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The VeilA Shroud Of Secrecy Cloaks A New Nineteenth Century Sect Known Simply As The Saints But That Veil Is About To Be Drawn Away Amidst The Majestic Beauty Of 1857 Utah, The Members Of One Secluded Religious Group Claim To Want Nothing Than To Practice Their Beliefs Without Persecution Yet Among Them Are Many Who Engage In Secret Vows And Brutal Acts Of Atonement All In The Name Of God.But One Young Woman, Hannah McClary, Dares To Question The Truth Behind The Shroud Soon Hannah And The Young Man She Loves Lucas Knight, Who Has Been Trained From Childhood To Kill On Behalf Of The Church Find Themselves Fighting For Their Very Lives.As A Group Of Unwary Pioneer Families Marches Into Utah Toward A Tragic Confrontation With The Saints At A Place Called Mountain Meadows, Hannah And Lucas Are Thrust Into The Most Difficult Conflict Of All A Battle For Truth And Justice Even As They Are Learning For The First Time About Unconditional Love, Acceptance, And Forgiveness.

[PDF] ↠ The Veil Author Diane Noble – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Veil
  • Diane Noble
  • English
  • 11 November 2017
  • 9780307458070

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    The Veil is a very well written Christian historical novel with some romantic elements The main characters are caught up in historic events during their childhood and into their young adult years which climax at the Mountain Meadow massacre in Utah in 1857 The description was vivid, bringing the world alive in my imagination without slowing the pacing The historical detail was nice and added to the feel of the book The tension was built nicely throughout the story There was a strong religious element to this book of both traditional Christianity and Mormonism Since there were several short sermons and a number of discussions about what was taught, I suppose you could call sections of the story preachy though I never felt it was heavy handed The characters were all complex and interesting Some Mormon characters behaved compassionately and others brutally just as some non Mormon characters behaved compassionately and others brutally This is not a all Mormons are bad book However, I strongly suspect most Mormons wouldn t enjoy reading this book since several of the Mormon characters questioned Brigham Young s teachings on multiple marriages, blood atonement, ...

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    The Veil is a fictional account based on a historical tragedy that took place at Mountain Meadows, Utah around the time of the Civil War I found it fairly balanced in its presentation, and it was very interesting reading The Mormons had been persecuted for their beliefs and pushed out of a couple of other settlements, so they viewed gentiles as their enemy That, and the threat of government...

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    This book about a real life tragedy is well done It took awhile for me to get interested in the wagon train because I was so heavily invested in Hannah s story So sad to know that this really happened The author did a good job portraying God s grace.

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    This was one of my first forays into Christian women s lit and it wasn t too bad in that respect There was some romance but absolutely no sex In fact, I was probably surprised that all sex was glossed over There was sex in Breaking Dawn Even the violence was extremely mild.This was a very interesting story about the early days of Mormonism as the LDS had been kicked out of Nauvoo, IL and had settled in Utah The story highlights some of the unusual aspects of the LDS faith, such as plural marriage, celestial marriage, and blood atonement I m still shocked that people could believe such crazy ideas as that every man is a god and will rule their own planet following their death, and that some sins must be atoned for with the sinner s own blood Not to mention plural marriage Crazy I think the author did a great job of explaini...

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    Wow What a page turner I could hardly stop reading, though at times it was very painful to read Wow What a story Noble captures the reality of the trek west by the Saints, who simply want a place to live and practice their religion in freedom This group has secrets vows, blood atonement carried out in the name of God Because questioning beliefs and practices is not acceptable, Hannah McClary, a young woman who dares to ask questions, encounters all sorts of difficulties And then when she falls in love with Lucas Knight, one of the Danites, who has been trained to kill in the name of the Church she faces even life threatening trouble Pursuing truth and justice, as well as seeking freedom from the bondage of false teaching are dominant themes set in historical context, among well developed characters Noble would not be on the must re...

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    I was completely enthralled with this book A coworker had read it for her book group and mentioned it to me I was immediately interested so she lent it to me The characters were well written and you felt like you got to know them on such a personal level I could feel their struggles despite the fact that it is from such a different time and I have never experienced those types of struggles I was struck hard by the ending, as ...

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    This novel is built around the massacre at Mountain Meadows by the Mormons in 1857, against a wagon train from Arkansas Really sad, and some pretty gruesome details, but has a redeeming ending, showing that God was still very active in the lives of all who were there The a...

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    The Mormon history aspects of this book were interesting, but I found it to be very overwrought at times, and written somewhat like a romance novel There is a lot of religion in it, and I don t mean informati...

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    Soooooo disturbing, but soooo good Those 19th century Mormons were a CA RAZY bunch Literally insane The entire time I was reading this book, I knew that a horrible tragedy would be its climax, but I just couldn t believe that it would actually happenthen it did I found it utterly hor...

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    This is the third book of the early Mormans that I have read by Diane Noble I then went to the web to look up the real story of the Mountain Meadow Masacre, and found the book fictionalizes but still stays pretty true to the actual stor...

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