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After You Get Your PuppyAFTER You Get Your Puppy Covers The Last Three Developmental Deadlines That Your Puppy Needs To Meet Before He Is Five Months Old 1 Your Puppy Should Be Socialized To A Wide Variety Of People, Especially Children, Men, And Strangers, Before He Is Twelve Weeks Old 2 Your Puppy Must Learn To Inhibit The Force Of His Bites And Develop A Soft Mouth Before He Is Eighteen Weeks Old 3 You Must Prevent Predictable Adolescent Problems Veterinarian And Animal Behaviorist Dr Ian Dunbar Is The Original Creator Of Off Leash Puppy Classes, Which Sparked The Revolution For Positive, Reward Based, Dog Friendly Dog Training.

!!> PDF / Epub ☄ After You Get Your Puppy ✑ Author Ian Dunbar – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 157 pages
  • After You Get Your Puppy
  • Ian Dunbar
  • English
  • 13 February 2019
  • 9781888047011

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    I think that I will not be a fan of Dunbar s works His writing is the cornerstone for much of the behavior training we now have today, and it is important but reading his two free books left a bad taste in my mouth He comes across as a fear mongerer, demanding perfection and adamant that any mistakes spells utter destruction Maybe he was trying to have some kind of dry humor or something Honestly, there are better books with a much realist...

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    He le do este libro porque quiero aprender, as que partimos de la base de que soy profana en el tema, pero s he le do otros libros y tengo una base para poder comparar.En este libro se pueden encontrar consejos estupendos, sobre todo para el control de la mordida y maneras de socializaci n Sin embargo, creo que est dirigido a personas que vivan en casas unifamiliares con jard n, con un vecindario repleto de amigos con ni os que se re nen todos los fines de semana a hacer barbacoas.Si no puedes proporcionar a tu cachorro la posibilidad de conocer semanalmente decenas de personas desconocidas de una amplia variedad de rasgos f sicos y ...

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    A short book about the most important development deadlines for a puppy and basic concepts about initial training It is great to understand the basic concepts, however, it just instructs what should be done but lacks depth and does not get much into details about how to achieve that.

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    Great for a beginning dog owner, but definitely needs supplemental training and exposure from a class with other pups to get the full range of socialization mentioned in the book

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    Every veterinarian, breeder, training professional and pet parent should be familiar with and working hard at the deadlines mentioned in this book If a breeder hasn t started working with their puppies at a very young age, they are set up for failure and ultimately are likely to have behavioral issues that will result in euthanization.This should be required reading for anyone getting a puppy regardless of whether or not they are from a reputable breeder, pet store, backyard breeder, or rescue Just as humans have critical developmental stages, much of a puppy s success is dependent on reaching developmental deadlines.As with any dog training philosophy, there are some strategies that differ between Dunbar s version of force free, science based training when compared with other prominent names in the industry I think what is presented here and in Dunbar s other works is a solid, middle of the road strategy that will quickly and succes...

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    Despite the title, I guess I should have gotten this book before getting a puppy It kind of makes me feel like I m behind on training That may be because of the uneven manner of advice The author at one point suggests that puppies should be able to balance food on their nose before they re 3 months old That seems unlikely.For me, the most important part of this book is bite inhibition It has very good tips and instructions for training, and our dog has gotten a lot of compliments on how quickly his mouthing is improving However, I got frustrated when it began to talk about play fighting It states that this is an important method of training bite inhibition, and furt...

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    Dang Should have read this BEFORE getting a puppy Has been helpful and distressing in some ways in reading and continuing to refer to this book since we got our 2 month old puppy now approaching 4.5 months Overwhelming like a new baby, but in many ways it could have been easie...

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    Great info for first time puppy owner Did give me some anxiety If you have a chance to read the one about before getting your puppy I would highly recommend that one first

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