks to the writing that bothered me, but nothing that cannot be fixed in later works hopefully There were not enough characters in the book to try and make me suspicious of one versus the other the main suspect in the end I had pegged from the first introduction of him The w...

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    I am always a big fan of conspiracy theory books and Ford puts together an action packed story that really makes you wonder about some of the things our government does without the every day person even knowing it Stark and Delaney work well together and neither comes off as gratingly overbearing or helpless They help balance out each others strengths and weaknesses although I have to admit there were a couple parts where I was thinking if they could really be so clueless One of the major questions being asked through out the book was who was the inside leak in Stark s investigation and I have to admit I guessed the answer almost as soon as the question came up but that did not take away from the enjoyment of the story and watching Stark eliminate his suspects one by one This book keeps you wanting to read until the last page I would have to say the only down side for me was the romance between Stark and Delaney I did not feel like it was really necessary and yes ...

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    I received a copy of The Osiris Alliance by Jack Ford a little than a year ago I liked the title, which I admit is a shallow reason to pick a book.The novel is about nuclear weapons being smuggled from the United States to Russia The investigation stirs up ties to the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.The reviews I ve read have been fairly positive except for complaints about an unnecessary relationship between the main characters and an excessive amount of swearing Both are just triller tropes They re to be expected in the genre.The book though really feels like it has two competing mysteries vying for the reader s attention The modern day nuclear arms mystery has been done to death It s hackneyed Then there s ...

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    The Osiris Alliance by Jack Fnord.Needed for Novus Secular Seclorium, Ab out of Chao.Capice

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